The Lord is Good: A Bible Study for Kids

Want your kids to know and love God? Check out this fun 30-Day Bible Study for Kids to introduce your kids to the true nature of God.

As parents we need to help our kids understand truths about God. This Bible study for kids will help you learn how to teach kids Scripture so they can grow in faith.

One hot summer in Memphis, TN, I did something only a desperate, soul-starved woman would do. 

Each day after my husband got home from seminary, I’d leave the kids with him to go walk the pond in our neighborhood, Scripture cards in hand. On the cards I had written Scriptures that all began with “The Lord is…”

As I circled the pond, I read precious statements from those cards again and again, rolling them over in my mind, asking God to show me what the words meant.

What did it mean that the Lord is my shield…especially when trials seemed to bombard me non-stop?

What did it mean for the Lord to be my portion…when everyone I trusted had let me down?

What did it mean that the Lord is good… when I was raised to believe that God was pleased when I performed and did what I was supposed to do.


You may be surprised to hear that He never gave a clear or adequate answer.

There were no lightening bolts from heaven, no burst of insight that cured my searching.

In fact, each day I felt the same desperation I had the day before.

Nonetheless, it was a summer of sowing into my heart and mind truths about who God is. And while I didn’t immediately see the impact of those seeds that were planted, that season dramatically shifted my perceptions of God.

Looking back now, it was a summer of emotional healing in my life that continues to bear fruit to this day and equipped me to minister to others in unique ways.

I learned that the Lord, at His heart, really is GOOD.



It’s been said that the most important thing about us is what we believe about God (A W Tozer). This is true because our beliefs about God shape the way we see ourselves, life, and everything around us.

Jesus put it this way, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” Matthew 6:22-23, NIV

We must strive to be accurate in our understanding and beliefs about God- His nature, His heart, and His disposition towards us- because this is the “light” of our personhood. Because our perception of God begins EARLY in life, it’s important we help our children develop an accurate understanding of God as well.

Do you teach the Bible at home? Learn how with this new Bible study for kids. Help your children understand truths about God, straight from the Bible.

In a culture that distorts God to make Him into their own image, I want my children to know the true God and truly “get” His character.

I created a Bible study plan with some of those same “The Lord is…” verses as a method for how to teach kids Scripture, and to introduce my children to God via the pages of His word.


One mom shares:

“My 9 year old daughter going into fourth grade really enjoys this study and can do it alone without prompting.  She went to her first week of church/ Bible camp this summer!  I had put on their chore list this summer “Bible reading and prayer”— and this study really helps us!”
Liberty from

These photos have been provided to us by Liberty from


I pray He reveals Himself to you and your children as well, as you feast your mind on who He says He is.

Oh, and one final word…one of the daily activities your child will be asked to complete is talk to you! Some of the truths about God may be hard to understand, such as “God is a jealous God.” I’ve instructed your child to ask you questions and my hope is that you’re able to have meaty conversations together about who God is as you teach the Bible at home. I can’t wait to hear what happens!

If you want to learn how to teach kids Scripture, be sure to check out our new Bible study for kids. Help kids learn truths about God as you teach the Bible at home.

For Him,


Click here for your copy of this 30-Day Bible Study Journal for Kids. 


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  1. Thank you Arabah. Our Christian values and lives are under constant attack and our children hold the future for Christianity, so this bible study for kids is very useful indeed. Thank you. May I redirect my readers here?

  2. Thank you so much for this Bible study. My kids and I really appreciate that you created it, and I do love that it helps my kids to learn to be independent in reading and studying their Bibles!

    Liberty @

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