Command Your Morning Scripture Ideas

Do your days start like mine?

It’s easy to first stumble to the coffee maker or pick up the phone and start catching up on all the things. Instead, what would happen if we went straight to our morning scripture?

It’s possible to start the day in God’s word and command your morning with Scripture. I hope you’ll join me as we gather these Command Your Morning Scripture Ideas that will transform our mornings… and days… and our relationship with God. Let’s wake up with good morning prayers instead of frenetic activity and distractions.

good morning with Scripture


Below you will find tons of Scriptures to start the day. In the first section are posts on how to start a morning prayer routine and different ideas and routines to try!

Next, you’ll find favorite Scriptures to pray and ways to pray them. Then you’ll find tips and ideas for getting serious with your prayer strategy! Use these tips to create a war room, a DIY prayer board, or a prayer binder!

Finally, you’ll read stories of simple prayer habits that have helped others. These stories are powerful!

Will you join me and develop a good morning with scripture? Check out the following articles and learn how to put God first in our days so that He will be first in our lives.

Starting a Morning Prayer Routine:


Favorite Scriptures to Pray:


Creating a Prayer Strategy:


Simple Prayer Habits that Change Lives:


I hope these tips are helpful as you seek to deepen your prayer life and start your day with God. God bless!