Lent and Easter Praying the Promises Challenge is Here!

Have you heard the term “gateway drug?”

Gateway drugs are defined as habit-forming drugs that, while not themselves addictive, may lead to the use of other addictive drugs.

Marijuana is labeled a “gateway drug” because it typically leads to hard core drug addictions.

But there’s such a thing as gateway habits too, and these can be GOOD.

Here's a Lent and Easter prayer challenge to help you start praying God's promises.



Take for example the person who wants to eat healthier and do a better job of nourishing their body. Adding a simple green smoothie to their morning routine can provide nutritious benefits, establish good habits, and give sufficient motivation to completely turn someone’s health around.

Sometimes making huge, dramatic lifestyle changes isn’t always the only- or the best- place to start.

Oftentimes the greatest change comes from the simplest of choices.

Lent and Easter Praying the Promises Challenge is Here!

That has certainly been the case for me spiritually. A couple years ago, I took the step to simply pray one promise from God’s word each day for 40 days. I had no idea it would open the door to a myriad of spiritual benefits in my life. This simple habit:

> Reminded me of God’s provisions

> Helped me stress less and trust more

> Trained my eyes to focus on the goodness of God, not my problems or circumstances

> Restored my hope and outlook that everything really is going to be okay

> Deepened my intimacy with God

> Reassured me of who I am in Christ

This “gateway habit” was life-changing and one I invite you to start as well!



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Join our Praying the Promises of the Cross Challenge!

This will be the fourth year we’re doing the Praying the Promises of the Cross Challenge~ woot! We are working hard behind the scenes to get our 40 Days 40 Promises Easter Challenge ready for you… and we hope you’ll join us!

This FREE community challenge begins on Ash Wednesday and we send everything you need to daily pray a promise from God’s word and discover the rewards for yourself. I can’t wait!!

Sign up for this year’s challenge below:

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When you join, you’ll receive:

> Everything you need to know about this year’s challenge (Spoiler Alert: We’ve got some fun new additions this year!)

> Printable with 40 Cross-centered promises to pray during the Lent and Easter season

> Instructions for how to pray a promise

Join our Lent and Easter Prayer Challenge. We are learning to say pray God's promises back to Him. Join us and learn about this gateway habit that's good for you!

If you’re ready to take a small step towards spiritual growth, join the community prayer challenge. {{It’s free.}} See you there!

P.S. Latecomers are welcome! :)

Sign Up for the Praying the Promises of the Cross Challenge Here:

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Are you learning to trust in God? Use this 40 Days of Lent Prayer Challenge with 40 promises to trust God for.

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  1. Arabah

    I am trying to sign up for the community challenge that is free. I must be doing something wrong because when I go to the site it shows a book. I don’t know what I am doing wrong can you tell me. Thanks! Rita

    P>S> I took you abiding in Christ and really enjoyed it. Thanks!

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