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On Fridays, we’ve been looking at a name of God and doing a family activity  that helps us dive deeper into His nature. Today is post 2 on the name “Adonai.”

May your family be blessed as you discover God afresh.  


Discover God Through His Word:


As we discovered last Friday, Adonai means “lord” or “master.”

Adonai is possibly the most difficult name of God for us to accept because we don’t really like people telling us what to do!

Today, we will try to overcome this obstacle by looking at truth from God’s word.

The reason we often resist God as “boss” of us is because we are confused about the general purpose of God’s commands. We tend to think that His commands are given for His benefit. We think that He wants us to obey because it is best for Him, it serves Him well, and it somehow makes life easier for Him.

The truth is that God does not need our obedience. He is completely self-sufficient and in need of nothing! That means He gives commands for our benefit. It is goodness and grace that moves Him to give us rules, precepts, commands, and instruction for life. His laws are the path to full and abundant life.

David is a man who understood this and it changed his life. Discuss how you might trust and obey someone when you know they ALWAYS act in your best interest.

We must also develop and nurture a trust that God is always for us and that His commands and instructions are for our wholeness and well being. Today’s activity will help us do that.


Discover God Through Your Senses:


Read Psalm 19:7-11. Work this week to memorize this passage as a family. As you encounter difficult tasks, bring this scripture to mind and remind yourself of God’s intentions towards you.

The easiest way to memorize scripture and recall it is through song. Here is a link of this scripture put to music for your consideration:



Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. My sweet Arabah. You’re at it again…glorifying the perfect wonderful name of our God. Just can’t stop you and wouldn’t want too even if I could. Your song is sweet and you’re whisper is wise. It is me leaning in to learn, leaning in to listen and leaning in to kiss the cheek of Him who is love. Well done. An ancient definition for Lord is Master and known by servants as The Keeper. The Master was the Keeper of their home, family and life too. The world has distorted the word Lord and Master because they do not understand the true Keeper of our soul is not only Soveriegn but can be trusted to keep us safe in The palm of His hand (the same palm that bears our name). No wonder The Lord was serous about those who called Him Lord. We can’t say “Keeper, Keeper, without meaning it in our hearts. Either He is Lord, Master, Keeper or He’s not.

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