What Disorganization is Costing You

Like many others, I set a few goals at the beginning of the year. One of those goals was to unpack the 20 or so boxes sitting in the garage from our not-so-recent move.

Um. They are still there. 

I’ve met some of my other goals but this one keeps getting pushed to the back burner. After all, it isn’t that important, right?

Well, I’m discovering it IS that important.

You see, I find myself constantly frustrated by the unpacked boxes and recently, I spent over an hour looking for a tax document that was buried somewhere in one of those boxes.

It’s driving me crazy.

I’ll be honest. I’ve had it! 

Even thinking about those boxes causes angst and frustration and it’s clear that I’m paying dearly for my disorganization. See if you can relate to any of these:


1. It costs me financially.

A couple weeks ago I had to buy another pair of scissors because I couldn’t find the pair we packed away in one of those boxes. And that’s not the only thing. Being disorganized in the kitchen means we’ve eaten out more since our move. If someone said getting organized is expensive, just try being chaotic for awhile.

2. It costs me emotionally.

The stress of boxes collecting dust and not being able to find what I need, of knowing the mountain of “stuff” is out there waiting for me… it’s a constant weight in the back of my mind. Grrr!! After the tax form incident, I’m soooo over this!

3. It costs me time…

…time that I could be serving others, reading God’s word, spending with my kids, or building my business.

4. It costs me spiritually. 

This is the biggest one of all because disorganization and chaos mean I’m not ready and prepared to do what God may have for me. When it comes to an organized home, I’m not a servant on stand-by, ready to do what the Master asks of me, such as invite someone to dinner on the spur of the moment; rather, I’m a hot mess who can’t do anything but react to crises. 

Today I was reminded of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25, five of them prepared their lamps and five didn’t. I.e., they flew by the seat of their pants. The wise five made necessary provisions so that when the bridegroom called, they were ready for action and immediately responded. 

So today I took the first step: I took ONE file out of one box to organize. I sat on the floor in my living room and finished that ONE THING! This was a photo file and boy, I was dreading this! But now that it’s done, I feel so much more confident about moving to the next thing in that box!

Hint: I DO have a secret to getting motivated and started on this project: I put on this audio book found in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Dana is a self-proclaimed bona fide slob who cleaned up her home and life by the grace of God. Her story is incredibly engaging, motivating, and inspiring. She compelled me to ACTION and I now have a fire under me! This audio book in the bundle is a must-listen!

If you are like me and need to get organized, then I strongly encourage you to take a closer look at the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle that I emailed you about yesterday.

It includes some amazing tools and resources for getting our homes organized, eliminating clutter, maximizing your time, and creating systems that allow you to focus on the most important tasks and stop paying the cost of disorganization, including Clutter: Sorted: Take Your Home From Chaos to Calm, Step by Step Course by Chrissy Halton (reg $84), Giving God the Worst of Me (reg $8)Living With Less by Stacey Ogden (reg $10), and The Clutter Handbook by Clean Mama (reg $10.00).

The value of just these four items is $112.00, but you can get the entire Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, which includes these four resources as well as 125 more, for just $29.97! (99% off!)

I can’t wait to show you my garage when I’m done. I’ll send a pic :)


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