Trusting for Thanksgiving {A Just Trust Story}


Every Thursday we are sharing Just Trust stories, testimonies of how we’ve stepped out in trust and seen God come through in specific ways.

You will remember a few weeks ago, Wendell shared the story of his son’s death. Today, it’s a pleasure to have him back with another story of trust. I know you will be blessed!

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It was Wednesday morning, the day before Thanksgiving Day, and there was not a crumb to eat in the house.

The roaches and mice had moved out of our apartment because we were too poor. They probably had a meeting and said to each other, “Y’all can stay if you want but we are going down the street where at least they got beans and rice, this is a sad place to be!”

Are you starting to get the picture?

Momma passed by me on her way to the bathroom, good clothes in hand. Minutes later, she exited, looking like a queen even though her nicest dress was now faded from scrub-board washing over the edge of the tub. “Boy,” she said, “go wash your face. We’re going to church to pray!”

The last thing I felt like doing was going to church in those raggedy jeans I had on, but when Momma spoke, you did it.

We arrived at that old Pentecostal church she liked and after service Momma went down to pray. She stayed there for about 20 minutes, rose up, talked to no-one, came back to where I was and said, “Let’s go!”

I said, “Momma what are we gonna eat for supper or Thanksgiving tomorrow?”

She looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said, “Son, God knows all about it now.”

That night me, my sisters and brothers took a bath and went to sleep without anything to eat all day. We had only eaten a bologna sandwich the day before but we had to take a bath because Momma insisted that though we were poor, and even though we were hungry, we sure ain’t gonna be dirty.

We all awoke Thanksgiving Day with excitement. Expecting to smell something good cooking on the stove. You can imagine our dismay when the only smell was that of Raid roach killer from the night before.

There was a meeting of the siblings and I was elected… no threatened with my life… to ask Momma what in the world is for Thanksgiving dinner?

Momma anticipated our coup de tat and stopped me at the kitchen door. She pulled us all up close to her and said, “Kids, I have prayed, and now God knows all about it, and I’m telling you God will provide!”

No sooner had she gotten those words out of her mouth when someone knocked on our door.

I opened it up to Mrs Stambaugh, my Sunday school teacher, and she asked us to go to her car and get all the pans out.

We unloaded a fully dressed and cooked turkey with all the fixings anyone could ask for. We kids wasted no time in gorging ourselves on those succulent sweet delights.(Just in case she’s reading this in Heaven, they weren’t as good as Momma’s cooking.)

I heard Momma thanking Mrs Stambaugh for her kindness. She then returned to the kitchen, looked at us and said, “What did I tell you? God knows all about it and you all will remember this the rest of your lives. If you’ll just pray and ask God for His help, He always comes through!”

I’m 66 now and Momma was right. I have never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread. Why? ‘Cause God knows all about it … and you can take that to the bank!


Wendell Owens is a Mississippi born Vietnam veteran. He is a father, grand-father, and now a great grandfather! He has had an online ministry of prayer and benevolence since 2002 and loves sharing God’s love with others.

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  1. Great story of our great and faithful God. Brings back a lot of similar memories too! God always sees and answers. But lessons of his provision stick in our chidren’s minds and hearts so much more than if we always had plenty of money, don’t they? Thanks, Wendell.

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