Project Manager Opening!

Project Manager Position

Be part of our global ministry!

Arabah Joy, LLC is an online ministry that reaches hundreds of thousands of visitors worldwide each month. Our mission is to inspire others to pursue God, envision what their spiritual life can be, and equip our readers with practical tools for growing in Biblical literacy and the spiritual disciplines. We want to take our readers one step further on their path to maturity in Christ.

As the ministry has grown, so have the demands. We are looking for a special someone to join our team as a project manager. This person will work directly with Arabah Joy to run the daily operations of the blog, freeing AJ up to focus on what she does best- serving her readers.

Because we have a noble purpose and calling, here at Arabah Joy, LLC, we’re looking for someone to bring their skill and passion to the blog each day and run it as if it were their own. Your work makes a difference in the eternal health and lives of others!


Project Manager Responsibilities:

The project manager position involves three key areas.

  1. Strategy- He/she will be responsible for collecting and analyzing ministry data in order to effectively strategize and plan next steps.¬† This person will work closely with AJ to help clarify her craziness (she’s great at passion, ideas, and dreaming) and refine it into a sensible and cohesive strategy. This person will be critical for bringing the ministry vision to life.
  2. Implementation- While the project manager will not necessarily personally do all the things, they will be responsible for implementation through team management, training, and communication.
  3. Daily operations- Setting up and overseeing systems and automating processes as much as possible.


This person will:

  • Be responsible for team communications, setting up and overseeing operating systems, collecting and interpreting monthly data, and strategizing operations based on data and our overall cohesive goals.
  • Review monthly stats from social media team members (Pinterest manager, Instagram manager, Facebook manager) and work closely with the team to maximize each one. You will identify trends, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, decide when and what action to take, and work with the team to implement such actions.
  • Work with our content manager to establish a strong content plan and set up systems to streamline the content creation process. Define what “winning” looks like for the content manager and check in weekly to make sure actions taken are appropriate for meeting those goals.
  • Determine what systems need to be in place and work with team members to implement them.
  • Create standard operating procedures for each major system and tweak as needed to mitigate the liability created by the sudden loss of a team member.
  • Look for opportunities to streamline and automate.
  • Stay abreast of legal requirements, monthly financials and blog stats. Ensure each aspect of the blog is running smoothly and staying up to date.
  • Work to establish and review scoreboards for each team member and clearly define what progress looks like. Work with each team member to do their respective jobs with excellence, providing input, guidance, and support. You’ll be the point person for the team.
  • Track monthly stats and trends, interpret data and take recommendations to Arabah Joy. Brainstorm solutions.
  • Report to AJ weekly.

In short, as the project manager, your job is to figure out what needs to be done and the best way to do it. Then oversee how we all as a team will work together to carry it out. The ideal person will jump right in and get to work.


About the Position:

This is a part time, contracted position with an expected work load of 5-10 hours a week to start. We anticipate this work load to be more during busy seasons. We expect the normal work load to increase to 20 hours/week as we scale and grow. Starting pay is $25/hr.

This is a virtual position. You’ll work from home, so strong and reliable internet connection is essential.

Your working hours are flexible and will generally be determined by you. However, due to the nature of this role, Arabah Joy expects prompt communication and availability for messaging during normal working hours (M-F 8-5 Eastern).


The Ideal Candidate:

Can handle their own emotions. This person does not need everything to be sugar coated. They can take instruction and pushback and does not equate “Christian” as never being confrontational or avoiding saying things that need to be said.

Can keep a secret. This position involves handling sensitive and confidential information. The right person will be trustworthy, loyal, and tight-lipped about his/her job. Also, no gossip.

Not afraid to give honest feedback and recommendations, even if they are outside the box, risky, or may not be well received.

Has a working knowledge of how a blog is run and how the following systems work together to comprise  an online ministry site: wordpress, email service provider, social media.

Is a problem solver- you like to figure things out rather than wait for someone to tell you exactly what to do. You take initiative and like asking questions.

Loves the Lord and celebrates the successes of others. We’re looking for someone who owns our mission and buys into what we’re doing. This isn’t just a “job.” We’re looking for someone who wants to see the entire ministry team “win” and can put their heart into helping AJ steward this responsibility. Oh, and you have to be okay that AJ’s favorite color to wear is black.

Experience Requirements:

Before applying, please make sure each of these applies to you!

1. You love the Lord and are actively involved in your local church. You understand our mission here at and can put your heart into it.

2. You have at least 2 years of blogging or VA experience. We are looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of running a blog full time and what it’s like being an entrepreneur.

3. You have experience managing a team and/or project management. Both is preferred

4. You are analytical and can make decisions based on data. In other words, you know what questions to ask and what data to track AND how that interprets into day to day decision making.


If this sounds like you, please apply for the position here!