Prayer Resources: Learn to Go Deeper in Your Prayer Life

If you’re looking to go deeper in your prayer life, these prayer resources will be a wonderful addition to your prayer time.

Many people wonder how to pray, or if they pray correctly. I’ve learned over the years that prayer is just having a conversation with the Lord, as you might with a friend or family member.

We also have God’s Word, full of His truths and promises, that we can use in our prayer time. Praying Scripture is a powerful way to go deeper in your prayer life.

Whether you’re looking for prayer resources for people in your life, or tools to help you go deeper in your prayer life, you’ll find practical ways to pray in the following resources.

These practical ways to pray will help you if you are going deeper in prayer.

Praying for Your Children 

How to Pray the Scriptures for Your Children: Perhaps you’ve heard of praying Scriptures, but you aren’t sure where to start. We’re sharing how to pray the Scriptures for your children, and sharing Bible promises to pray for our children.

A-Z Scriptures to Pray for Your Kids: One of the most powerful and rewarding things we can do as parents is pray for our children. A benefit of praying Scripture over our children is that we are praying God’s very own words for them. Get these Scriptures to pray for your kids – with Scripture prayer card set!

Praying Scripture for Your Children {Resource List}: We’ve put together a full list of resources for praying Scripture for your children. Use these to pray over your children.


Teach Kids to Pray 

50 Prayer Prompts for Kids + FREE Printable: These FREE prayer prompt cards will help you and your child learn how to pray… so simple!

Simple DIY War Room For Kids: If you’re creating a war room for your kids, you’ll want to use these simple DIY tips. Help them understand the war room meaning & create a space where they can go to pray.

Praying war room prayers offers you some practical ways to pray. Read our tips in this post.

Praying War Room Prayers 

10 War Room Scriptures to Pray for Your Marriage: War Room has revolutionized the way we pray. Are you ready to have a more focused prayer time for your marriage? Use these 10 war room Scriptures to pray for your marriage.

10 War Room Prayers for Our NationThese 10 war room prayers for our nation give you Scriptures and intercessory prayer points for the nation.

Mega War Room Scripture Prayer Pack: Grab these 50 Scriptures to pray over the people that matter most.


Prayer Resources 

Praying the Names of Jesus: FREE 30-Day Prayer Journal: Imagine how praying the Names of Jesus can soothe the soul? Download this FREE 30-day prayer journal and start praying the names of Jesus today.

How to Make a Simple Prayer Journal: Are you looking for a way to track prayer requests? Follow this method to set up a simple prayer journal. This will help you track prayer requests and answers to prayer.

How Praying the Promises of God Each Morning Transforms My DayI started a new spiritual discipline based on II Corinthians 1:20. See how praying the promises of God each morning transforms my day, and learn how to “amen” the promises of God!

Praying the Promises of the Cross: Join our 40-day challenge for praying the promises of the cross.


Prayer Tools 

How to Pray for Your Business: How to Pray for Your Business- Join us for this 31 Day Challenge and Pray God’s word over your Business!

How to Find the Perfect Prayer TimeDo you struggle to fit prayer into your day? Here’s how to find the perfect prayer time.

How to Pray for Real Change: Use these 6 tips for when you need to pray for real change in your life.

3 Ways to Forgive Yourself So You Can Really Pray Again: Have you been avoiding God because of guilt you feel? Try turning to Him! Here are 3 ways to forgive yourself so you can really pray again.

One Simple Tip for Developing a Prayer Habit: Do you struggle with remembering to pray for others? Here is one simple tip for developing a prayer habit.

6 Prayers to Protect Your Identity: Do you sometimes forget who God created you to be? Use these prayers to protect your identity.

When You Don’t Feel Like PrayingIs it hard to find the will to pray? You know you should pray, but you aren’t. Here are 5 tips for starting to pray when you don’t feel like praying.

5 Unique Ways to Give Your Prayer Life a Boost: Do you feel like you’re drifting in your prayer life? You’re not alone! Here are 5 unique ways to give your prayer life a boost.

See how praying war room prayers will help you in going deeper in prayer. See our full list of prayer resrouces.

Prayer Books

A Passion for Prayer – Tom Ellif 

If prayer is a discipline you struggle with, you’ll want to pick up this book and rekindle a passion for prayer.


E. M. Bounds on Prayer – E.M. Bounds 

Learn the principles and promises that God has established for our every need.


Rees Howells: Intercessor – Norman Grubb

See how faith and prayer affected the course of World War II in this biography of Rees Howells.


Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer – Priscilla Shirer 

Learn to strike back against the enemy’s plans to keep you from experiencing abundant life.


Lord, Teach Us to Pray – Andrew Murray

Join the inner circle of Christ’s disciples for a deeper look on prayer.


Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge – Mark Batterson 

Read faith-building stories of God’s answers to prayer, and enjoy daily Scriptures and prayer prompts.


Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God – Timothy Keller 

If you’re looking for instruction and guidance on how to make prayer meaningful, read how Keller covers the many aspects of this everyday act.


A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World – Paul Miller 

Learn to put the broken pieces of life together through purposeful prayer. Find practical insights for families, too.


With Christ in the School of Prayer – Andrew Murray 

Read how abiding in Christ can impact your prayer life. With 31 short chapters, this book makes a wonderful devotional.


Prayer: The Ultimate Conversation – Charles Stanley 

Learn the disciplines of intercession and how to find life’s battles through communion with the Lord.