1 Uncommon Spiritual Discipline for Real Spiritual Growth

Come Thursday I get a FAILURE TO PAY notice on a bill I didn’t know I had.

“FAILURE” is stamped in red right across the top of the page and I can’t help but feel the stamp flutter across my core identity, if ever so brief.

And since we’re being honest, the family’s also waiting to hear what the roof damage is on our home and how much that’s going to cost, hoping for a miracle.

There are pressures within and pressures without and life seems to be this constant stretch to keep believing, keep trusting, keep preaching the gospel to myself.



Trust is a spiritual discipline.

1 uncommon spiritual discipline for real spiritual growth

Walking by faith and not by sight is this buffeting of the body’s natural bent to fear, bringing our thoughts into submission to the nature of Christ.


It’s true we either feed our hunger or our Glory Hunger. We counsel our soul with worry or with Wonder – and me? I must frequently check what I’m counseling my soul with.

When the pull to anxiety threatens, part of spiritual discipline is focusing the heart on the nature and characteristics of God. 

Download this free set of 60 cards on the names and attributes of God


Names of God printable cardds


Habits of the heart can change as we grow in spiritual maturity. It is possible to move from contemplating obstacles to contemplating the Overcomer. To move from counsel of the world to counsel from the Word. From being a worry-wart to a warrior of Wondrous Love.


Counsel your soul with the truth about God


It’s the spiritual discipline of trust.

Abram exercised it when, by faith, he “considered that God is able.”

What would happen if we consciously and measuredly considered the ability and attributes of God? 

What if we made the pull to worry a trigger to trust? 

These are names and attributes of God you can count on. Learn this one uncommon spiritual disciple that results in tremendous spiritual fruit!

By faith Abraham… and by faith Sarah… and by faith Gideon… and by faith Moses… and what will my by faith statement read like today?

By faith Arabah… loved her children?

By faith Arabah… served her ruthless enemy?

By faith Arabah…learned what it really means to abide in Christ and learned to rest in Him?

By faith Arabah… did not fret but trusted the God who is able to sell off a few of those cattle on a thousand hills?

What will your faith statement read like today?

If you're looking for an attributes of God Bible study, use our list of 60 names and attributes of God that you can count on. The uncommon spiritual discipline of trust builds real spiritual growth.

Will you join me in considering the nature of God… and let it write your “by faith” statement? Perhaps this set of cards (60 cards total on the names and attributes of God) can serve as a prompt to find out. Sort of like that resource to trigger trust. You can also use these cards as a resource for an attributes of God Bible study.


Free set of cards on the names and attributes of God


This set of cards is just one of the many resources found in the Trust Without Borders devotional book. You can read more about that here. You can also read about the 40 Promises to Trust God For – the Trust Without Borders Experiment – a 40-day challenge that we offer. But I’d like to share the cards with all my lovely blog readers and visitors absolutely FREE. You don’t even have to subscribe to get them~ smile~ {but I’d be thrilled if you stuck around!}

Click here to download the set of 60 cards on the names and attributes of God.

I do recommend using cardstock for durability.

Please note you are welcome to share this post with others but please do NOT share the direct download link. Thanks so much! 


Grab this FREE set of 60 printable cards on the names and attributes of God

If  you have a “By faith” statement of how you’ve walked in trust today, I’d love to hear it! May you grow in grace and trust today~~



And if you’re ready to take the next step of intentionally working on the uncommon spiritual discipline of trust, be sure to click below for our free Grace Goals packet!

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  1. I absolutely love the “by faith” statements to apply to myself. To inspire me to conduct my days so that at the end of the day my “by faith” statements reflect a close walk with the Lord.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Arabah, this is truly an amazing post and I thank you so much for sharing this! You have blessed my heart beyond words with this one. Infinite blessings to you, Love! :-)

    #Grace&TruthLinkup ;-)

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing this resource, and for your example of self-examination in placing your name in the by-faith statements. My “by faith” statement has got to be about blogging: “By faith Michele pushes ‘publish’ when she wishes she had time for at least three more edits.”

  4. Love the idea of a faith statement fueled by an attribute of God, Arabah!

    My favorite is Jehovah Jireh – God provides. By faith, I will believe God for His provision.

    Thanks for the encouragment today. Blessings to you and yours.

  5. What will my faith statement be today? – That question really cuts to the chase, friend! I love free printables, but beyond that, you’ve given me something to think about today!
    Jen :)

  6. The reminder to trust in the midst of worry was so needed today … as I scrolled briefly through Pinterest trying to control the fear and emotions that have threatened to overtake me today. Sitting in front of high schoolers as a substitute teacher has not been a helpful distraction. God is able to work all things, and already has a plan to deal with all the things that feel like they are suffocating me today. Thank you for the reminder to seek Him because of who He is!

  7. Thanks for this post! I so very much desire to not only tell and teach my daughters of Christ but want to model Him always, in this area I can fail. I am quick to react and instead of respond. So my faith statement “By faith Amanda responded in Christ with gentle words that stirred up love and not anger!”

  8. By faith… I will have patience with my husband and our parents.
    By faith… I will not retreat.
    By faith… I will win the victory for Christ has won it for me already.
    By faith… I will ride over my Kidron rivers with my King.
    By faith… I will trust my God’s plan for my future.

  9. Just wanted to say thank you for using your gift of teaching.

    You give clear and meaningful directives from the Word.

    Today as I began the process of Examen from your study on Romans 6 today I was struck with an ardent desire to Know myself and to Know myself IN CHRIST.

    At age 72 I feel so thankful for His mercy and grace over these many years as He reveals my “old man” and yet loves me as complete in Him. Amazingly wonderful.

  10. Dear Abrah Joy,
    I am encouraged by your efforts to minister to God’s flock.
    mahalo!! Little is much when God is in it. I too will do my little part in God’s tremendous Kingdom. My site is not complete and finished but you are welcome to browse my messy web site and take and run with any idea you find on it.


  11. Thanks so much for this article and cards! I have printed them on lightly patterned scrapbook card stock, and placed them in the family room. It is my prayer that we will use them over and over. In fact, with that in mind, I may laminate them! Love all your writing. You are a blessing to me. Now, I must really go offline and apply some of your ideas, like immersing myself in God and His word!!

  12. Thank you so much for the needed encouragement and for the great printables! Could you please tell me which version of the Bible these verses were taken from? Thanks!

  13. I struggle today with guilt from my past, which is satan’s favourite too. By faith, I trust His Blood has washed me clean.

  14. I really enjoyed your by faith statement: my by faith statement is to trust the Lord to lead me and guide me, even when the way it not totally clear. I think I read another one of your blogs that said persever or give up too soon.

  15. Which Bible do you use,I only have a Jehovah Witness Bible. I left them in December and have no idea what to purchase. Your blog has touched my heart, I feel at peace finally after ten plus years being deceived. May God bless you nightly. Thank you. Marlene

    1. Hi, Marlene,
      I’m so glad you are finding peace here. I’m not sure what Bible translation Arabah would recommend, I’m sure she will answer you soon, but I would recommend the New King James or the Revised Standard version of the Holy Bible. You probably have a Christian Bookstore nearby, or you can find them online at amazon or other book sites. I also recommend connecting with a local Christian church, they often have free resources/Bibles available. God bless you, as you seek Him.

  16. I really appreciate you sharing the word of God this way. The cards are great. I also like the picture with all of His names combined. What a joy to have a reminder of how much He does for me! Thank you!

  17. What kind of a missionary are you?
    Just wondering.
    Lovely blog and graphics

  18. Thank you so much for all you do to serve the Lord. I love the printables you do and also use them to disciple others. They save a lot of time and are wonderful. (I work with female inmates at our county detention center and their families.) God bless you and your sweet little family. :)

  19. I would like to download the names of God but the link is not active – can you email me the link for downloading the 60 cards. Thanks so much

    1. Hi Pam, thanks so much for stopping by! The link is working for me. If you are having trouble, try using a different browser and/or a different device. You can also check your security settings to be sure the link is allowed. That should do the trick! AJ

  20. I am putting together a Names of Jesus themed tree. Thank you so much for the the printable. It is exactly what I had in mind. I just asked God for his blessings on you.

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