A-Z Virtues to pray for your children | C is for Contentment



praying scripture for your children: B is for Boldness


In this series, we are making praying scripture for your children easy.

We are working our way through the alphabet, giving a letter, virtue, and scripture to pray each week, along with the printable for you to tuck into your Bible.

Or hang on your mirror.

Or fridge.

Or keep in your car.

Wherever works best for you to pray scripture for your kids, because there is nothing quite like praying the Words of God back to Him on behalf of our children.

This week is the letter C, for Contentment. 



Praying Scripture C is for Contentment


Download and print this week’s prayer card here.


For more prayer resources and previous week’s printables, click here.


Also, this week Leah Adams is giving away 11 COPIES (!) of her brand new Bible study on Hebrews.

WOW! Leah has 11 groups of people on her heart to give a study to. Pop over to see if you fit in a group and enter to win your own copy!

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