Praying the Promises of God: How to Strengthen Your Prayer Life

Prayer is such a vital component of the Christian life, with the ability to transform our lives. Praying the promises of God in particular gives us the opportunity to dive into the Scriptures and to actually pray God’s Word back to Him. But what does it mean to actually pray the promises of God? Do God’s promises still apply to us today? And how do we know if we are taking a promise of God out of context?

These are all really good questions!



Use these resources for pray the word of God Scripture prayers. Learn about praying the promises of God.

For the past seven years, tens of thousands of people have used one of our Praying the Promises of God prayer challenges to embark on a journey and discover for themselves the answers to these questions. In the process, we’ve strengthened our prayer lives by praying the promises of God.

During the FREE 40-day Praying the Promises prayer challenge, I share my 4-step process to praying promises from God’s word:

  1. Read it- read the promise in several different Bible translations
  2. Write it- Choose a translation that resonates with you and use this translation to write the passage out by hand.
  3. Ponder it- Meditate on the passage as you go throughout your day
  4. Pray it- Verbalize the passage back to God in the form of a prayer.

    When praying a passage back to God, I like to simply say, “Lord, your word says _______________, and by faith, I’m believing this to be true.”

    This is called giving our “amen” back to God according to II Corinthians 1:20

Our Praying the Promises Challenges can help you dive right in by providing structure and a plan. We generally choose 40 days for our challenges as  that’s long enough to start a strong habit of Scripture and prayer.

Use the resources below to learn more about prayer, and about praying Scriptures back to the Lord.

Praying the promises of God involves prayign God



Praying the Promises of God: The Challenge

40 Days of Praying the Promises of God {The Trust Without Borders Experiment}: If you’re ready to learn how to trust God, join us for this 40 day challenge focusing on praying the promises of God. All the promises of God are sure!

How Praying the Promises of God Each Morning Transforms My Day: Learn to “amen” God’s promises in your life. Join us for praying through the promises of God.

What Happens When A Woman Prays God’s Promises: Learn more about God’s promises to us and what God does when women pray with this 40-day prayer challenge based on the promises of God.


Lent and Easter Praying the Promises of God Challenge

Lent and Easter Praying the Promises Challenge is Here!: Ever wondered where to begin praying God’s Word? Here’s a Lent and Easter prayer challenge to help you start praying God’s promises.

Praying the Promises of the Cross: Learn the little phrase in Scripture that challenged me to affirm the promises of God through prayer.

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Join our Praying the Promises challenge and learn how to strengthen your prayer life by praying God

Praying the Promises of God Over Your Children

Learn about praying God

We also have a prayer challenge for praying God’s word over your children!

40 Promises to Pray Over Your Kids: This back to school prayer challenge provides Scriptures you can use in prayer. Join us in using God’s Word full of promises to pray over your kids.

Join our 40-day challenge as we