Welcome Blog Bud!

Hey there blog friend! Bloggers are awesome and I can’t wait to swap secrets with you~ wink!

I just sent you an email with a couple of my favorites secrets inside. Be sure to check it out before you forget :) Trust me, you won’t want to miss out!

Oh, and hit reply on the email and let me know your blog URL… I’ll stop by for a visit!

Your Blogging Bud,


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  1. My daughter is head of disciplining the children and her husband is pastor of Christian Reformation church. There is no discipline. The kids are ruling the household and so disrespectful to us at Christmas. “I don’t have to obey you Grammy” “Mommy Grammy said mean things to me” Standing on the chairs at the table with a foot on the table telling me she doesn’t have to listen to me…..storming off to pout. Mommy telling me “mom just leave her alone her feelings are hurt” Like I was the evil one here. Breaking our hearts. The kids want to know someone is in control besides them their whole life of 8yrs. and 5 yrs. How can I approach my daughter. Other in-laws have tried and she pretty much has nothing to do with them. How can a man of the cloth not see what they are leading their children into.

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