Praying For Your Children: F Prayer Card

praying scripture for your children: B is for Boldness


We’re trying to make praying scripture for your children easy with a set of printable prayer cards. Each week we give a letter, virtue, and corresponding scripture to pray.

This week’s letter is F for Friendliness.

In a world where people are rude, un-thoughtful, and self-centered, simple friendliness can open so many doors. This is a character trait I desire for my children, regardless of their personality.


Prayer card to make praying for your children easy!


Click here to download this week’s prayer card.


For all previous week’s prayer cards and other prayer resources, click here. 

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  1. Not sure what is happening as the link for the F verse is not working. I thank you for making these verse/virtue cards available for all to have. What a blessing.

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