Sermon Shots: The best way to maximize your video content!

Have you ever wished for a virtual assistant to take your video clips and turn them into shorts for Youtube, and social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok?

Well friend, I have something truly REVOLUTIONARY to share with you today!

My friend behind Sermon Shots recently reached out to me and told me about this amazing new tool he helped create. When I saw that it was designed to take full sermons and create short video clips for sharing on social media, I was super excited!  It doesn’t take much to understand that getting God’s word out in small chunks like that is a powerful way to influence the next generation. And THAT excites me!

In fact, there are several potential benefits to pastors sharing short videos on social media.

Benefits to sharing short sermon videos on social media:

  1. Increased visibility: Sharing videos on social media can help pastors reach a wider audience and increase their visibility within their local communities.
  2. Connecting with congregants: Social media allows pastors to connect with their congregants in a more personal and interactive way. Sharing videos can help pastors stay connected with their congregants, even when they can’t be physically present.
  3. Providing inspiration and guidance: Pastors can use short videos to share shorter, impactful messages of inspiration and guidance with their followers. This can be particularly helpful for people who may be struggling during difficult times.
  4. Engaging with younger audiences: Like it or not, many younger people are more likely to engage with video content on social media. Sharing videos can help pastors connect with younger members of their congregation and reach a younger audience.
  5. Creating a sense of community: Social media allows pastors to create a sense of community and connection with their followers. Sharing videos can help foster this sense of belonging and encourage discussions and interactions within the community.

But then… heheh… then I actually TRIED IT.

You guys, in just a few minutes (literally, see the breakdown of my time spent below), I took an hour long video my ministry partner Jen and I recorded and created this short, under two minute, video for sharing on Facebook.

No, my video isn’t a sermon, and that’s the cool thing about this… you can do this with any video! But don’t tell Josh and the team behind Sermon Shots I’m saying that. LOL.

The easy way to create sermon clips (step-by-step)

If you want to know the easiest way to create sermon clips, Sermon Shots is definitely the way to go! It will take your long form video and create multiple short videos for sharing across the various platforms.

Here’s what I did (step-by-step) in just 25 minutes:

(2 mins)– Clicked on the Sermon Shots link for the very first time and set up my Sermon Shots account

(4 mins)– watched the tutorial video on how it works

(6 minutes)– found the link to the video (it was on Youtube) I wanted to make into a short and waited a couple minutes for it to upload to Sermon Shots. This step actually took the longest!

(3 minutes)– waited for Sermon Shots to transcribe it

(6 minutes)– chose a template and a size for my short, then selected which part of my video I wanted to make into the short. But OOPS! Once I hit the play button, I realized I needed a different size. I originally selected a vertical template but realized this didn’t work because Jen and I both needed to be on camera and the vertical template cut us off… so had to go back and reselect the size to horizontal. I could have done this in half the time if I hadn’t had messed up, but what’s 3 minutes of my life? lol.

(1 minute)– chose the music and uploaded my logo

(3 minutes)– downloaded the video to my computer and uploaded it to Youtube. Please note, I could have uploaded this directly to my social media platforms as well, but for the purposes of this article, I wanted to put it on YouTube.

Literally. That’s how long it took me to have a short on Youtube from the time I first clicked on the link to check Sermon Shots out.  Guys! I’m a tech moron. If Jen knew I was “attempting to make a social media sharable short video” from our long video, she would literally laugh in my face. She would say something like, “AJ, you know I love you and trust you and we both know you have your skills but…”

Enough said.  The prosecution rests her case. lol.

Thank you Sermon Shots for this amazing tool. I hope many, many churches utilize your resource, and thank you for sharing it with me. Josh, you ROCK.

Also, this is NOT a sponsored post nor am I an affiliate for them. This is truly a revolutionary resource… and one Jen appreciates me giving a try 😉 

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