Warrior Princess: My Story

One of the things I most love about blogging is the community. Getting to virtually “meet” other sisters in Christ has been such a blessing to me.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Niesje, a reader and sister in Christ.

I was carrying groceries in from the car when she called. I had no idea who this girl from California was but as we talked, I knew she was a heart sister, one with scars from difficult paths but also with the victor’s crown because of Christ.

Her story started in the dark but now is lived in the light.  I’d like to share some of it with you today.

Niesje, at 30-something, you’ve had quite a difficult road behind you. Can you share some of your background?

I did grow up knowing God and sought Him in many different churches, with different religions. However, I still for many years did not know God. I heard of him, but I could not grasp the relationship factor of what Father God would like for his children.

Because of that I was led into a very promiscuous lifestyle that drove me to many addictions…alcoholism, pills, drugs, sex, porn, men, food, tobacco.

In turn, I wound up having sexual, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse along the way which led me to multiple suicide attempts…cutting my wrist, downing whole bottles of pills, and jumping out of moving vehicles.

That is when my eyes were open and my ears were open to what God wanted to do through me.

I wound up getting saved, born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit. When that happened, what Satan had stolen from me, Jesus began restoring in me.


When you came to know Christ, in those early days of transitioning from “lost” to “saved,” what was the biggest thing you had to learn?


The biggest thing I had to learn was to be open and honest with God, others, and myself. I was very much still lost in my ways of thinking, and I had to surrender my heart to him, allowing myself to be vulnerable.

Satan hates that we are created in the image of God, and truly comes to steal, kill and destroy because God’s son Jesus is living and dwelling in us.

A foothold can become a stronghold if you don’t cry out to God for help and if you are not truthful with yourself, others, and God.


Truth is certainly what sets us free. I believe Satan starts planting those lies in our hearts very early in our lives.


One thing you shared with me is that as a child, your mom would find you “air writing” and drawing pictures/communicating with an imaginary pencil. Can you tell us about that? Because God ended up using that much later to confirm His call on your life.


Yes, when I was younger my mom would tell me as she tucked me in at night, I would be air writing with my index finger. In my dreams I could see what I was writing with pictures.

I then started writing books with pictures as a little girl and handing them out to my friends, along with other creative outlets to take me away from my parents fighting and the alcoholism. As I got older, that is when extremely bad things started happening.

In turn, I lost the creative aspect that came along with writing and art….fast forwarding to getting saved and that is when God had me write again. Morning, day and night…I could not stop, the words were coming out so fast and I was able to get what no worldly counselor or therapist could give me because they did not know my heart the way my Creator does.


I love that because writing has brought such healing to my own life as well. While I love to think something I’ve written somehow blesses someone else, even if it never does, it has been invaluable in my own life and to my own healing from the Lord.


So you wrote a book sharing your story. Besides this being part of your own journey, can you tell us what you hope to accomplish with this book?


God wanted me to share my testimony. Revelation 12:11 says we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.

B*cause You’re Worth It has really opened my heart to what God wants for his children and insight into what he would like for them to feel and truly believe who they are in him.

The B Books are meant to be part of a Movement to give hope to those in need of something Greater in their lives and to give them purpose.

There is so much more that could be shared but if you know someone who needs to hear Niesje’s story of redemption, be sure to check out her book B*cause You’re Worth It on Amazon here.

Niesje Delano is a woman who has found Christ and in so doing, discovered her identity and purpose. Her story will encourage others who need to know their worth in Christ.

Thank you for sharing your story, Niesje. My hope is that someone who needs hope today finds this post and is pointed to the Savior. There is hope in Jesus Christ!



Niesje Estrada Delano is thankful for her family and J.E.M’s for never giving up on
her through her darkest years. She gives Glory to the one who saved her, Jesus Christ,
who brought her out of the darkness and into the light to guide her in pursuing
her calling.


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