5 Scriptures to Pray Each Day: Why I Want to be a Prayer Warrior

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to pray. Today my friend Anna is sharing 5 scriptures she prays upon rising in the morning. If you are “stuck” in your prayer life, try starting with these 5 verses to pray each day. 

5 Scriptures to Pray Today

These five scriptures have followed me for years. They have enabled me to rise from my bed, do my chores, and find joy in life. Through depression, failure, heartache, debt, health issues, and anger, I prayed these verses. I reminded myself whose I am and breathed these words. And God answered.

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Find Rest in God

Jesus talked to the believers of His day, the church-goers, the Pharisees and His disciples. He prayed these words to His Father God and we can too.

Lord, I praise You. You are the Lord of heaven and earth. You have revealed Your truths to me. You have revealed Yourself to the lowly, the ignorant, children and crippled, the lame and the mute. But You have hidden it from those who pride themselves on being wise and learned. Forgive me for thinking I know things when I don’t know You, Lord. Let me please You, Lord.

Help me to know Your Son, Jesus, whom You have handed over the care of everything. Give me rest, Lord Jesus. I am weary and burdened. Your yoke on my shoulders is perfectly fitted to me. You are gentle and humble in Your heart. I can learn from You. When I stay focused on You and listen to You, my soul finds rest. With You, my life is easy and things aren’t so hard to bear.

Matthew 11:25-30 paraphrased

Find Peace in God

Paul wanted the believers in Philippi to understand the peace of God and experience it for themselves. But the peace only comes as we follow Paul’s instructions.

I rejoice in You, Lord! I never get tired of rejoicing in Your name. Help me to show Your gentleness so others know what it looks like. You are always with me in everything.

I will not worry but instead, I will pray to You, Lord. I will pray about everything. You listen to me and wait for me to make my needs known to You. So I will talk to You about what I need and want. And I will be thankful for Your answers, no matter what they are.

Then Your peace will surround me. It is a peace beyond my comprehension. It guards my heart and my mind in Jesus Christ.

To continue in Your peace, I will fill my mind with beauty and truth. I will think on whatever is honorable, right, and pure. Whatever is lovely, good, virtuous, and praiseworthy, I’ll keep this in my mind. Help me to study the scriptures and follow everything Your word says so I will know You are beside me. You, the God of peace, walk with me every day.

Philippians 4:4-8 paraphrased

Be Strong and Courageous

Several years ago, God prepared me for four years of change. Through funerals, losses, failures, moving, new jobs, new grandbaby, changes in living styles, God has supported me. But it all started with these verses in Joshua. God told me to create a devotional filled with promises of strength and courage. Six months’ worth of devotionals to help me not fear, not be dismayed, not be disappointed, and to know that He, the Lord God Almighty, is with me everywhere I go.

Lord, I ready to enter the promised land of this new year. Thank You for Your promise of success. Thank You for going with me. As I move into the land, area, work, mission, or passion You have given me, I know You have planned my path. Wherever I walk and wherever my feet touch, You watch over me. All of what I see is mine in You. No one will be able to oppose me. You will be with me and You will never fail me or abandon me.

Help me, O Lord, to be strong and courageous. Help me lead the people You have given me. Help me to be always strong and courageous and live by Your word. Help me not to turn from it even a little bit. Forgive me if I do. Let me succeed wherever I go.

Keep Your words on my lips every day. Help me to meditate on them day and night so I know which path to take. Then I will prosper and find success in You. You have commanded me, so fill my heart with Your strength and Your courage. Help me not to be afraid or discouraged because You are with me and You are my God.

Joshua 1:2-9 paraphrased

Trust in God

The hardest thing for me to do is let go of my own control of things and people, and let God work in us. Trusting God has always been difficult for me. As my daughter says, “If they’d just do what I say, things would be better.” We know it isn’t our place to “fix” people, it is God’s place. But letting go is hard.

Lord, help me to remember what You have taught me. Help me to keep Your words in my heart. Your words are my guide to a long, healthy, prosperous life.

Help me to stay focused and not lose sight of mercy and truth. Help me to keep them ever before me so I can meditate on them and memorize them. Help me win Your favor and the favor of others.

Help me to trust You, God, and rely completely on You. I don’t want to depend on my own ideas and inventions. I need You, Lord. Help me to give You the credit for all I accomplish. Smooth out and straighten the path in front of me.

Remind me I can’t decide on my own what is right and what is wrong. Help me turn to You and respect Your ways. Help me to turn away from evil.

When I depend on You, my body and mind will be free from the strain of sin. I will experience healing and health, and I will be strengthened in my core.

Proverbs 3:1-8 paraphrased

Plans for Me

The most exciting part of knowing God has plans for me, for a future, and a hope, is what those plans entail. His children and the people of this earth are oppressed, in captivity, they are broken and hurt. And we have the opportunity to build again places of safety for them. Through our prayers and our following God’s leading daily, we can change lives.

Lord, help me to make a home for my family wherever I am. Help me to settle in and provide sustenance for myself, my friends, and family. You have set me here now and given me this task. Help me to build houses and make homes, help me to plant gardens and grow food. Show me who to marry and who to have children with. Help me find Godly wives for my sons and Godly husbands for my daughters. Bless them with children and don’t let my family die out.

Lord, help me to pursue the peace and welfare of the place where I live. Show me how to pray for peace here, so I can live in peace.

Don’t let me be fooled by false prophets and dreamers even if they claim to be from You. Give me the discernment I need to know Your words. I will stay in this land where You sent me until the time is over. Then You will come for me and bring me home.

Thank You, Lord, for the plans You have for me. The plans are for peace and not evil. You give me a future and a hope. Help me not to forget it. I call out for You, Lord, and You hear me. You listen to me. I look for You intently and You find me. You will restore my fortune and gather me from wherever I am to my rightful home with You.

Jeremiah 29:4-14 paraphrased 


Do you want to be a prayer warrior?

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Don’t worry about missing a day or having empty pages. You write in the dates yourself. Fill the book with gratefulness and specific requests for you and your family. Pray for your leaders and peers and find God’s purpose for your life.

When you use the Pray Specifically Journal, you create a record of answered prayers for yourself and for generations in the future. Let God speak through you.

You can:

  • Stop worrying about children taking down your sheets.
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Anna’s passion and vision are to inspire hope, encourage others, love richly, and listen well through the strength of Jesus Christ. Every book, devotional, or Christian suspense, seeks to inspire and encourage.

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