What Having a Prayer Plan Can Do

Are you tired of having a wimpy prayer life? What could happen if you learned how to get your godly growl on, stand firm on the promises of God, and take back spiritual ground for the Kingdom of God? 

I’m just gonna be honest: Some of us need a fresh vision of what God can do in prayer… me included. That’s why I want to share with you an example of what IS possible. It’s an email from a mom in this very community who used our Praying the Promises challenge to pray for her kids. Here’s what she wrote in:

Dear Arabah, the 40 day challenge prayer for the children was a great experience for me.

First, it encouraged me to take some time for the Lord Jesus. I now put my alarm 30 minutes before waking up the kids so that I have my quiet time for prayers. Every day, I open my Bible and read a few pages- before, this never happened. By doing this every morning, it created in me a need: a need to know more about Jesus, a need to find time for Him, a need to pray as my soul thirsts for God. I used to find time to read a book at night or watch a movie on TV but now I feel happy to just open my Bible and read the scriptures.

Second, my eldest daughter, who is 9 years old, had lots of problems with her homework. She always needed me by her side in the afternoons for the homework or was becoming angry when she had to do it and this created lots of tensions in our relationship and in the family. During the 40 day challenge, I daily prayed that she would change and that she would find the will to do her homework and to call me whenever she would need help. One day, God answered my prayers. My daughter went by herself in her bedroom and did her homework. Since then, it seems that she is becoming more responsible and calls me only when she needs help. This is a great step forward. None of the psychologists we saw in the past have been able to change my daughter’s behavior. Only God did and I am so thankful.

Third, when my 2 year old boy started school 2 weeks ago, he cried so much when I dropped him in the morning that I wanted to cry also. I was heartbroken. One morning I asked Jesus to help me with this situation which was so difficult for both of us. This same day, my little boy did not cry when I dropped him at school and since that day, he is happy to go to school.

God answers even our smallest prayers!

I wanted to share this with you as you shared so much with me through your website. Thank you Arabah.” D

So what IS possible? Everything God says is possible when we pray!

Dare you find out? ?

What could happen if you regularly stood on the promises of God? If you don't have a solid prayer plan, you need one! Here's one to get started with.

Our NEW Praying the Promises for Your Children Mother’s Legacy journal officially launched this week because the school year is a natural opportunity, from September to May, to cultivate a powerful and consistent prayer life for your kids. Here’s a Prayer plan you can use with our Mother’s Legacy journal:

  1. Once a week, set aside time to complete a page in the Praying the Promises Mother’s Legacy journal
  2. During the week, refer to your pocket prayer card to continue praying the passage and record answers-  use that Scripture for touch point prayers throughout the week and be on the lookout for answers to those prayers
  3. Add your pocket prayer card to the journal (glue or washi tape in in) during your next prayer session and pray the next passage.

Simple enough? You bet! Will you join us in praying the promises over your children? 

Grab your journal here… and I can’t wait to hear how God answers your prayers!

P.S. It isn’t too early to do Christmas shopping! These journals make great gifts! ☝️

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