How trust changes us



31 days of trust without borders


Day 17


1. The Bread: Read John 10:1-21

2. The Devo: Read Day 17 in Trust Without Borders and watch the video mentioned in today’s devotional.

3. The Plunge: Today I’d like us to decompress a bit and quietly contemplate.  What has The Lord revealed about Himself as you’ve read through the book of John? In what ways has He challenged you to trust Him?

In today’s devotional, I gave three questions to ponder as we read through the book of John. The last of those questions is, “How would my life look if I really trusted God to be who He says He is?”

Take some time with this question and allow the Lord to work a fresh, tenacious trust into your heart regarding a specific area you are struggling with. Then, as you go about your day, make choices in keeping with what you’ve envisioned biblical trust to look like.

Be encouraged today, friend! Enjoy the video and know that I’m praying for you.


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