What Happens When A Woman Prays God’s Promises

In case you missed it, there’s a revolution happening.

Women are saying enough is enough. We’re putting down the smartphones and logging off social media. We’re an army committed to taking back the promised land we’ve handed over to others.

We are making the decision to build up our homes instead of tear them down. We are marching on our Jericho, step by step.

We expect a rousing victory.

We’re starting by filling the small spaces of our day with meaningful activities.

We’re making a commitment and promise to God to seek Him first.

We’re praying Scriptures instead of scrolling Pinterest.

We’re reaching for THE Book instead of logging into Facebook.

We are saying a hundred small no’s so we can say “yes” to God.

We believe those walls in our way will come down.


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and the Israelites must have walked some sort of journey in circles around their Jericho. But it’s what victory required.

Some of us are beginning our journey with a simple system of praying the promises of God.

We are establishing new habits and jumping into this 40-Days, 40 Promises Challenge.

We are setting aside Doritos so we can taste soul food. We are believing God’s Word that says when we return to Him, He will return to us.

Who else has a vision of what God wants to do?

Sometimes it’s as simple as taking that first step.

We want God to write a story…our stories. We are asking Him to fill in the blanks to the question “what happens when a woman prays Your promises, Lord?”

What Happens When A Woman Prays God’s Promises

Check out our resource - 40 days of praying God's promises!



The Challenge is simple and you’re invited!

To help break the social media habit (or if you’d just like a practical way to deepen your intimacy with God), take the 40 Days 40 Promises Challenge:

  1. Each day for 40 days, unwrap ONE promise of God.
  2. Articulate the promise in your own words
  3. Verbally affirm it as true and applicable to you. Then  give your “yes” back to God {see II Corinthians 1:20.}
  4. Optional: Use a wristband throughout the day as a reminder to pray God’s word instead of logging onto social media.

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Our FREE Challenge includes 40 promises and instructions on how to pray them using a simple wristband. 

I invite you to join literally thousands of others and sign up for the challenge!

It’s nothing fancy. It’s not produced by a big budget or backed by some big name.

Just a list of God’s promises to us that are simple and free…and life changing.

Because we are hungry for God. We long to see what God does when women pray.

Not big shows and slick marketing. We are hungry for Glory. We long to see what will happen with these promises from God for women who will rise up to “yes” and “amen” His Word.

And we fully expect Him to answer the longing. 

Sign up for the 40 Day 40 Promises Challenge by clicking the image below: 

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You can join and start anytime. You can make this a personal Bible study about God’s promises! Let’s do this, for the glory of the King!

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  1. I love this, sister warrior! This has been on my heart as well. Trying to come up with a schedule to take care of the business I need to attend using the tools without letting them “tool” me. And then devote the greater portion of my time to the REAL BUSINESS of kingdom work :) Love your leadership in all of this!

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  3. I love this. I am always in a hurry and have being praying and asking God to show me a way to pray more and teach my kids and every one around me the way of the Lord.

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for your question. To “amen” something means to say “yes, Lord, let it be.” So when you amen a promise, it simply means you are saying “Yes, Lord, I believe this and trust You for it. I believe it is true.” That is what I call giving your yes back to God. I hope that helps! BTW, I explain this more fully in the workshop I did. You can access it by signing up for the Praying the Promises Challenge. AJ

  4. Greetings in the Name of Jesus. I thank God I find you and pray I will hold on to the last day. I want to change by the power of prayer because there is power in the Name of Jesus. I believe that God is a real God and not fake, He is what He say He is and He can do what He say He can do. To Amen to prayer reminds me of the day I felt that God spoke to me and said I have to look at the very fist and last Word in the bible which is InAmen. The revelations was that He is ALL IN ALL. Every Word breathed by Him through His Spirit. To read His Word is like a visit with Him through His Word.

  5. Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better!
    Looking through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He continually kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a great read.
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hey there! I’m so inspired by your ambition to strive God’s word on the web. I am a new believer, always believed, but never gave my time to the Lord as I should. I have recently rededicated my life to God and this is something I’m intrigue in. A challenge that’s going to expand my heart, soul and mind to Our Lord in Savior! I’m excited to do this!

  7. Hello, I am so excited about this 40day challenge.
    My mom and I have started a spiritual detox, the beginning of this year and the moment we decided to let go of self and begin to let the Holy Spirit come in and show us how and what to do.
    God literally came in and change our way of thinking and living for him.
    But I thank God for this challenge because it has been kind of hard for me lately.
    And I do believe that this here is a GOD sent.
    Thank you LORD.
    Please pray for me that I will remain in him and stay focused.

  8. I noticed the comments mostly come from 2015 but I hope this offer still stands for the end of 2016. Because I feel it’s even more important and relevant now to pray pray pray! :)

  9. God’s army…question…am I the only one who has numbers following me everywhere? Scripture numbers, any number…need advice.

  10. So looking forward to praying Gods promises!! I do crave God in my life!! I want him to be the center of my life !!!

  11. My Pastor just preached on the ” Promises of God ” Sunday. And encouraged us to learn them. I am so blessed to have found your post.

  12. What if as me you are a beginner to something like this? I am so done not having the joy in my life for my family and I. I just don’t know how I can apply the word to myself/situation ? I’ve never read the word and don’t know how to begin applying and deciphering it (besides the basics and what have you)

    1. Hi Angie, thanks for your comment and question. We all have to start at the beginning~ don’t feel overwhelmed! I did a workshop on how I pray the promises. You can access that here (it’s free): https://www.coursecraft.net/c/promises-workshop/splash

      Hopefully that will give you some examples and tips to get started. I also recommend using prayer cards- just write your scriptures out on cards and begin to pray through them. Sometimes it helps to see how others are praying those scriptures. If you’d like, our prayer kit includes 40 sample prayers others have written from the Scriptures. That resource is here: https://transactions.sendowl.com/products/437264/998F8613/add_to_cart

      I hope those help. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Start small and keep at it.

  13. Thus is a Beautifyuk way to put God first .Im a single mome have been single 7 years people ask why I have not met anyone yet. I have been holding out for The one I have done the healing from an abusive marriage. A marriage I stay committed to because I made a covenant to. He was not devoted to me or our vows. I now want to have a man in my life a Christian man. So badly i doSome nights I just cry because I want love again. I know God loves me God promises us the desires of our hearts. But I feel like I am doubting his promises through my tears. I feel so bad something like the 40 day promises can maybe bring me a place of peace and understanding his promises.

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