30 Creative Writing Prompts and Writing Journal

Recent studies show that just 15-20 minutes of creative writing a day for three days is proven to improve your mood. That drives home the importance of creative writing, doesn’t it? Not only does creative writing help our brains process information, it literally makes us feel better!

Who could take some of that?!

30 Creative Writing Prompts and Writing Journal

Do you know the importance of creative writing? Are you looking for creative writing prompts? Use this list of 30 creative writing prompts!

So you’re like me…

you decide this creative writing thing is a good idea and set out to write every day for 15 minutes.

You get out your journal… or turn on your computer… and wait for the inspiration to strike.

You wait.

And wait.

And 45 minutes later, you’re still staring at a blank page.


As a blogger and writer, I know sometimes the hardest part of writing is just getting started. That’s why I’ve put together this workbook and journal with 30 creative writing prompts.

These prompts will get you started with things to write about in a journal, and ensure you are using your time writing… not staring at your blank page. These creative writing prompts will also help to generate ideas when you have writer’s block.

You can check out this prompts and journal workbook in our shop. Simply click the image below to get more details on these creative writing exercises.

Use these free creative writing prompts to generate ideas when you have writer's block and to improve your overall mood!




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