Shortly after I married my husband, I had a conversation with my sister that I’ve never forgotten. She was doing some babysitting for a very large family and made a comment about the mom of the clan.

“She’s constantly exhausted, poor thing. She reminds me of a she-goat, whose kids are always around, always demanding, and always depleting her.”

Now growing up with goats, I knew exactly what my sister was talking about. A mommy goat can easily be exhausted, pestered, and irritated by those demanding kids! At the time, I envisioned that kind of human mom and thought, “That’s horrible! When I have kids I sure don’t want to be like a she goat.”

You may have laughed at my story above but if you are female, you know the demands of womanhood can be overwhelming. Staying well nourished as a woman and maintaining our vibrancy is essential in order for us to be a blessing and a godly influence to those around us, regardless of our stage in life.

In other words, being well nourished is MANDATORY.

The Bible itself encourages us to thrive so we can give ourselves permission.

It’s interesting though, that many scriptures admonishing us to live abundantly weren’t written by the healthy, wealthy, and “happy” Christ followers. These authors weren’t surrounded by amazingly good circumstances in life. The opposite is more true: they were in the midst of very difficult, painful, and demanding situations.

Which means our ability to thrive doesn’t depend on our circumstances. Do you really get that liberating truth deep down? We can be like a tree planted beside the waters, producing fruit even in the drought. (See Psalm 1 and Jeremiah 17:7-8).

My friends Jennifer and Mindy have a God-given vision to see women FLOURISH, regardless of life season or circumstance. This vision has spurred them to work tirelessly for months putting together an online conference for women… and it’s completely free!

The goal of this conference is to help women stop. Breathe. Be nourished. Get rooted. Then grow and bear fruit both deep and wide.


I’m so thrilled to be part of this FREE online conference this week. When you join us, not only will you hear my session on nourishing yourself from the word of God by praying His promises, you will also hear from the following amazing women on these topics:

Sarah Frazer: Studying God’s Word in your Everyday, Ordinary Life

Sarah Ann: Creating a Family Bible Study Routine

Jessi Fearon: Flourishing in your Finances

Lara Casey: How Writing the Word can Transform your Life

Marie Osborne: Discovering Real Joy Right Now

Sharon Hines: Creating Success at Home

JoDitt Williams: Delighting in the Word of God

Jenn Thorson: Teaching our Kids Self-Control over their Words

Brittany Ann: Putting God First in your Life

Asheritah Ciuciu: Quiet Time for Busy Women

Ruthie Gray: Nine Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration & Anger

Sara Borgstede: How to Lose Weight and Honor God with your Body

Caroline Allen: The Well-Ordered Kitchen

Laura Krokos: Finding God’s Calling for your Life

These women are absolute gems and the wisdom they have to share is priceless!

I have spoken with Mindy and Jennifer, creators of the Flourish Conference, many times over the last few months as they have worked on this offering. These sisters have poured their heart and soul into making this resource available. Their desire and heart for God is inspiring and I have enjoyed every minute working with them. I hope you will take advantage of this treasure geared just for us as women.

Here’s where you can sign up for the free conference…

… but act fast because the conference is taking place THIS WEEK and I don’t want you to miss it!

We’re in this together, friend. Now here’s to this beautiful thing called sisterhood…