Praying Scripture for Your Children {Resource List}

If you value praying Scripture for your children, we’ve put together a full list of resources for you.

If you value praying Scripture for your children, we've put together a full list of resources for you.

As moms, we know we should pray for our children.

We likely have the heart and the will to do so. But sometimes we don’t know how to  take our prayers beyond the basic and routine. We don’t know how to enter the heavenly places in our prayers, how to pray the mind of Christ in a routine, structured way.

That’s why we need a stockpile of Scripture to pray!


praying mom


Knowing you can’t really improve on praying scripture, I created a set of scripture prayer cards to hang around my home.

There are 26 cards in this set and I’ve got them posted on doors, mirrors, and above the kitchen sink. This one simple resource has increased both the quality and quantity of my prayers.


Praying Scripture for your child is easy with this set of prayer cards!


The great thing is, there are many resources available that make praying scripture quick, portable, and simple.

You are welcome to grab and download the FREE  scripture prayer cards (see sample above).  Or visit some of the other pages below for more great resources. The important thing is to DO IT!


Here are some other prayer resources I’ve come across:




Scripture Prayer Card Set– print and use all over your house!

12 Daily Prayers to Pray for your Children– An easy to use Bookmark; just print and use in your quiet time

31 Scriptures to pray for your family– a printable calendar from Mercy is New

31 Ways to pray for your child– print and use with calendar

31 Biblical virtues to pray for your child– another printable!

31 Day Prayer calendar– printable

Scripture prayers in bookmark form~print and tuck in your Bible from NavPress

Printable Scripture Cards {these are intended for scripture memory but also work great as prayer cards}

This idea I saw on Pinterest: Trace and cut out each child’s handprint. Write their life {or yearly | monthly} scripture on it. Tuck in your bible as a way to pray for them each morning.

Cards to print and pray WITH your children!


Articles that contain actual prayers:


31 Bibilical Virtues to pray for your Children from Revive Our Hearts

Scriptures and prayers from a Grandmother’s perspective


The one book I’d recommendPraying the Scriptures for Your Children: Discover How to Pray God’s Purpose for Their Lives

Packed with scriptures to pray, along with sample prayers, this book has helped me tremendously get a feel for how to pray the scriptures (vs. just reading a verse back to God with my child’s name inserted.) It has helped me pray scripture in a way that is very natural, emotive, and heartfelt to me. Highly recommended!

What about you? What scriptures are you praying for your children? Do you have a favorite resource you use?

The praying mama- resources for praying scripture for your children

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