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  1. Thank you,Arabah for your message ” welcome family” , I so needed it today. You see, I,too, am from another culture, living in the USA and it is during the Christmas season, I feel that most keenly. When I was having a bit of a pity party today and fighting that ” lonesome ” feeling, the Lord brought me to your message and said” you see, you belong to MY family and that will never change. I will never leave you or forsake you…”
    I am holding on to that thought and thank YOU again for sharing!

    1. Thank you Arabah. I am struggling this Christmas. The 40 days/40 promises have encouraged my faith with Jesus, as well as your audio message. God has used you to help me. I am grateful. I will pray for you.

      1. i just need guidance, i’ve always been a very organized person i know i would learn the word of God better with this, i’m a new reborn Christian, i’m also newly married, there’s so much i need to learn & im so determined.

      1. You are such a huge blessing to me
        Thank you for Blessing me with this powerful resources..

      1. Thank-you so much for pulling me out of the ordinary, self-service, daily Bible study!?It just wasn’t helping like it use to!?God knows how desperately I need focus & organization!?Blessings!?

      2. I’m just starting this Bible journey in 2020. I too felt like I didn’t belong but when you said Welcome Family it touched me. I’m moving and though I’m ready I feel numb. I pray and ask God to order my steps and reassure me of His plan and will for my life. I know that He’s with me and everything is alright. Pray for my discernment. Thanks for having me

      3. Hello. I just heard your message and it was very heart felt and I thank you. How interesting that although it was not from this year it was still a timely word. It goes to show that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I am forever grateful that He is an unchanging God I look forward to see what God has in stored for you and your family for 2020. Be blessed! ??

    2. So thankful for you! Your messages have been a blessing to me! I had a brain aneurysm so I often feel like an outsider because of my disabilities now, so I understand how you are feeling! I’m praying Jeremiah 33:3 for you and yours for He is Mighty!

      1. Thank you for sharing apart of life with me. I’m in place of trying grow up in walk with Christ. To develop a strong pray life, so I can be affected for change in family, community, Body of Christ and nation.
        The Holy Spirit lead me to show the War Room on Saturday 25, and it was amazing when I saw your material online the next morning during my search for scriptures to pray that Sunday. I purchased some materials from you but I not found them email or spam except this link. Please to to retrieve my purchase

  2. Aww Arabah Joy this is very endearing. I am grateful to the Lord for all the ways He ministers to me and others through you. Whether connecting as Christian sisters, or wives, or moms, or simply fellow bloggers, I always leave leave here refreshed. Thank you for the time and dedication you put into your ministry. I look forward to connecting more in the coming year.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Cheryl. I felt/feel so very awkward and a little silly doing this but am so encouraged and just humbled by the kindness shown me here. Thank you sister. It’s good to know we are on the same team. {{Hugs}}

    1. Thank you for the warm loving welcome. Much appreciated it. God bless you and your family.

  3. Thank you for sharing that. I love that you called me family. I have a huge family but they do not deal with me and my sons. I’m excited that we will be sharing Jesus and growing deeper fir His Kingdom.

    Blessings and increase to you and your family

    1. I understand exactly what u are saying my mother”s side of family has no love nor respect for me..They talk about me…treat me bad..and they also say that i am no longer a part of that family.Which is fine..because Family is not always blood related and i do have family.God bless.

  4. Arabah I just want to express my sincerest gratitude for this message and your obedience to what God has called you to do. I REALLY needed these words during this season. I thank Our Father for you and your commitment.

    May God continue to bless and keep you!

    1. I’m sending you hugs, Shanna. I’m blessed to read your kind comment and praise the Lord for weaving together this community here. It’s an honor to have you part of it. AJ

  5. Thank you so much for allowing us into your life and allowing us to be a part of your family. I look forward to your posts everyday! Merry Christmas and God Bless You!!!

  6. Dear AJ, How lovely to have a voice to connect to your writings. Thank you for heeding the nudge to record your message. May you and your precious family have a truly blessed Christmas celebration. Looking forward to more messages in the new year. I greatly appreciate your sacrifice to serve as ‘foreign’ missionaries. Actually, USA probably needs as many or more than other countries….as we are without excuse…..we have Scripture at our fingertips in innumerable translations.

    1. I agree with you on that one Marcene. So many things about America truly break my heart. I do know there are many believers faithfully following Christ and standing for truth and for each one of those, I am so grateful. We are each required to do our part~ thank you for doing yours. You encourage me!

  7. Thank you dear friend and Sister in Christ for sharing what is in your heart with us. The Lord is wonderful at how He is using the Internet to connect virtual sisters together from across the globe. I am new to your site and never post anywhere but just had to say THANK YOU for your heartfelt words and your website. Virtual “hugs” dear sister and the best to all of the internet family who subscribe here, a very Merry Christmas!

    1. You are very welcome and thank you for being part of this community Marthenn. It is an honor connect with believers all over the world and I am just amazed by the worldwide family of God! Merry Christmas my friend.

  8. Oh Arabah, I am so blessed by this email that I had to write in. I have been a subscriber to your blog for just about 3 years maybe a little longer. But I have only commented like maybe 3 times. I wanted to thank you for your blog and let you know that your words have gotten me through some tough areas in my life. How I appreciate reciving your email cause I know the Lord always has something for me through you. So thank! You have such a sweet lovely voice and I am glad that you chose to do this! I pray you will do more in the near future. It really was so nice to hear your voice :)
    Much love and blessings to you!

    1. Racheal, you’ve put up with a lot from me over the years :) Thanks for being a friend and reader and for your kind support and affirmation. It means more than you know. It’s an honor to walk with you in this online space. Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh, Arabah, I heard your heart on this audio. Thank you for this personal message. We, all of us who are in your community, are indeed “family”! Your online ministry is awesome and is a blessing to me, a 60+ mum and nana! I pray you have a blessed Christmas. Hugs, Linda

  10. Awww I loved the voice message. I haven’t followed you long but your emails are the first I click when I check my email and see an update from you!
    I appreciate you. And your voice message made me get choked up. My situation is definitely not the same, but has similarities. I live in California but ALL of my family is in Ohio. And I would love to be there with them but God placed me in a good church in California and I don’t feel like I can leave. I don’t always fit in with my family bc I have been gone so long. So I love when an elderly lady in my church mothers me or makes me feel that family bond.

    1. Oh Kimberly, I totally understand! Well, we are a bunch of misfits over here but you’ve found a place :) I’m praying you are able to pour into the lives of others what you yourself miss. Sometimes it’s the NOT having that equips us to have the most to give. Sending you hugs, sister.

  11. Thank you for sharing from your heart a small thing the LORD did to show His love to you. He has done that to our family many times since my husband’s job loss 2 years ago, and each time I stand in awe and wonder at how MUCH He loves us!
    So so so glad to be a part of your family, with Christ at the center!!
    Love you lots!

    1. You know, sometimes it is in those hardest of places that we see the clearest. Not always, but sometimes it is that way. I’m warmed to hear how you have seen God’s love for you over the loss and hard of the past two years. May you continue to grow in Him and be a witness to His amazing grace in your life and home. Thanks so much for sharing this and for your love and support :)

    2. Thank you for that special welcome. I realized all of the comments are from 2015- 2016 but I have only now stumbled upon this. So I am still very much interested in starting this challenge and looking forward to reading more for your post

  12. Awe that was so sweet I’m happy to get to hear your voice. You have a very beautiful voice and I love the passion and love that I heard in your voic. Thank you for sharing with us and writing as the lord leads you and being a vessel available for use by him. Bless you and your family

  13. What a blessing to hear your voice! Sounds just like you!! Appreciate so much your servant heart and desire to encourage us in our Christian walk.
    May the peace of His presence fill your heart as we celebrate His birth.
    Love and blessing.

  14. AJ, I loved hearing your voice! I can empathize with not feeling like anywhere is home or not belonging…it’s a life time feeling! What I have learned is that He has used it to draw me closer to Him and to prepare me to go to the fringe to build His kingdom (think Abraham) and in the meantime, brings the most eclectic group of individuals into my life to help those needs of mine. I say this because you and your blog is one way He has done that in the last two years! I love your heart, love your transparency, your obedience and your wisdom. I have never met you but I have thanked Him that we are sisters! If I ever had the chance, I would love to meet you face to face (I am a hugger!) the meantime I have your writings and hopefully more voice recordings! Much love and Merry Christmas!

  15. I get what you’re saying here, Arabah. My daughter and her family live in a high-rise in S. Korea and I’ve had the privilege of visiting them a couple of times. In addition, we moved to Texas from Maine a couple of years ago and I have had a difficult time feeling at home here because most of our family is in the Northeast. Seven months of traveling since our move have added to the sense of not knowing where home is at any given time. Jesus has been bringing me to a sweet place of resting in being home in Him wherever I am. Thank-you for sharing such a loving message with us!

  16. This is just what I needed to hear this evening! God has been showing me areas He is wanting me to let go of and yet I cling for the reasons you wrote about. Thank you for your bold and transparent honesty!

  17. God has a wondeful plan for your life. The myth of the modern message. By: Ray Comfort

    I first read this book as a new believer. It expanded a lot of misconceptions to me. I suggest it to everyone!!

  18. Thanks you for sharing this post. I was wondering which scriptures to use when I establish my War Room, and these are a perfect start. Be continuously blessed.

  19. Howdy, I hope you don’t mind me joining in. I’m a guy an old one I been in the Military and the Fire Service even drove Truck across the United States. I’m a Warrior but need the restoring that I have just read and the reviving of my soul from the fight at times.

    Your words can do that along with God’s Holy Word. So if you and the other Ladies don’t mind I will be hanging Out.

  20. Oh my dear precious girl!! I just signed up to receive your e-mails and listened to your lovely message about family. Being a part of God’s family is the greatest blessing and I am thrilled to be able to connect with you and all the dear ones here on such a deep spiritual level. It makes my heart grow bigger!:) My son is also in missions in Asia and is in his second year. I miss him terribly but rejoice in his service and what he is accomplishing for God’s glory! Your ministry to all of us is truly heaven-sent and my prayers for you and your family will be ongoing. In Christ’s love, Shirley

  21. I just joined and am very new to you and your ministry and so I don’t even know what to expect yet. However, I love the Lord and have been a part of the Family of God since 1983. I am most interested in the 40 day Prayer of Promises Challenge. Is there a place I need to go to get the Journal, etc?

  22. Thank the Lord, who brought me to your blog. Arabah Joy you are an inspiration to me, may God bless you through out your journey, and may He continue to guide you on giving us the strength and hope to keep moving forward! I have to admit, that I’m new to this family of Christianity and love it very much. I love God and want to know more about Him. Where can I get a copy of the journal for 40 days of God’s promises?

  23. Arabah, I stumbled across your website on Pinterest, giggled and thought wow her name is similar to mine, and randomly decided to search your blog, now I am reading all the way from South Africa, every – single – day. I cannot get enough of your encouragement stories, at a time where I’m so lost in the world and do not know how to find my way back to having a relationship with the Almighty, I know that surely God has not forgotten about me, he knows the plans he has for each and every one of us. “He justifies the ungodly’. Wow thank you so much for your inspiration Arabah, may God bless you.

  24. I desperately need scripture for my prayer war room wall…I am praying and fighting to save my marriage and my family…I believe in miracles…GOD is going to help me and give me the strength and power to endure till the very end!!!!!!! Pray with me please!!!!!

    1. Melene, I’m praying for you and your family/marriage today! Yes, God can and does redeem! I believe He will answer your prayers and bring divine healing to your situation. Don’t give up!

  25. Sitting in my living room with tears in my eye’s, I’ve got this overwhelming feeling that’s a mixture of emotions, sadness, pain, shame, then there’s relief and thankfulness along with I don’t deserve such Grace & Mercy. I had stumbled upon your page on Pintrest and it came exactly when I needed it, Thank You So Very Much! And welcome to my family too. God Bless You Always, Regards Nieema x

  26. God led me to you on Pinterest. THIS is a wonderful blog! Thank you.
    I am a blogger, 61 yrs. old, wife, mother to six and grandmother to eight. I live in northern California in God’s beautiful mountains. Looking forward to being part of the awesome community. Blessings

  27. I needed to see this today. I have recently discovered the ‘family’ I thought I had have no love or care for me. I feel as if I only have my parents left. Your message reminds me I am part of a far more loving and amazing family. Thank you so much.

  28. I am so very happy I ran across your pins. I am trying to change my life at this late date but know all is possible. Your emails and links are very uplifting. I live in New York.

  29. Hi Arabah Joy,
    I am married to Nick my husband of 32 years. We have two grown up children. We live in Durban, South Africa. Together we lead a home bible study group, meeting in our home once a week. Please pray that those in our group will grow closer to God and develop skills to mentor the younger couples in our church.
    It is great to be part of a wider Christian community. God bless you and your online ministry.

  30. Thanks for this chance to learn my working hours keep me from attending my church. I find great hope reading your messages. Keep up the good work or delivering te Good News. It’s all some of us have. In need of prayer for a residence, Mt grandson is autistic and try as I might he still messes up the places we rent. Well be leaving our residence on 4/30 we pray for a new residence to go to. In zjesus name

  31. I loved this last year and am looking forward to it again. I still have my journal and it would be great to see how my heart and mind are grown from 2016 into this new year.
    Bless you

  32. Thanks for adding me to the group, I just feel like I need someone to help me be accountable for studying the word of God. I try and read every day but sometimes feel like I’m not getting a good understanding and feel like I need input from someone else that won’t judge me. I need encouragement and help.

  33. Thank you so much for ur share on grace. I am from South Africa. I have been battling so long with something and reading ur blog on grace has given me new insight and confidence to get through what has been hurting me for so long. I feel blessed to have come across ur post. U have made a difference in my life and i thank you for showing me this. God bless you.

  34. Praise the Lord, for the great work and gift he has placed in your heart for loving your neighbor as your self. I pray that you and your family are continuing blessed and be over flowed in all you do. Go forth my sister in destroying the enemy! We are with you in our prayers. Thank you.

  35. Thank you Arabah, for sharing even a piece of your story. I am a missionary kid, only my family moved to the field later in life, so I didn’t quite fit in completely there either… or back in the States. It’s so funny how hearing your words of struggling with belonging can resonate so deeply, and provide such a sense of camaraderie and belonging, right here, for me! So yes, “welcome family!” Thank you for sharing your heart with so many! I look forward to getting to know you more, and will be praying for you and your family in Asia as well.

  36. Two things Love my Jesus more than anything and two just hoping this challenge helps me learn and grow spiritually .

  37. Thank you I appreciate u sharing your gift from the lord , I’m all the way in Hawaii how blessed it is to have this

  38. I am excited to get started in learning and getting closer to Christ through this learning experience, thank you and God bless you.

  39. Thank you Arabah and greetings from South Africa.
    Signed up for two of your free offers, and looking forward to growing spiritually,from strength to strength, with your guidance.
    God bless and regards
    Cheryl Mower

  40. Thanks for the inspiration to become a Blogger. I am so excited to embark on this journeY… you have been such an inspiration to me in this year. I look forward to more interaction with you and your resources. Thank you for your authenticity, your resolve, and for letting me into Your ❤️ & Family. To God be the glory.

  41. Thank you for adding me, I pray I can keep up with this. I am in need of a renewal of the spirit as of late. I am excited, based on the comments i have read.
    Be blessed,

  42. Hi Arabah,

    My name is Nthabi, I am from Johannesburg South Africa.
    I love your blog and the messages you email.
    I want to particularly thank you for the email with the subject “When your best isn’t good enough”.
    What stood out for me is that self condemnation is not of God and that what counts after we fail is standing up and trying again. This resonates with me as I am going through a phase in my life where I constantly have to speak spiritual life into my life, everytime I feel down or depressed or feel like things aren’t working out. I quickly remind myself to snap out of it and I start singing a hymn or reciting a bible verse, of late Psalm 121 is my favorite.

    Thank you again for the wonderful work you’re doing.
    May God continue to bless you so you may continue being a blessing unto us.


  43. I am looking forward to this Bible study. I live in northern Wisconsin in a rural area. I am alone much of the time and I need God’s help in my journey to the recovery of soul. I am hoping I will find the path I need to follow.

  44. Thank you Arabah for accepting me in your family of worshipers. I am looking forward to receiving my daily study of God’s promises.
    I live in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago. I am seeking to know and understand the teachings of God from a different perspective and I know that God have given you the tools to provide such. This time being the Lenten season is just right to apply this strategy.
    Your sister in Christ.

  45. Arabah Joy thank you for the recorded greeting. That is such a special thing to hear your voice sista. You are a “third culture kid” just like me and my family. TCKs spend significant chunks of time between 2 or more cultures and start to belong to a third culture, which is a blend of the language, customs and ways. So in my family Dad cooks satay outside on his griller for special occasions, we often use Indonesian words and sometimes Javanese words in conversation. There are just some special things that stay with us since we’ve moved back to Australia.
    Special blessings sista, much love from the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit, Simone xo

  46. Thanks you Arabah for except me, I’m struggling with my family problem, I
    Want to rebuild my relationship to god and help me in prayers.

  47. Thank you for the message….so warm and inviting.i bumped on your post on Pinterest but I know it was an answered prayer.i was cooking last night and praying to God to help me pray appropriately for my son who is away in boarding school and is also struggling with Math and I know God took me to the Five prayer points every mom should know which really helped me.thank you

  48. I’ve been following you for several months at least, I think. (time flies… at this age!) but this is the first I’ve come to this page. ♥ I listened to your message and when you said “Welcome home,” I felt as if you hugged me and that you love me. Here in my Midwest home for the last 31.5 years. Five years just 3 miles down the road. The other almost 20 years in the same town in Ohio where I was born. I’ve never left the continental 48 except one day when I was a kid we crossed (easily!) to Niagara Falls, the Canadian side. But you, far away, hugged me by saying Welcome home.
    Thank you for loving plain me today.

  49. Hello, my name is Cheryl from the New Mexico, USA 2020…I’m looking so forward starting this journey with you. I’m not in another country but I’m in another state and alone bcause of the bad choices that my husband made. None the less no pity party I made the choice to stay in the marriage and not give up but every now and then I need a faith boost and I came across your 40 days and I’m really excited to get going. ???

  50. Looking forward to journeying with you in 2020. I am from Texas but have lived in Perth Australia for 13 years and can totally empathise with where you are at. You never feel you completely fit in either country. Praise God for those that make you feel welcome though.
    xxxx ?

  51. I have no idea how I started receiving your emails, but God never ceases to amaze me in how He allows a great connection to happen with other believers all across the nation! I always pray for God to allow me to cross paths with whoever it is that He has in mind, and I never want to miss an opportunity to share how good the Lord is with others, even those that don’t believe. Because I know that God can change everything! Looking forward to the 40 day challenge! And I love the whole “welcome, family!” Thank you for your servants heart and I am praying for all that God has in store for you to continue to encourage and connect with others through prayer and God’s Word. God bless you!

    Many blessings,

  52. I am a widow since October 27 2015. My husband died of Alzheimer’s disease and neglect . I have three children ages 40, 39, and 38. Five grandchildren ages 23. 20, 19 13 and 9. Since my husband got sick, I have questioned my relationship with God and am I ever going to be good enough as a Christian to help others. I am a preacher’s daughter and have always been active in church. During the time that I took care of my husband I got out of attending church. Now I don’t know where I should attend church and who am I as a person. Help !!!

    1. Hi Renee, my name is Joni. I’m am RN, and am the caregiver of the family. I have cared for my grandparents, husband, aunt and uncle, and my mom until the all past away, in addition to dealing with my own health (systemic lupus and it’s complications). So I too, have become disconnected with God, and church. So like you I started looking to the internet to find a Bible study and someone to connect with. I just wanted to let you know that i feel your pain, and i will be praying for you.

  53. I realize you left this message several years ago, AJ, but I just wanted to thank you for your audio message – it touched my heart and made me feel even closer to you. You are so beautiful, and I treasure your friendship however “long-distance” or online it may be. I love you! xoxo, Susan

  54. Thanks Arabah, I was just listening to your message and feeling the same way. I am living in the US but move from one state to

    another and I do not know anyone. Let me go back a little about three years ago we had a house fire where we lost everything

    when I say everything I mean that just our sleeping clothes that we had on. We were staying in a hotel using up all our savings

    when my daughter saw her company had an opening in another state. We hear and know no one, still trying to make sense of

    everything but God is good we are still together. I still haven’t made friends yet so thank you for welcoming me to the family.

  55. Thank you for the opportunity to grow. When I go to study I get over welded easy and then frustrated. I love that out of the goodness in your heart you made this bible study! God bless you. Can’t wait to get started

  56. Good morning. Just signed up to prepare my heart for Lent. I have never done this and so looking forward to growing with my Father. Your audio welcome message was a blessing to me. God is preparing me for something, I don’t know what., I have reluctantly, on my knees crying, told Him I am unworthy and unable. He comforted me and reminded me that He doesn’t create those things, he prepares us for great things for HIs glory, but He does it,not us.. So, I remind myself of HIs timing in putting people, like you, in my life. How wonderfully and gently He loves us. I look forward to this. I pray your son finds that switch that makes learning new math a joy,. I loved it until forced to take geometry, never got the angle thing!. I pray your day is peppered with joy, today. God bless you, God bless your mission.

  57. Hello, Arabah Joy. Thank you for your wonderful message. I pray that the Lord bless you & your love ones. I saw your blog today the 5 scriptures for the war room, I was blessed and encouraged. I’m from the Philippines. God bless! ??

  58. Arabah you’re story touched my heart. I truly enjoyed hearing your voice. Thank you for all the wonderful messages and tools you send us to help us in our faith journey. God Bless

  59. I enjoy reading through your materials and always gain insight from them.
    The Lord keeps me pointed in the right direction and you’re part of that.

  60. I love This message I have recently started a course on what the bible says about immigration. Acceptance and welcoming the stranger!!

  61. I have felt that you have a good hold on a way to “Be still and know I am God” even with all your activity and little ones.. I have occupied my life with 3 generations of “little ones”….and know the distractions….yet at 79 I still seek the quietness that i find hard to find in the chaos of children. So I seek God in them….see their faith…and know He is God…it’s simple just believe and study his Word.

  62. Thank you, I’m sorry I am pc challenged as you might say and have no idea how to get printable sheets . I am on a tablet. God Bless and I am so looking forward to this study ?

  63. Hi! Arabah, I do believe, finding your website was a divine appointment. We moved within our country and for three years we have been searching for a house to be our home and to feel we belong. You reminded me that I do belong to a bigger family, God’s family. May God bless your work.

  64. Dear Arabahjoy ,
    Thank you for your personal voice message that touched my heart, I have always felt a connection with you . Your study material is so helpful I can’t wait to start . Do you have a e-mail that we can ask questions or comments? Thank you and God bless you Arabahjoy for all you do to lead us to the one that Saves !! My heart is full as we start this study together… much love, Nancy Joy

  65. Is there any way I could order this after the 3rd of the month? That’s when I get my SS disability check. I’m broke til then and would really like the toolkit. Thank you.

  66. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to get closer to my Lord.
    I struggle everyday too with loving myself. It is my hope that getting closer to Him will help me get closer to me.

  67. God bless you and your family for your ministry! Thank you for sharing your heart and love with us and making me feel welcome today!
    Be blessed!

  68. You are the BLESSING. Your home is within you. That is your family! Thank you for taking the time to pray and encourage us. I am in the hospital in BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA. I have ovarian cancer. Please pray that God will put it in remission. I serve a MIGHTY GOD that hears my prayers. I need more prayers ….❤️

    1. Praying for your healing Glenda, and that you will stay safe and protected from this virus. We do indeed serve a great, mighty, merciful God!

  69. Well I just listen to your recording on your website hear about no place being home I can definitely relate to that having grown up with the father in the military and moving here and moving there and then going into mission work and going here and going there and finally repatriating to the United States and not really feeling at home still I’ve always said that heaven was my home I’m just waiting to go there but I just really appreciated your thoughts and your comments and just wanted you to know that it’s nice to know that as a woman we’re not alone.

  70. Thank you very much for your message. I really needed that today. We are in a pandemic and we need to be in isolation not being able to be with people. We sometimes need the reminder that we have a church family and we are part of Gods family which is awesome

  71. Thank you very much for your message. I really need it. It helps me to boost my Faith in God. God bless you

  72. Thank you Aj for the free journal & prayer plan. This is indeed a time to draw close to Abba’s heart and wait at His feet. He is our rest and He is our comfort.

    May you be blessed and the love of Jesus overwhelm you for all of your days.

  73. Thanks for accepting me. I hope to have a great experience with the Lord through you .

  74. I am looking forward to have a stronger relationship with God. And ready to go to a higher level with the Holy spirit.God bless you and thank you for allowing God to guide you in to help others with this bible study.

  75. Thank you for helping me grow stronger in my faith and closer to God. It sometimes feels as if my prayers have gone stale so I’m looking forward to reviving them. Can’t wait to see what God does.

    1. I am excited to devote my life and time to God. There is nothing more I ever wanted or will want than to dedicate my life to our Father. Thank you ?

  76. Thank you for sharing. I’ve so many different methods for reading and studying the Bible, but I can’t find a way that works best for understanding and retaining the lessons being taught.

  77. Thank you, for your “Welcome Family” message. I have found that you don’t have to be in a foreign country to sometimes feel “homeless.” Have to remember that my home is always in God’s Family, no matter where I am, no matter what the circumstances. God bless you! Looking forward to receiving your messages and encouragement. You were an encouragement to me today!

  78. Thank you for the welcome. Looking forward to a deeper walk with God . God bless you and your family.

  79. “Welcome, family.” That made me cry a little, have to admit. Due to some unhealthy issues, I’ve separated from most of my family, most recently my closest sister. I’ve felt alone and adrift. Those two words mean to much to me!

  80. “Welcome, family.” That made me cry a little, have to admit. Due to some unhealthy issues, I’ve separated from most of my family, most recently my closest sister. I’ve felt alone and adrift. Those two words mean so much to me!

  81. Arabah, Thank you so much for your kind, compassionate & sincere ‘Welcome’. We are all going through such very tough times right now with this ‘pandemic’. I live in Upstate NY, with no family very close by. My Sister & Best Friend lives in Virginia, & even though we do talk all the time, it isn’t always enough. I just ordered the Study Bible you suggested, & I am looking forward to receiving it. I have at least 3 full shelves of all different Bibles, as I volunteer @ our local library & just can never let a donated Bible get thrown in the garbage, no matter what kind it is. I was raised Catholic & brought up reading the Bible, but then marriage, children & life seemed to take up a lot of time, so I did not read all that much, but I do ALWAYS have aloud verbal conversations with Our Lord, whether it be in the house walking around, or in the car & sometimes out in public, & I don’t really care if anyone might think I’m crazy. Now that I am much older, I want to get ‘back to’ reading scripture, knowing the Lord much more and letting Him know how much I love Him and am Blessed for all he has done for me over the years…the good, the bad & the ugly. I would never change a thing as that would change my path & also the person I am today. Thank you again. God’s Blessings to you & your family & loved ones always.

  82. Hi Arabah. First of all…Thank you for the warm and loving Welcome Family. I already feel like I am at home here. I discovered you and your website through The Bible Study Summit currently in progress and I am truly blessed and thank Father God for His guidance to this point. I have been struggling with a deep need and want to learn His word, dive deeper, but always feel stuck and like I don’t know the way forward. I believe, with all the women I came to know in the past three days, I will find my true purpose and will grow to become the woman Father needs me to be to go out and fulfill what He needs me to do. Many blessing my dear friend. (I am from South Africa, and is Afrikaans speaking, so please pardon the grammar and spelling) :)

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