Valentine’s Day Activities {A Family Tradition}

I want my kids to remember more than candy and paper hearts on Valentine’s Day.

And why not? What better opportunity than Valentine’s Day to learn about God’s love, serve others, and see the beauty of giving your life away?

I used this as a countdown last year. From February 1 through the 14th, we did one activity a day. This year, I’m picking and choosing some of the activities for a one day celebration. You can use it either way! The important thing is to teach children what true Love really is.


Valentine’s Day Activities 

Valentine's Day Countdown: 14 Valentine's Day Activities that make great family traditions!

Day 1. Read I Corinthians 13.

Talk about what love is and how we can love others in our everyday lives. Use some of the words in I Corinthians 13 to play word search. Then play valentine’s bingo (with chocolate, of course)


Day 2.  Demonstrate Love. 

Read Romans 5:8 and talk about how God demonstrated His love. What verb is used in Romans 5:8? (GAVE). We are going to demonstrate love by giving. Do Secret Cupid activity as a family.


Day 3. Give a Heart Attack.

For this, each family member  cuts out 2 hearts for the other family members. On the hearts write and fill in the blank, “I love you because….” Then tape the hearts to each family member’s door. Give them a heart attack… the good kind!

Variation: Instead of putting hearts on the doors, create love trees to put the hearts on.


Day 4. Read the story of St. Valentine.

Discuss over hot chocolate with heart-mellows. 

14 Faith-Based Valentine's Day Activities for kids that make great Valentine's Day family traditions!


Day 5. Love a stranger.

Read the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Brainstorm all the ways we can love strangers. Pick one thing to do today (open a door, carry groceries, let someone go first.) Look for opportunities to love strangers and have everyone share how it went at end of day.


Day 6. Discover Love’s mission.

Did you know that God’s love has a mission? What did Jesus come to do? Talk about what a “mission” is and how God accomplishes His purposes. What role does love play? For today’s Valentine’s Day activity, you are going on a love mission! Go on a Scavenger Hunt. Tips for planning a scavenger hunt here. 


Day 7. Let Love cast out fear.

Read I John 4:18. Talk about fears and how understanding God’s love can alleviate them. Play the Trust Toss game. 


Day 8. Love themed Movie Night.

 Make pink popcorn. Watch a movie such as Fireproof or No Greater Love  or my personal favorite, North & South (but it’s long!)

Day 9. Love is patient. 

Talk about times when it is difficult to be patient with others. Then introduce today’s activity by saying, “One of the characteristics of love is patience. Today we are going to make a game together. It will take some time to make and play. During the process, we’re going to practice loving each other by being patient with one another.” Make and play Valentine Yahtzee. {Note: I could not get her printables to download so made my own version based on her ideas!}

14 Days of Valentine's - A Family Valentine's Day Countdown to use with your family


Day 10. Love an enemy.

Who is someone you don’t like, or who is it that doesn’t like you? Who mistreats you? What does the Bible say about this? Read Luke 6:27-28. As a family, spend some time praying for the people you mentioned. Think of ways you can love and bless them. Choose one thing to do this week to bless an enemy.


Day 11. Love a Friend.

Read the story of Jonathan and David. Talk about friendship and what it means to be a friend. Then, for today’s Valentine’s Day activity, write a letter to a friend.


Day 12. Love is kind.

When do you just need a word or act of kindness from someone? Choose someone in your family to be kind to and make them a coupon book. Here are more printable coupons.


Day 13. Love shares.

Invite friends or neighbors over for your Minute to Win It Valentines party tomorrow. Get everything set up and ready for your guests.


Day 14. It’s Valentines Day!

Have a pink party and serve chocolate fondue. Play Minute to Win It games and discuss how you have grown in love this month. Links to games: The Candy Game, several Minute to Win It games from Makoodle, Stacks of love, and…

More Valentine’s Day ideas as well as links to the countdowns themselves are on my Pinterest Board!



Note: For the actual countdown, I’m making something similar to this one from Smashed Peas and Carrots. SIMPLE is key!

Family Traditions for Valentine's Day - Try these 14 Valentine's Day activities that focus on God's love. #ValentinesDay #Valentines #tradition

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