Praying Scripture: H is for Humble


praying scripture for your children: B is for Boldness


Have you ever been around a person with a deep spirit of humility? Not the “I’m a nobody and nobody likes me, I’m just going to eat worms” sort of humility {which isn’t humility at all.}

I’m talking about the real humility that Jesus perfectly demonstrated when He came to earth to seek and serve and give His life for others.

I don’t know of anything more beautiful on a person than genuine humility.

Christ demonstrates perfect humility and when I see it in another, it is truly magnetic. The beauty of it drives me to pray nearly daily for this spirit of genuine humility, for myself and my children.



Praying Scripture for Your Children



I am happy to provide this week’s prayer card for humility~ it’s one of my favorites! I hope these weekly prayer cards help you pray scripture more frequently and consistently.


Click here to download this week’s prayer card.


For previous week’s prayer cards and other prayer resources, click here.


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