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Hi Fellow Christian Blogger!

I’m Arabah Joy and I’ve been blogging here since 2010.

Over the last five years, I’ve read ALOT about blogging and, because I’ve known this is one of the good works the Lord has given me to do, I’ve worked hard to effectively communicate the message God has given me.

To really do it well and be a good steward of what the Lord has given me, however, I knew I could benefit from practical, specific advice from another Christian blogger. Someone who knew the ropes better than I did.

So a couple years ago I approached another large, popular Christian blogger and asked her to mentor me. I knew the Lord’s call on me was no different than it was on her and this blogger had expressed encouragement for me in the past. I knew she believed in my message and call. But when I asked about being mentored, she graciously told me she simply didn’t have time.

(By the way, it took me two years to find the mentoring I needed in Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy)!

I understand that original blogger’s reasons for not mentoring me. But here’s what I also know from my work as a church planter: we are only as influential as our reach.

By saying no to me, this blogger chose to reach only those her platform supported. Sure, that was her choice, but had she chosen to mentor me, her reach would have extended beyond her own platform to mine as well…and to anyone I mentored after me. She would have MULTIPLIED her reach.

As I’ve seen my own blog grow to over 150K monthly page views, I’ve come to better understand my personal mission: I am not interested in just building my platform. I am interested in MULTIPLYING LIGHT, the light and truth of Christ!

I am passionate about this and believe it is one of the best ways I can invest my time: by passing the torch to other faithful Christian bloggers who will then have the tools to shine brightly and multiply light even further.

I feel the fire burning in me even as I type these words! We live in such a dark world…a world that desperately needs each and every light willing to join the battle!

There’s a verse in II Timothy 2 that says, “Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.”

There is a biblical principle to pass what we learn on to others who can then MULTIPLY the reach and effect beyond simply ourselves.

I have come to the conclusion that if I have any light, any ability, any truth, any practical advice, any gift I can offer at all, I need to MULTIPLY it while I can.

And the way I see it, the best way to multiply is to pour everything I’ve learned into other Christ- loving, gifted writers, who can then multiply light and truth and push back the darkness far greater than I can by doing this alone.

In light of this, I created a mentoring course for other Christian bloggers. This is essential information every Christian blogger needs to know to steward their gift well and maximize their effectiveness. This is the best instruction I’ve received and what I would sit down and pour into you if we were IRL friends.

This covers step by step how I went from 10K monthly page views to over 150,000 a month in only 10 months. Specifically tailored to Christian bloggers!

Can I just say this? While there are loads of blogging courses, webinars, and membership groups out there, much of it contradicts our values as Christians.

The Christian blogger is a person of principle. We are under the authority of God and want a biblical basis for what we do, not just a pragmatic one.

Because we have a unique set of values, such as obedience, humility, stewardship, and service, the overwhelming majority of blogging advice out there simply isn’t advice we want to embrace. This was a huge issue for me as I looked for blogging instruction.

And then, there was the matter of my niche itself.  I mean, I didn’t have recipes, crafts, and DIY to bring in the traffic. Nor was I a homeschooling, homemaking, or special needs focused blogger. I found myself asking, “Is it really feasible for a devotional/Christian living, no name blogger to find an audience and effectively disseminate her message?”

I began taking this question to the Lord constantly, “How can I, as a steward of Christ with a message to share, place that message on a lamp stand and raise it high for maximum effectiveness… without compromising myself or my message?”

I’ve discovered there indeed are ways to shine my light and reach others with the message of Christ without compromise.

And that’s what this training is! 

The mentoring material I’ve put together considers both the moral and practical issues unique to the Christian blogger. In fact, it is JUST FOR the Christian blogger! This is no-fluff, highly tailored  training with niche-specific assignments. My goal is to give you an incredibly effective course.


Christian Bloggers Bootcamp is a 6 module online course to help the Christian blogger grow their blog and amplify their message


Christian Bloggers Bootcamp includes 6 foundational, power packed lessons with practical assignments geared specifically for the Christian blogger. The lessons included are:

1. Clarifying your why

This lesson is based on I John and will help you understand the message, purpose, and vision God has for your blog. You will be encouraged and motivated to see your blog as a tool the Lord wants to work through. The assignments include worksheets for mapping out your blog niche, topics, and subtopics.

2. Finding and Creating Your Best Content

This lesson is absolutely foundational and will change the way you approach blogging. It focuses on the unique messages God has given you.  Through a series of questions and the use of analytics, you will determine which blog posts you need to put on a lamp stand. My goal is for you to identify 30 pillar content pieces, and ideally those will include at least 20 from your archives (if you’ve been blogging awhile). We will build upon these pieces for the remainder of the course.

3. Being Savory in a World of Instant Gratification

In this lesson we address the need to be savory in a generation of hoppers, shoppers, and surfers. We can NEVER compromise our message; however, we can make tweaks to the way it is presented.  That is what this lesson and corresponding assignments are all about!

4. Image creation and visuals

Here is where you’ll receive a crash course on creating an image for every post you write. If you are not including at least one visual element in your post, you are limiting your post’s ability to be shared on social media. In this lesson, I’ll share where to get great free photos and cover how to add text, overlays, color, and more. No extra software or expenses necessary! Plus we’ll talk about what size your visuals should be and how to place them in your blog posts.

5. Setting your lamp on it’s lamp stand Part 1- A plan for Pinterest

Social media has changed the way we learn, connect, and share information. To be a light in this generation, you have to address social media. In this lesson, I’ll show you how I engage very effectively on Pinterest in less than one hour a week! You’ve already learned about image creation…let’s put those images to work! Also, I’ll send you an invite to one of my group boards and part of your assignment will be joining other recommended boards for maximizing your reach on Pinterest. It’s easier than you think and we’ll do this step by step!

6. Setting your lamp on it’s lampstand Part 2- A plan for Facebook

Facebook will take as much time as you give it. Trust me, you need to have a concrete plan for Facebook and know what your goals are before you ever get on the site. In this final lesson, I’ll share why I engage on Facebook, my Facebook plan, and how to create your own based on your goals.


To learn more or to enroll in this self-paced course, visit the Christian Bloggers Bootcamp sign up page by clicking below:


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  1. Arabah, THANK YOU!!! I’ve been seeking something like this for so long. I’ve followed you for about 6 months now and I know you’re the real deal. It’s so refreshing to find a Christian blogger with Biblically sound principals. I’ve had that same question for a long time – how can I make this work. I appreciate your ministry!
    Excited to start the course!

  2. I would love to participate in this BootCamp! I haven’t written in almost 2 years, but I’m longing to get back into writing again. I’m also a sculptor, so I’ve fumbled finding balance between writing & artwork.
    God is renewing my desire to serve Him with both of these gifts…and this boot camp sounds like just what He ordered.

      1. So glad you joined Michelle! And glad to know you and Cyn are friends in this together. This is SO much better doing it with a friend because we’ll have some collaboration assignments. I can’t wait!

    1. Hi! I will send the modules out via email each week. They will be in PDF format so as long as you can get your email and access PDF documents you can do it from your iPad. By the way, I use the GoodReader app for reading PDF’s from my iPad and it works great!

  3. I think I meant to ask if I can start (and maintain it) a blog from my iPad? AND if I haven’t even started it, would the boot camp still be helpful for me? Thx

    1. Okay, I see what you’re asking! I do blog using my iPad some but don’t prefer it due to the small keyboard pad. I think that’s a matter of personal preference. I know folks who blog from their phones and I could never do that! As for not having a blog set up yet, the course will not cover setting one up. I recommend you at least have a wordpress.com hosted blog already set up (it’s free and super easy to do) before starting the course because we hit the ground running. Just go to wordpress.com to do that.

  4. Wow! Love this! Just wanted to encourage you!

    As I read this I could so see your heart to help others use blogging and social media to God’s glory! I’ve been blogging since 2007 and have found many bloggers unwilling to help. I too have had those who have rejected my attempts to be mentored. Which lead to times of doubt, discouragement and wondering if I should just give up. But that still small voice encouraged me to press on and not worry about whether my blog or writings are good enough. The amazing thing is during those times God often sends a comment that shows me I am letting my light shine.

    Anyway….We need more like you willing to teach what God has given in order to disciple/mentor others to use the gifts God has given them. I wish this would have been around a few years ago! ;-) Blessings to you sweet sister my others be blessed by God through you as you pursue this new adventure.

    1. Thanks for that encouragement my friend. God is faithful to keep pressing us on, isn’t He? So glad to know we have blogging sisters out there and we get each other :)

  5. Arabah Joy,

    I signed up! God just led me straight to ya! How awesome is that?

    I have a weebly site, but it sounds like I might need to switch to WordPress in order to get the homework done. My site is very new, so I don’t mind switching if I need to.

    Thanks so much for offering this mentoring opportunity! I had been asking a blogger friend for advice, but she is busy, and I don’t think she wanted to mentor me. It could have also been because she considered herself a novice.

    I’m looking forward to the planning and also to creating images for social media. What program do you use?

    So excited! To God be the glory if my blogging produces fruit!

    1. I am thrilled to have you join in Rachelle! I do recommend switching to a wordpress site because it is flexible and offers so many options that other platforms don’t have. If you could switch before we begin on June 1, you will be off to a great start! We will go through all the image creation during the course. You do not need to purchase anything extra (yay!) I’ll walk you through the free programs during the course. Can’t wait to get started!

  6. This looks amazing! I know I only have a couple days but I am really praying about taking this course and investing the time and money. Thank you for the opportunity to learn to reach this ever growing community and shine His light!

  7. Arabah,
    I had a family illness and was unable to register by the deadline. Are you offering the blogger bootcamp again soon? If not would it be possible to start now?

    Judy Taylor

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