Pride and trusting God {Day 37}

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Okay, we have a few days left to our 40 days. Let’s finish strong!

Have you ever made a decision you realized was wrong but instead of humbling yourself and admitting it, you bowed up in pride? It only makes things worse, doesn’t it?

Sometimes pride is what holds us back from trust. It feels too vulnerable to let down our pride and be vulnerable but pride is never a friend! Today’s plunge will challenge us to confess pride and embrace intimacy.

31 days of trust without borders


Day 37


1. The Bread: Read John 20:19-31

2. The Devo: Read Day 37 in Trust Without Borders

3. The Plunge:  In today’s devotional I share about Little Bit and a time her pride literally left her hanging precariously on a stool top.

We’ve had many talks about pride because she tends to resort to it. It’s easier to arrogantly say, “Well I don’t need you anyway!” than it is to be vulnerable, admit need, and then TRUST the need is going to be met.

Think about this: We can use pride as a shield.

Yet when we know God and His names and attributes, when we understand ALL His deeds are done in faithfulness, we can let go of pride. We can shift our trust to the Lord and who He says He is and what He promises to do… instead of hoping for certain responses from people. We replace pride with trust when the object of our trust is God alone.

So how about you? Are you using pride as a shield today? Allow the Lord to get in your business and draw you to a place of trust instead.



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