Prayer Card: V is for Vision

I want my kids to know that God is good. I mean, really know it, not in the Sunday School answer sort of way but the in- the- gut kind of way.

Because truth is, life is hard.

God is still good and all His deeds are done in faithfulness. That’s what I want coursing through my kid’s veins.

Understanding the goodness of God will fuel godly vision in their hearts. It will enable them to work diligently, to take risks, and to love big. As I searched for a “V” scripture, I knew I wanted one that would help my kids understand God’s intentions and get a feel for His heart. Because it’s sort of  a really big deal.


Praying Scripture for your family is easy with this set of scripture prayer cards


What do you want your kids to soul-know about God?

Click here to download the letter V prayer card


Visit the download page here to grab the entire set of scripture prayer cards.

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