10 Bible Studies to Savor

Today’s Walk with Him Wednesday post is from my friend Leah Adams. She shares how Bible study changed her life and uprooted a stronghold of hatred in her heart. Only the Word of God can do that, friends! Leah also shares her top ten Bible studies… because the fall is a great time to change things up and dive deeper into God’s Word. These are some good books for women’s Bible study.

I love you.

Do you love me?

Yes   No

These were likely the words of the first love letter you received. Scrawled in childish letters, your baby-faced admirer declared his love for you in second grade.

Then, a few years down the road, a letter of love might have looked like this:

You wanna walk with me at break?

As teenage hormones began leaking out from their hiding places, your knight-in-shining-armor sheepishly handed a note to your best friend to give to you that requested your presence at the next break during school.

God sent a love note to His beloved. The Holy Scriptures contain one declaration after another of God’s longing and desire for an intimate relationship with us. Your response to God’s love note can change the course of your life.

Check out these top ten Bible studies and read our list of recommended books for women's Bible study.

Until about 14 years ago, I never understood the connection between the Bible and an intimate walk with Christ. I saw my Grandma Colwell walk closely with Jesus, but not until the Lord gave me a hunger and thirst for studying His Word did I began to understand the beauty and power of Scripture.

Friends, I am smitten with Jesus and His Word. Like a schoolgirl who received the ‘wanna walk with me at break’ note, I cannot get enough of God’s love note. I want you to fall in love with Bible study, too.

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May I share with you why I am such a believer in in-depth Bible study?

I asked Jesus into my heart at the age of 15. Within 10 years I had walked away from Him. Had I died in those days, because of the faithfulness of Jesus, I would have gone to heaven; however, no one from that time in my life would tell you that there was any evidence of Jesus in my life. My language was straight out of the gutter. I was sexually promiscuous. I lived to please Leah, and only Leah. Today, the way I lived in my 20s grieves my heart.

After Greg and I married in 1995, I developed a stronghold of hatred for his son, Charlie, from his first marriage. Let me assure you that when I say hatred, I mean ugly, horrible hatred. It is a miracle straight from heaven that Greg didn’t leave me.

When the Holy Spirit hit me with a hunger for God’s Word in late 2000, no one was more surprised than I. Although I had left behind some of my earlier sin, I still was in tremendous need of a make-over. I had no idea that Jesus was about to rock my world.

Within just a few months of beginning Bible study, I completely lost any desire to curse. The Lord did a stunning, miraculous work in my heart toward Charlie, which is another amazing story for another day. Let me assure you, though, God can and does change hearts. As I worked through Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself, a study of the fruit of the Spirit and one of the best Beth Moore studies I’ve done, the Holy Spirit was in my face about my hatred of Charlie. Eventually, I surrendered to the conviction of the Spirit, and He removed my heart of stone toward Charlie and in its place God put a heart of love and compassion.

What is the best women's Bible study you've done? Is it on our list of good books for women's Bible study? Check out our list of Bible studies to savor.

In 2007, the Lord called me into ministry….a ministry of teaching, speaking and writing about Jesus and the Scriptures. I am a sold-out, satisfied customer of the Bible. God’s Word delivered on every promise it made to me. Even my husband will tell you that I am not the same woman he married, and he, too, attributes the change to my daily time in the Scriptures.

Are you in the Scriptures each day?

Have you allowed God’s Word to soak deeply into your heart and make changes that only He can make?

Do you want real change in your life?

Commit to spending at least 30 minutes each day for 4-6 weeks digging into an in-depth study of God’s Word. Use the top ten Bible studies below, as a place to start. I promise you….pinky swear…..that you will emerge from that time a different person than when you began.

I want to help you find a great study to dig into. To that end, here are my top ten picks for in-depth Bible study. These are good Bible studies for women; I pray these popular women’s Bible studies are a blessing to you.


10 Bible Studies to Savor: 

Bless Your Heart and Grow Your Faith

What are the best Bible studies? See our list of popular women's Bible studies. These are 10 Bible studies to savor.


Me, Myself, & Lies: A Thought-Closet Makeover 

A Hunger for the Holy: Nuturing Intimacy with Christ

Trust Without Borders: A 40-Day Devotional Journey to Deepen, Strengthen, and Stretch Your Faith in God

Covenant: God’s Enduring Promises

Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God is Speaking

No Other gods: Confronting Our Modern Day Idols

Believing God 

From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy

Great Lives: Job: A Man of Heroic Endurance

A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place


These are some of the best women’s Bible study resources and top women’s Bible studies I’ve found. I pray that these are a blessing and encouragement to you. These are some of the best Bible studies I’ve found and long for you to have the same heart change I’ve experienced with the Lord.

What books are on your list of recommended books for women’s Bible study? Share one with us in the comments below.


And don’t forget to grab our FREE BIBLE STUDY SHEETS! They will guide your time in God’s word, help you stay focused, and allow you to get more from your Bible time. Plus, they’re FREE :)

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Leah shares 10 Bible Studies to SavorA speaker, author, and mentor, Leah Adams seeks to communicate the beauty of grace and faith in Jesus Christ. The author of two Bible studies, From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest: Creating a Godly Legacy and HeBrews: A Better Blendand one devotion book, When Words Won’t Come, Leah seeks to share biblical truth with those to whom she ministers. Leah and her husband, Greg, live in northern Georgia. She can be found at leahadams.org.

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  1. My favorite book of the Bible is Ruth. The love, loyalty and devotion that Ruth showed to Naomi and the mentorship, acceptance and love Naomi showed Ruth has been a life changing model for me. It reveals our relationship with God, models a Godly in-love relationship and gives practical ways that we can extend grace in different stages of our lives. Ruth is my hero and God’s blessed me with several Naomis.

  2. My favorite at the moment is Romans, we have been studying this through expository teaching on Sunday mornings. Paul was an amazing teacher.

  3. It is so difficult to pick, but my favorite book of the Bible is Esther. I just think there’s so much to learn from not only Esther, but also Xerxes, Vashti, and Mordecai. This book reminds me to center the focus of my life on God.

  4. James! :) There’s a lot of stout stuff in that book! Speaks to me every time. Proverbs is a close second.

    Thank you for these recommendations, Leah. There are many here I haven’t done or heard of, so I need to check these out! Blessings to your day & your ministry as a whole. My life is enriched for “knowing” you. Much love!

  5. Not sure if having to pick just one what to pick. Really like Ruth–God’s love story of kinsman redeemer, Colossians–my life hid in Christ, Genesis–the good, bad, and ugly, yet He made us, loves us, and chooses and works for good in us, the Gospels–the earthly story of Jesus… Thank you for the Bible Study list and this give away. And for the challenge to dig deeper in the Word.

  6. My favorite book of the Bible is James. Although I love the whole Bible this book speaks to me every time I read it. Blessings to you and yours! Marie

  7. I love the Psalms. Expresses so many feelings and emotions – something I’m not good at, so I like reading/borrowing someone else’s words to help me :)

  8. Thank you for your post and the beautiful resources you recommend! My favourite book of the Bible is probably Exodus. I love the way it reads, and the incredible ways it presents our Awesome, Almighty, and Holy God!

  9. Wow! Hard to choose… Just one? Maybe Ruth. So many favorites… Thank you for sharing these studies… There are many I haven’t done.

  10. Can’t really pick a favorite yet. Was just baptized on July 26th after a visit from my neighbor and the pastor of our local church. After their visit on a Thursday and an experience I had on Saturday night (felt like “someone” placed their hand on my back when I had just laid down in my bed), I knew that was a sign from God. I knew in my heart that I had to go forward during invitation on Sunday and I did. Have been reading in my bible every night for 2 – 3 hours. Attending Sunday School and Church each Sunday. Currently in a Sunday School class that is taught by our Pastor. He is doing a 7 week class for new members. I’m enjoying every moment of this new venture in my life. God is in control. :)

  11. It is hard to choose just one favorite! Psalms & Proverbs are probably my 2 “favorite” books of the Bible, if I had to choose.

    Thank you for serving God online, I really enjoyed your Abide study.

  12. My favorite book of the bible is Psalms – I tend to go there first when I’m in need of comfort or refreshing.

  13. Thank you for the reminder of how bible studies enrich our faith and walk with God. As a bible study junkie I am always excited for a new one. As for my favorite book, can I break the rules and say old testament JOSHUA and new testament Philippians.

  14. My favorite book of the Bible? I’m tempted to say, the one I’m reading at the moment, whatever that is, because I, too, love reading and studying God’s Word! But it would have to be Genesis. So many stories of faith and failure. It’s all there! I never get tired of them.

    I found you today on Satisfaction through Christ’s Grace & Truth linkup. Thanks for sharing so passionately about bible study.


  15. Acts is my favorite. I realized this when I read the whole thing in a Bible that was written in paragraph form. The flow was amazing without having the speed bumps of verse numbers to deal with. Acts is the book that helped me fall in love with God’s word. Hope I win!

  16. My favorite book of the bible is probably proverbs! There something there for every situation. Thank you for the list! I am excited to start reading some of these!!

  17. I hope I’m not too late to be entered! I would love to read Leah’s book. My favorite book of the Bible is Romans. I can read it over and over and I’m still learning. I didn’t understand it very well until about ten years ago. I’m still learning what it means.

  18. The book of job is my favorite. I was reading about jobs great loss when I got a phone call saying my boyfriend at the time had tried to kill himself.. and as I was going to the hospital I found out that my grandmother was not doing well and would not make it through the week. It was as if God was speaking to me.. I went home that night and begged for forgiveness for through job I found myself

  19. Thank you Leah for sharing your story and this list of favorite devotionals. I am new to Arabah – currently enjoying her “Trust Without Borders” 40 day devotional – and have been exploring “Grace & Truth…,” a treasure trove! It’s hard to pick just one favorite book of the Bible, but I do love my daily reading from Psalms and Proverbs…also love Romans and the inspiration of Job. Keep encouraging!

  20. After reading Nehemiah while doing the bible study by Kelly Minter I fell in love with it. My little bible study group has done all of Kelly’s studies. They are amazing! We have also been to one of her womens seminars. I love Samuel. The first time I read it as a new student of the bible I was amazed by Hannah’s faith and named my daughter Hannah way back in 1976 before it was so popular, she named her first child Samuel and I felt like we had come full circle. God is so good!

  21. John is my favorite I love to read about the time while Jesus walked on earth. I would love to be able to visit and walk where Jesus walked.

  22. My favorite book is Esther I participated in the Beth Moore study it was such an awesome study you couldn’t help but fall in love with that book

  23. I love your post here and the studies – I have already completed three of them! I have to be very honest and say the study by Beth Moore, Believing God was a life changer for me. The Godstops I see everyday are amazing. Miracles do still happen! I am a mature lady of 62 and are so impressed with what all of you are doing online. I hope one day I could be here posting to the more mature ladies. We have needs that you young’uns can’t imagine. Keep up the wonderful work in the Lord.

  24. Currently reading Colossians as part of a study and I love it. So much goodness in God’s word.

  25. I really like psalms. I Like the poems,prayers and the intimate relationship each person has with God.

  26. My favourite book is Colossians, because it reveals so much about Jesus’s power and authority. It always points me towards God’s grace and redemption through Jesus, and how Jesus is all that I need ever!

  27. I think my favorite book is, Acts..We have studied it at churchand then in my women’s study using Beth Moore’s ,To Live is Christ study. The working of Paul ,his life and ministry have really rooted deep within. What an example of God using flawed human beings to work for him. Of course the Bible is full of other examples of God using flawed people. But it really speaks to me that if God can use someone like Saul, well He can use me!!

  28. My favorite book of the Bible is Proverbs. Short, and straight to the point for every situation.

  29. Wow, what an amazing testimony, Leah! Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m sure it’s not easy to confess to much of this, but to see what the Lord called you away from is such a testimony to His might, love, and power. I’m going to look into some of your recommendations here, since I’ve been looking for a good Bible study for quite some time!

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