What you do on the Sly {Can I really trust God?}

When she comes to me and sweetly asks a question, I know something is up.

She smells of sesame oil, of leftover takeout.

I know she’s been sneaking food.

The problem isn’t that she helped herself; it’s the secrecy. It’s binging when no one else is around.

It’s going outside of relationship to meet her needs and wants.

Hunger…of all sorts…is normal. It isn’t wrong to be hungry or to have those cravings met. It is wrong when we step outside of relationship with God, though.

We can meet legitimate needs in illegitimate ways.

Maybe in the quietness of your own heart you’ve asked, “Can I really trust God?” I understand that. But I also know when we begin to doubt God , it is inevitable that we begin going outside of relationship with God to get our longings met.

In Day 10 of Trust Without Borders: A 40-Day Devotional Journey to Deepen, Strengthen, and Stretch Your Faith in God, I share the story of my Little Bit and her sneaking habit. I also share Jesus, our example. He could have snuck bread and gone outside of relationship to have His need met…but He didn’t. Today’s concept is a huge one and I hope each one of us takes some time to really allow the Lord to do some heart work today. 



31 days of trust without borders


Day Ten


The Bread: Read John 5:30-47

The Devo: Read the story of Little Bit sneaking {Day 10 of Trust Without Borders: A 40-Day Devotional Journey to Deepen, Strengthen, and Stretch Your Faith in God}

The Plunge:  Are you suspicious of God? Is there an area(s) of your heart in which you doubt His goodness or willingness to do what’s best for you? What are you sneaking on the sly? It is a tactic of our enemy to stir up doubt and distrust of God over the things we long for, crave, or need the most. Beware!

Ecclesiastes 9:7 says, “Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for God has already approved what you do.”

We don’t need to sneak good things. We are approved unto God and He will withhold no good thing from us! We can trust God for the things that satisfy, fulfill, nourish, and bring us gladness. Today, spend some time with the Lord until you have regained the assurance that He is good and you don’t need to sneak any more. 

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  1. Oh, Arabah. This is so good. He has been reminding me that He will withhold no good thing from me…so it if is being withheld right now? It’s because He knows it isn’t what I need at this moment. It isn’t what is good and best for my life.

    I will be thinking on this one the rest of the day. Where am I sneaking? Where am I seeking to get fed apart from Him, not trusting HIM to supply?

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Kimberly, what a gracious joy to walk this concept out with you, a heart sister who gets it. Praying for a deeper trust and that we feast on the Lord’s goodness and trust Him when He says “no.”

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