Trusting God in Deprivation {Day 14}



My heart is heavy today. I’ve just learned of another Christian I know who has given in to living a mediocre life, to living status quo Christianity, to spending all her resources on herself.

I can’t pretend to be immune to this temptation.

In fact, the temptation to give up and “go with the flow” and enjoy life however I can is an intense one. At times, it seems almost unbearable to take up the cross when “everyone else” is living for themselves and that’s the message being preached even within the church.

But friends, today I am fighting it on my knees, with tears, and I know the Lord is my Victor.

It is no surprise then, that today’s devotional is what it is. We are doing heart business today, girlfriends. We are letting the Lord set His eye on idols of our hearts and trusting Him to be better.

Let’s get to work.


31 days of trust without borders


Day 14


1. The Bread: Read John 8:1-30.

2. The Devo: Read Day 14 in Trust Without Borders: A 40-Day Devotional Journey to Deepen, Strengthen, and Stretch Your Faith in God 

3. The Plunge: When God asks us to walk the wilderness road, we can either trust Him and discover who He is… or we can turn to other gods. Deprivation can teach us that God really is enough.

However, in order to fully trust God, we’ve got to STOP trusting in other things (and stop seeking them!)

Deprivation can feel unfair. It can seem unnecessary. It can feel like God doesn’t love us or care about us or that He prefers others over us. It can seem like we are alone. But what does Deuteronomy 8:2-5, 15-16 say about deprivation and why God sends us into those times?

Deprivation is actually an invitation to know GOD.

So the question here is whether or not we will trust God in deprivation. We have to trust Him to be all that we need, which means we also refrain from turning to other things.

Ask God today to reveal the “other things” you may be turning to. They may be small, seemingly insignificant things. They may be culturally acceptable, even expected things. They may be things everyone else is doing. Yet they leave your heart un-guarded and open to idolatry. 

To help pinpoint these false gods, ask yourself these questions:

> What do I turn to when I need satisfaction? Fulfillment? Stimulation?

> Who or what is my rock when my world spins out of control?

> Where do I seek shelter and comfort?

> What is my strength?  What things or activities or personality traits do I rely on to make me strong?


While your answers may not necessarily identify an idol, they sure can. If we are not trusting in Christ alone and waiting upon Him to provide for us at the proper times, we are trusting in idols.

We need to know the enemies of the heart that compete for the promised land God has given us… and then devote those things to destruction. Just as Joshua knew the enemies in his land and devoted them to destruction, so we must do the same.

Today, after identifying any false trusts, take them before the Lord and pour them out before Him. Release them. Then, armed with the promises of Deuteronomy 8, submit to the wilderness journey and the deprivation God has called you to. Trust that He has done this “for your good.”

Don’t give up the fight of faith, my friend. Let’s worship our way to victory:

Give us clean hands

Songs taken from Shane & Shane’s The Worship Initiative, Vol. 5

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  1. Oh Arabah, I loved the end with the precious song and strong word from Piper.

    I have been a slow learner but finally realizing that nothing is wasted…whatever it is or looks like and God has every right to test the inner workings of our heart!

    Thank you…So good! So needed!

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