Trusting the Simplicity of Manna


Does the Bible ever seem boring, even impotent, to you? Are there things in life you find more meaning in than spending time with the Lord?

Today’s plunge is all about recognizing the meat pots we eat from and intentionally trusting God to satisfy us instead. I’ve included a video today that will challenge us to be honest. I’m trusting God to do a cleansing work in our hearts today.

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31 days of trust without borders


Day 20


The Bread: Read John 11

The Devo: Read Day 20 in Trust Without Borders.

The Plunge: Sometimes scripture and prayer seem too simplistic. In the middle of a crisis or the mundane; in excess or great need, we are all tempted to make other things objects that satisfy us.

Before we do today’s plunge, I’d like you to watch Rebecca’s testimony, shared on Dee Brestin’s site. I believe this will prepare our hearts for what the Lord wants to do in us today. After you are done watching, continue with the plunge below.



Rebecca shared that her idol was food. Today, I’d like you to think about the meat pots you eat from.  These are the intense pots of Egypt that quickly replace God as the source of our lives.  What do you turn to to stimulate you? Give you meaning or purpose? Satisfy you? Nourish you? Fill you?

Is it Facebook? Food? Movies or television? Cruises? Trips? Money? Control? These meat pots can be intensely rewarding yet God asks us to replace the foods of Egypt with the simple manna of Himself.

We will never understand how toxic we’ve become in our faith until we fast from the meat pots of Egypt and allow the pure Presence of Jesus to be what fills us, day in and day out.

But here’s the thing: Manna must always be eaten in trust. 

The things of God are like the smallest of seeds. They look impotent and insignificant. They may not move us emotionally. They may not have immediate results. But when we place our trust in God’s word, which says it will become power in us, then we are able to turn from the strong foods of Egypt and place our trust in the insignificant. We trust God to make it big.

So today’s plunge is to prayerfully identify those meat pots in your life and intentionally refrain from reaching for those things. Reach for Jesus instead. Reach for the Word of God. Spend time in prayer. Have a time of worship through song or some other creative expression.

Instead of planning a time for you to fill up on what the world has to offer, plan a time to feast on the Lord. And above all, do it in trust! Believe that He is Rewarder God and He will make your soul satisfied with Himself.

I’m walking this out today too, and I’d love to hear from you. Drop me an email and let me know how I can pray for you, or leave a comment below.  See you tomorrow, Lord willing :)



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  1. Hello! I always enjoy your posts…getting to the heart and truth of the matter. I recently wrote on manna also. I think it is place we all need to come as believers, sustained miraculously by the minimal. I don’t think we turn from the strong to trust in the insignificant. I know what you meant…our trust is in God, not the manna. Just semantics, I guess. But when we are trusting God “to make it big” our trust moves from God to the miracle. We are prone to become like the multitude who one day sang “Hosanna” in the streets and the next day cried out “crucify him!” Our trust is in our God, the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, manna or not.

    This comment sounds negative, but I don’t mean it that way. I loved your post and I think we need to hear this again and again. God is TRUSTWORTHY! I just fear we may turn from our meat pot to a more “noble” meat pot…God’s provision rather than God himself. I pray someday to be able to say without a doubt “For me to live is Christ”

  2. Thank you for caring enough to share your journey. As I say this I acknowledge that my idols are sweet foods, perfectionism and the internet/me time on my ipad. I know that God will give me what I need more than these. I have a 3 week old and 6 other children 11 down to 1,I homeschool them, I think I can do it all, but then I fail and reach for my idols. Please help me God, in my mission to be perfect I burn out and then lose my patience and raise my voice towards my children, then I feel guilty and reach for the idols. Can you please pray that I can break this destructive cycle and find joy and peace.

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