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Trust Without Borders: A 40 Day Devotional Journey to Deepen, Strengthen, and Stretch Your Faith in God


Thirteen years ago, Arabah Joy left a classy career as a CPA to live the nomadic life of a missionary.

Along the way, she’s eaten pig snouts and brushed her teeth with bamboo and salt toothpaste. Ugh.

She’s given birth in 3 different countries, adopted internationally, and moved more times than she can count. She’s had an abundance of opportunities to trust God… and her fair share of times when she didn’t.

Arabah Joy wrote Trust Without Borders a vulnerable and compelling 40 day devotional to deepen, strengthen, and stretch the reader’s trust in God. This unique devotional is story-driven, taking the reader on a magnificent journey from leafy suburban America to the chaotic streets of Asia.

Part memoir and part spiritual guide, Trust Without Borders gently weaves biblical truth with life’s everyday situations, from dishes and laundry to helping a needy stranger on a crowded subway. The result is an invitation for you, too, to see every aspect of your life as an opportunity to trust God … an invitation to trust without borders.


Energy Explosion: A 7 Day Guide to Jump Start Your Energy



 Some things we don’t stumble into. We need a plan to get there.

Regaining your energy is one of those things. This step-by-step guide will provide the plan you need. After 7 power packed days, you will have the tools to fueling your body, mind, and spirit. The book can be instantly purchased and downloaded here: Energy Explosion: A 7 Day Guide to Jumpstart Your Energy.




This is a 21 day journey to think about ourselves biblically: that in Christ, we are complete. This book is based on mentoring materials Arabah wrote for local believers. You can click through to purchase Complete on Amazon.



FREE eBook!  The Family Table

The Family Table

Beautifully designed, this book is packed with ideas, games, resources, and recipes for revolutionizing your family’s table time. This book is FREE and immediately available for all email subscribers.