10 Best Online Bible Study Ideas for Women

Bible study is an important part of a believer’s life, but with many unable to attend group bible study in person, online bible study has become an important means for us to dig into God’s word. 

Online Bible study is a way to delve deep into God’s Word, discuss with others what you are learning, know His plans for you, and grow in faith with others. It’s also a time to interact with fellow believers, learn from each other, and spur one another on to good deeds.


With many unable to attend group bible study in person, online bible study has become an important means for us to dig into God’s word. Here are 10 best online bible studies for women


With all the limitations we currently face with restrictions and closures, getting together for group Bible study is difficult and in some cases impossible. It’s such a blessing to have free online Bible studies that you can use to still grow your faith, even if you can’t participate in a local group study!  

Below I will share some great ideas for online bible studies for women, but first, just a word of caution: Bible study workbooks are great, but they should never take the place of the actual Bible in our lives. I recommend choosing a Bible study that will guide you into God’s Word for yourself. Let the Scriptures speak to you, rather than a workbook author telling you what you should see in a particular verse or passage. If you are a believer, the Holy Spirit can speak to you just as He can anyone else!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, lol, let’s talk about doing Bible study online, including some of my favorite Bible study online free courses, printable worksheets, and short bible study lessons you can download.

With many unable to attend group bible study in person, online bible study has become an important means for us to dig into God’s word. Here are 10 best online bible studies for women

Benefits of Online Bible Study

Online Bible studies are convenient. They allow you to still actively study God’s Word in a place where you feel safe and at a time that is convenient for you. 

I personally love how they give me more control over my time. Plus with the variety available, they allow me to focus more particularly on areas I want to grow stronger in, or gain more insight into.  

There are also online Bible study groups, such as Sojo Academy, that can help you learn in community. The best kind of online Bible study will help you learn to study God’s Word on your own and will give you confidence in your faith. It will help you to know God yourself. Knowing how to study your Bible for answers is important and online bible studies can help you with that in a safe, non-intimidating space.

Another benefit to online studies is that they can help you lead a group Bible study if you’ve ever wanted to lead a study! Completing an online Bible study is a great way to practice leadership skills. You can glean truths from the study, and practice how you might present them to a group. 

Wondering how to get the most out of an online bible study? Take a look at this list of top online bible studies and how to get the most from an online bible study.

How to Use Your Online Bible Study

Just like anything else in life, you’ll get out of your online Bible study what you put in. Can you read the assigned verses and write in the answers? Sure. But you can also dive in deeper, and make the study something that changes your life. Here are some tips to getting the most out of an online Bible study:

Choose your online Bible study prayerfully.

There are so many different online Bible studies to choose from. Unlike attending a group Bible study where someone chooses the curriculum for you, you get to choose your online study completely on your own. 

It can be helpful to choose a Bible study that will help you where you are right now. Pray and ask God to lead you to the online Bible study He wants you to follow. Seek His will in deciding what you need to work on and study.

Approach online Bible study with intention.

When you’re attending a group Bible study, you go with the intention of learning. You make a commitment to show up each week and are careful to take everything you need. You may even double-check before you leave home for your Bible, notebook or study guide, pen, highlighters, etc. You are prepared to actively participate.

When you’re completing an online Bible study alone at home, it’s easy to not be as serious about it. But in order to reap the benefits, be intentional, just like you would a group study. Have a dedicated place to do your study and keep whatever you need nearby. Try to minimize distractions, and focus on diving deep into God’s Word. 

Focus on Obedience

Remember that the goal of any Bible study isn’t just head knowledge. We need to be DOERS of the Word we study, not HEARERS only. Doing online studies will best serve us when we focus on obeying what we learn, even if it’s one thing. Oftentimes, doing bible study in community can help with this more than anything else. So be consider doing online bible study with others when possible!

How do we find ways to study God's word from home? Check out the 10 best online bible studies for women!

10 Best Online Bible Studies for Women

Now that we’ve talked about Bible study lessons online, I’d like to share some of my favorites. I’ve selected a variety to choose from for your needs and styles. Some are short Bible study lessons while others are full 4-week online studies. Read the descriptions to find which one is appropriate for you to start with and dive in!

Short, single Bible Study Lessons:

Becoming a Courageous and Confident Women by Arabah Joy

This one-hour Bible study will help you grow in confidence and become the woman God wants you to be. You’ll study how the saints of old moved past insecurities, and lived God’s purpose for their lives, and you can too! Let the power of God’s Word provide you with the tools you need to overcome insecurities. This short Bible study is free, and comes with worksheets. Download the free study here.

A 1 hour bible study to direct you in becoming a courageous and confident woman

Forget Not His Benefits: Psalm 103 Study from Sojo Society

This Bible study is the perfect opportunity to spend rich, quality time with God, without going into a full-length study. This short online Bible study is a meaty, single-session study that will walk you through an inductive Bible-study technique. It’s free and includes printable worksheets as well. Download the free study here.

Forget Not His Benefits: Psalm 103

Who I Am in Christ short Bible Study by Arabah Joy

This short Bible study will help you quickly understand your identity in Christ, and protect your confidence. You’ll love these life-transforming truths about who God says you are as you shed the labels placed on you by others. This Bible study is also a free download. Download the free study here. 

Who I am in Christ Bible Study

Adorned: 1 Peter 3 from Sojo Society

Looking to do a 1 Peter Bible study but don’t have time for a lengthy study? This Bible study is a great way to look at I Peter 3 when you’re short on time. Learn how to cultivate a beauty that is precious to God in this study that includes a printable workbook. Download the study here.

Adored Bible Study

A Life Transformed Through Worship from Sojo Society

This is another great short Bible study that will help you focus on the discipline of worship and incorporating it into your daily life. This short study also includes a printable workbook. Download the study here.

A life transformed through worthy worship


A Wise Woman Builds Her House from Sojo Society

This 8 page Bible study short will help you see what God’s word says about building a spiritually strong foundation for your life and home. It’s based on Proverbs 24:3-4 and will help show you how to become a strong woman of faith. Download the study here.

Build your house, a one hour bible study

Full 4-Week Online Bible Studies:

The Power of Hope: a 4-week Bible study from Sojo Society

If you’re ready to dive in a little deeper, this 4-week Bible study is a great place to start! We all need hope in our lives and with this encouraging study, you’ll learn the Biblical meaning of hope, study examples of hope, and learn why we can have hope even in hard times. Includes a printable workbook. Download the study here.

Understand your one true hope through the Word of God

Finding Redemption in the Hard: Joseph’s Story from Sojo Society

Here is another hope-giving study! This 4-week Bible study focuses on the Life of Joseph. You’ll study his life through the eyes of those around him, and ultimately see God’s sovereignty at work in his life and ours. Printable worksheets are available in the study which can be downloaded here.

Joseph's Story The Sovereignty of God on Display

Disciplined for the Gain of Godliness by Arabah Joy

Discipline isn’t something we generally enjoy, but in this 4-week study you’ll learn why it’s important in our spiritual lives. You’ll gain insight into the practice of self-discipline, and learn how it can change your life. This study is an instant download with a printable workbook. Download the study right here.

Disciplined for the Gain of Godliness

Choosing Confidence: Overcoming Insecurity With God’s Truth

I wrote this 4-week Bible study to help you biblically move past insecurity and choose confidence! You’ll learn and use the P.R.O.S.P.E.R. method to identify small actions that will lead to Godly habits. This study includes 4 weekly (online) video lessons as well as a printable workbook. Download the study right here.

Choosing Confidence Study

How to Turn your Daily Bible reading plan into a Bible study

Before you go, I’d like to share something very important, and that is how to take any ordinary bible reading plan and create your own Bible study! Yes, you can create your own Bible study at any time, by yourself, with just a few study tools! 

With many unable to attend group bible study in person, online bible study has become an important means for us to dig into God’s word. Here is how to turn your daily reading plan into a bible study.

Most of us never expected to have a time when Bible studies wouldn’t be available to us. I’m so thankful that God has blessed us with the resources to be able to have online Bible studies. However, we also need to know how to study God’s word for ourselves. We shouldn’t allow trying times or restrictive circumstances keep us from studying the Bible and growing in the faith. We NEED to know how to study God’s word on our own!

Our Bible Study Methods course will help teach you how to dig into God’s word for yourself.

With the variety of methods in this course, you’ll know how to take any Bible reading plan- either one you download online, create on your own, or follow along in a Bible- and turn your time of reading into deep study. Yes, there is a difference! 

You’ll learn seven different ways, all super practical, for digging deeper into God’s word for yourself.  This course includes 7 short video tutorials, a workbook, and printable templates and worksheets you can reuse again and again. PLUS, you’ll get a BONUS plan for studying the book of Ephesians. 


Click to learn more about the personal Bible study methods you’ll learn in Bible Study Methods: 7 Ways in & Days course. 

My prayer is that you take the tips I’ve shared here and use them to find an effective online Bible study. Even if you aren’t able to attend a local group study, you can prayerfully find an online Bible study, and be intentional about completing it. 

Finally, if you are looking for a global community of women to study God’s word with, be sure to check out Sojo Academy. This is an online bible study community I run with my ministry partner, Jen Evangelista. Together, we provide a fresh Bible study toolkit each month, creative elements, workshops, mentoring, and more. I guarantee it will be a blessing to your growth in God’s word!


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