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Intimacy with God 

40 Promises of God {and a simple technique for using them} 

One UNCOMMON Spiritual Discipline 

How Not to be a Negative Person



When Motherhood isn’t Wonderful 

Praying the Scriptures for Your Children 

The Secret to Being a Happy Mom


Spiritual Growth 

10 Must Read Books for Every Christian Woman 

How to Create Your Own Bible Study Notebook 

5 Attitudes of the Well Watered Woman



5 Surprising Tips for being a Successful Christian Blogger 

20+ Ways to Share the Gospel 

Bible Journaling for Beginners





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  1. My name is Mary Pi car ella. I am a transplant in North Carolina. I was born and raised in West Va. I am a widow. My husband passed 2008 of Kidney failure. We were married for 32 years. We had two two children, a daughter Alicia, who has 5 children and a son, Daniel who has 4 children. So I am a Mamaw to 9 grandbabies. I am retired from medical field.I was a CNA. I am 64 years of age. I enjoying spending time Study the Word. Before the pandemic I belong to a Bible Study Group.

  2. Hi Everybody, I’m Stacey Werbelow. I live in Wisconsin, transplanted from Louisiana. talk about a shock to a southern cajun girl. My 1st husband and I moved up here in 2004 with our three kids. Michael, Patrick and Chelsea. After 21 years of marriage and Five years after moving up north, we divorced. He liked other women, mostly online. Said I needed to make up my mind because he had a woman waiting for him. I am now married to a wisconsinite.We have 5 beautiful grandkids. I am 54 years old, work at a hospital in housekeeping. Jesus called me to him in 1993. He never promises it’s gonna be easy, Just that he will always be with us.

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