Little Pin Lost {A Just Trust Story + Day 16}


Each Thursday we are sharing our Just Trust stories, times we trusted hard and found God faithful. Today it’s an honor to have Brenda on the blog, sharing how a little lost pin prompted trust in her heart.

Day 16 in The Trust Experience is at the bottom of today’s post.


Just Trust Story: real life examples of what happens when you just trust God


Threats of war sent waves of fear racing across the ocean to America.

In Mayport, Florida, a war ship sailed away and headed to the Persian Gulf region. The ship carried five thousand souls and one of those souls, Petty Officer First Class, Brad Rice was my son.

Mean-while back in Dothan, Alabama, life continued at a hectic pace. News broadcasts were filled with talk of invasions, bombings and more posturing for war.

As Director of a non-profit organization, my schedule was filled with plans for a substance abuse prevention conference for inter-city children and youth. Each morning I readied myself for work and the last thing I did was place Brad’s Good Citizenship Award pin on my lapel. The little pin became my connection to my son while he was so far away and facing the unknown.

I felt secure once the pin was in place.

The day of the conference arrived. As my day progressed, I felt for the little gold pin and the re- assurance it gave me. Near the end of the conference with fried chicken staining my new dress, I reached once again for the comfort of the pin. Horror came over me like a heavy woolen coat. It was gone!

Frantically, I searched through my things and the area where I had spent the day, but to no avail. The pin was lost. I returned to my office alone and emotionally drained. Sitting at my desk, I contemplated the meaning of the lost pin.

I heard a voice, cold and harsh say, “You will never see your son again.” In frustration, I grabbed the “Just Say No” conference pin from my dress and threw it onto my desk. Tears blurred my vision, but then I saw it…a glimmer of gold flashed as my vision cleared. There was my pin, perfectly shielded inside the conference pin.

I heard a comforting voice say, “He is just as shielded as the little pin was inside the larger one. I have always protected him. Take your comfort from Me and Me alone.” I recognized the comforting voice of my heavenly Father. My taunt muscles and frayed emotions settled. Peace saturated me from head to toe. In that moment, I realized I had put my confidence in a little gold pin instead of in God.

The war came and American servicemen gave their lives for the freedoms we all take for granted. My son returned to his family. He matured in ways he might never have if not for the experience he had on a warship in the Red Sea thousands of miles away from all he knew and loved.

I matured as a woman of God. The pin never adorned my clothing again. I retired it to a jewelry box that I seldom visit anymore. I put on the garments of the Lord, now. I feel totally confident in Him as my protector and the protector of those I love.



Brenda Rice and her husband, Nathanael, have been married 48 years. They live in Ashford, Alabama near their three adult children, six grandchildren, and their first great- grandchild. Since retiring from non-profit management, Brenda devotes herself to her family and her writing. 

Remmie, a Southern Heiress, Brenda’s first novel, was published by Westbow Press in 2012. You can reach Brenda on her website at www.brendarice.com 



Today is one of my favorites! Unfortunately, because I’m traveling, I can’t center text and insert graphics or do anything else to make this presentable. I’m just working from bare minimum ipad and Internet connectivity. Please bear with us!

Day 16

1. The Bread: Read John 9.

2. The Devo: Read Day 16 in Trust Without Borders.

3. The Plunge: After reading today’s story, grab a teacup and make yourself a piping hot cup of tea. Then sit down with the list of names and attributes of God I provided in Trust Without Borders. (A full printable set of cards is available for download with the book. Details for printing your set of cards is on Day 9 of the devotional.)

With your tea and cards in hand, review the difficult things in your life and past. For each hard thing, pull a name or attribute of God and set your hard thing in the context of His nature. Spend some time here, reflecting on the character of God.

Remember, beauty is shaped with intentionality. God is shaping both beauty and usefulness in you with the very things that cause pain and discomfort. Spend some time contemplating God as your Potter today. When you can’t see what He is doing, will you trust Him to be who He is?

Enjoy your tea time with the Potter and I’ll see you tomorrow, Lord willing!


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