The Power of Prayer {Bible Reading | Writing Plan}

As I’ve spent more time in the word of God recently, I’ve also spent more time in prayer. {Funny how that works!} I’ve been fired up afresh to pray God’s word. I even made a brand new prayer notebook this week.

Charles Spurgeon said, “The more we pray, the more we shall want to pray. The more we pray, the more we can pray. The more we pray, the more we shall pray. He who prays little will pray less, but he who prays much will pray more.”

This month (February) is traditionally the “love” month but I’m making it a “prayer” month. As such, we’ll be posting resources and tips on the blog this month about deepening your prayer life. We’re also planning our Easter 40 Day prayer challenge for March 1 and will let you know how to be part of that in the coming weeks.

Our February Bible reading | writing challenge is on the Power of Prayer and yes, it’s 30 days instead of 28. There are so many wonderful scriptures on prayer I just had to squeeze in a couple more!

You can download and print the Power of Prayer Bible reading Challenge here. I look forward to growing with you this month. Enjoy!

The Power of Prayer Bible Reading Challenge

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