Trusting Jesus as “I AM” {Day 26}


31 days of trust without borders


Day 26


1. The Bread: Read John 15:1-17

2. The Devo: Read Day 26 in Trust Without Borders (another one of my personal favorites!)

3. The Plunge: Review the 7 “I AM” Statements given in today’s devotional. Which do you need to trust Jesus to be for you most? Today, choose one of the “I AM” statements and personalize it (see my examples below). Then take it with you and draw on it as you go about your day. Here are the 7 statements if you don’t have the book:


Seven “I AM” Statements from the Book of John:

“I AM the Bread of Life.” Jesus, I will trust You to meet every hunger pang and satisfy every craving of my heart. I will turn to You and not be in want.

“I AM the Light of the World.”  Jesus, I trust You to illuminate the darkness and I choose to walk by faith, not by sight. I need not rely on my own understanding.

“I AM the Door.” Jesus, I trust You to be my security, my safety, and to provide my “good pasture.” I will not seek my own grazing grounds but will trust you to lead me beside still waters.

“I AM the Good Shepherd.” Jesus, I need not be my own guide or shepherd. Rather, I will listen to and follow Your voice.

“I AM the Resurrection and Life.” Jesus, I trust You to raise the dead, smelly places within me to new life. I will not rely upon my own self-righteousness or good deeds.

“I AM the Way, Truth, and Life.” Jesus, I trust You to be the Way when there is none, to speak Truth in a world of noise and turmoil, and to be my very Life.

“I AM the Vine.” Jesus, I trust You to nourish my soul, to provide the succor and sustenance necessary to produce fruit in my life.

{References: John 6:35, 8:12, 10:9, 10:11, 11:25-26, 14:6, 15:5}

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