Are You A Mad Momma?

Have you ever read the story of Susanna Wesley?

She was the mother of John Wesley, Charles Wesley (those are her famous children) and 17 other children. Many of her children died in infancy and her life was fraught with hardship and turmoil.

But Susanna had a little trick she employed when she felt overwhelmed. There in her steamy kitchen, with the demands pressing in and the children all about, Susanna would do something to center herself in God.

Are you ready for it?

She would  pull her apron up over her head and sit in solitude with the Lord.

She trained her children to know that when the apron was over her head it was time to leave her alone! There she would sit as she prayed and meditated on God’s word until her heart was re-aligned with truth.

As a mom, I need frequent re-alignments. Motherhood has a way of revealing our hot buttons (or if I’m more frank, our sin problem.)

I’m sharing 5 practical tips to practice your new “re-alignment” habit at the Mad Mom Makeover today. Come and join us!

Join us for the Mad Mom Makeover!

Join us for the Mad Mom Makeover each week in March and April! Featuring special guest posts by moms issuing the challenge to rise above anger and frustration by the power of Scripture, wisdom from years tenured in “momdom”, and tested methods. There is hope, mom!

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