How to Truly Prosper (Introducing the PROSPER Bible Study Method)

1. To grow or increase; to thrive; to make gain.
2. To favor; to render successful.

Do you want that in your life?

I sure do!

Psalm 1:3 says there is a woman who PROSPERS in all that she does.

{And our ears perk up at this point and we pay attention!}

“Prosper” is a Biblical word with two main pre-requisites:

1. Biblical meditation and
2. Conforming action (obedience)

James 1:22-25 says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed (PROSPER) in what they do.”



Okay, okay, let’s get clear on something extremely important right off:

The Bible teaches that not all Bible interaction is created equal.

If we aren’t acting on the Scripture we intake, we are deceiving ourselves (don’t get mad at me, James said it!)

Knowing this, for many years I’ve personally sought to engage with God’s word in ways that foster and promote biblical meditation (which guards against forgetfulness) and ACTION.

Earlier this year, I decided to put this study process into an easy to use format for both myself, and so I could share it with others.

It’s called the PROSPER Bible Study Method and I’d love for you to try it with me! 

Deep dive into God's word with this favorite Bible study method: PROSPER!


This ready-made Bible Study method is simple yet incorporates the most important elements for digging deep into Scripture.

This Bible study method is designed to take one passage of Scripture (I recommend 8 verses or less) and stick with it for 5 days. By doing this, we really allow the power of God’s word to seep into our lives, kind of like a tea bag: the longer you keep it in the water, the stronger the tea gets!


Each letter of PROSPER represents one way to engage with your selected Scripture passage, as follows:

P-Pray (Each day, simply ask God to clear your mind and speak to your heart)

R-Read (Each day read the same passage… but try using different translations!)

O- Observe (On the first day, simply make notes about what the passage states. I do this with a set of simple questions.)

S- Study (This is where you start going a bit deeper! My go-to study method is the Word study. So fun!)

P- Ponder (Meditation is SO vital and is one of the most rewarding ways to engage with Scripture. Take a whole day to just ponder the passage. Don’t miss this step!)

E- Engage (This is where we begin to apply what we’ve learned through reading, study, and meditation to our lives.)

R- Repetitive Action (Finally, identify a “seed action” to plant into your life, cultivate as a habit, trusting that from this, you’ll reap a harvest of righteousness!)


Our PROSPER Bible Study Method Kit includes an 18-page workbook (see image below) with instructions, templates and printables, as well as 5 video tutorials! 

Yep, I walk you through exactly how to get the most from each step. 

If you’ve ever wanted a mentor to come alongside you and show you exactly how they delve into God’s word, this is for you! I share things like:

  • questions to ask as you read through a passage,
  • how to dig insights from the Word,
  • how to know what to focus on in a passage,
  • 5 different ways to meditate on a passage,
  • and a TON more.

This is how for many years I’ve mentored other women as a church planter, missionary and spiritual mentor. With the availability of online tools, I can now share it with YOU too!

With this kit, you’ll be equipped to deep dive into ANY passage of Scripture and mine it for all it’s worth!

Um… better use of carline wait times than scrolling. Just sayin! :)





There are a few things that make the PROSPER Bible Study Method unique.

1. PROSPER Bible Study Method includes Soul-Nourishing Meditation

First, it teaches exactly how to meditate on God’s word. We all know this is important to thriving as a believer but few of us understand how to actually do it! Unfortunately, meditation is truly a lost discipline with all the constant noise of our day and we are clueless how to get this skill back.

The PROSPER Method is specifically designed to teach meditation skills and builds meditation right into the study.

In fact, I teach five different ways to meditate on Scripture! I love, love, love this part!

With each Scripture passage, we show you how to actually do it… so you can feed on God’s word anytime day or night!

BTW, this one discipline totally saved me during those years when my littles were babes! There was no time for long, deep Bible study and meditation was my life-line!

2. The PROSPER Bible Study Method’s aim is Life-changing Implementation

In Western Christianity, we tend to like Bible studies that cover a LOT of information. Nuthin’ wrong with that but PROSPER takes a different approach and focuses on how to become a DOER of the word you are studying.

For example, if you are studying how to tame your tongue, you’ll learn not just what the Bible teaches but HOW to conform your life (and tongue) to the biblical standard you discover. How do we do that, you ask?

Well, we build implementation right into the study with what I call discovering your “seed habit”, so that you can experience life transformation, not just information. This idea opens up Bible study to an entirely different level!

3. The PROSPER Bible Study Method includes Community-Oriented Mentoring

Thirdly, PROSPER is community oriented. We periodically do LIVE classes, called Intensives, where we all go through a study together!

During these intensives, instead of just one person pontificating and being the shero (did I totally just coin that? Girl hero? Who knows), PROSPER includes iron-sharpening-iron  experiences with others. This is done in the form of the Sister Circle discussion and prayer times and the Guest Mentors who share their experiences, stories, lessons, and wisdom.

Tip: You’ll want to subscribe to the blog to receive notices on when our next Intensive class opens up!

4. The PROSPER Bible Study Method guides you in Deep-Dive Personal Study

Of course, the PROSPER Method includes daily individual Bible study as well! Our Bible study workbook will guide you through the PROSPER process and our weekly training videos will deepen your understanding of the passage.

I’m super excited about this study method and hope you will try it out too!

This 18 page workbook with 5 mentoring videos is available in our shop for just $10.

(This is a digital product and available immediately upon purchase!).

With the full kit, I’ll walk you through a simple study process over the course of 5 days and show you how to mine ANY passage in God’s word for hidden treasures!  Grab our 18 page workbook and 5 instructional video trainings by clicking the image below.

Not quite ready to purchase the entire kit? Grab this FREE one-page printable worksheet guide for PROSPER here.

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My prayer is that PROSPER helps you engage and enjoy your time in God’s word even more!

Here’s to prospering!



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    1. Hi Kathleen, great question! You can use this with any passage! To start, I recommend Psalm 1-even going verse by verse is great. You can use it for any passage you want to dig deeper into or pick a book of the Bible and work through that. Hope that helps! <3

  1. I have and presently studying one of your studies. I would like this package. Thank you for the words of encouragement today. It hit me right where my spirit has been of late. I do not want to remain mediocre. Because that’s not what my Father planned for me.

  2. Hi Arabah my name is Sonja. I am just a little confused of where to begin. I want to purchase your bundle including everything.
    However, I saw the Sojo Academy with mentorship and your mentorship and I am not sure which way to go.
    I don’t want to duplicate anything.
    Please give me clarity.

    Thank you,
    Love Sonja

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