Simply Trusting Thursdays



They say we each have a signature sin.

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You know, like a chef’s specialty dish, the one that sort of defines you and makes you. The one you turn to again and again, the one you’ve developed to perfection.

My signature sin is unbelief. Distrust. Doubt.


It was Eve’s too, and I have a suspicion it is one of those sins common to {wo}men.

This particular temptation is a favorite weapon of our enemy because it is so effective. It mocks God and it keeps His children from entering their promised land. This sin has shipwrecked people in every generation and culture since the beginning of time. With God’s help, I’ve decided it will not shipwreck me.

Thus the Themed Thursdays~ Simply Trusting. I write not from a position of strength but of weakness. I write as an exercise of faith, as a way to combat unbelief in my own life. I write to switch my life lens to one focused on our Great God and who He describes Himself to be. And I choose to trust.

How about you? You in?


“Those who hope in Me will not be disappointed.”      Isaiah 49:23


Simply Trusting Thursdays

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