When the mundane {even boring?} presses in



The whole household’s been sick.

I wake up hoping for something different, something new. I’m faced with the same old sickness, the same old drab weather, the same old mundane tasks.

The same old me with the same old problems.

And I smile.

Because Zechariah  4:10 says, “Who, with reason, despises the day of small things?”


Why would I despise the small things, the mundane? When it’s the small increments, barely perceptible, that usher in change?

When it’s the small that grows and bears fruit?

Life is seldom paid out in hundred dollar bills. It’s paid out in quarters. It’s how we invest those quarters that determine our return…

A smile instead of a sigh.

A snuggle on the couch instead of a computer screen.

A song instead of a grumble.

Taking fifteen minutes to walk outside instead of being lazy.

Speaking truth instead of listening to lies.


“Whatever you’re doing, don’t believe the lie that says you’re doing nothing. No, friend; you’re practicing something. It’s just a matter of how intentional you’re being.”  ~Jeff Goins


In the mundane, I can practice joy.

I can practice smiling anyway.

I can practice trusting.

Indeed! Who with reason would despise the  day filled with small, mundane, insignificant things?

If the eyes of the Lord rejoice to see me engage the small, then I am motivated to engage it with joy and fervor!

This God who doesn’t repay according to what we deserve but according to grace, and that, a thousand fold!

Truth is, there is no such thing as small. Mundane. Insignificant. As John Ortberg says,


“Every moment is potentially an opportunity to be guided by God into His way of living. Every moment is a chance to learn from Jesus how to live in the Kingdom of God.”



So I will rejoice with the Lord in the small things today. For these contain the presence ~ and power~ of God.


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  1. I am convicted…and want to be more convicted…by this wonderful post. I wait for the big things, overlooking the small things that should bring me joy. As I am focused on looking for the big, I know I miss so much. I desperately need to learn how to find joy in the small/mudane/boring things. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I remembered this post this afternoon as I folded my umpteenth load of laundry. Is there anything more mundane than laundry? Especially all the matchless socks at the bottom of the basket at the end. And, I remembered to smile! Thank you Arabah! Loveya!

  3. Yes! We’ve been sick, too. I’ve been the most recent victim – bed-ridden – and I’ve chosen to spend my time reading Family Fun and Grace-Based Parenting and Home Grown Kids, while completely ignoring the Bible!

  4. So Sorry you are sick. Praying for you right now, and asking God’s healing power to be over your family as you rest tonight. Thank you for reminding us to rejoice in the mundane.

    Love you my friend,

  5. Praying for healing for all of you!!!!!!

    **Sometimes I force myself to smile even when I truly don’t feel like smiling and guess what???? I always find joy:) God is so good that way;)

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