Insecurity Bible Study

**UPDATE: Our Bible Study on overcoming insecurity is open for enrollment! To read all the details, check out our post here!


Hi there friend!

Thanks for your interest in doing a topical Bible study on insecurity with me.

I’m actively praying through the details of this study and will send them your way soon!

In the meantime, will you help by sharing what kind of insecurity trips you up the most? What tends to steal your confidence most often?

I’d be so grateful if you share your answer in the comments below. I can’t wait to dive into this topic together!


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  1. I think it’s when I think about something I’ve said or done later, especially when I think about what I’ve said to clients, and if I don’t hear from them for awhile, that makes it worse.

  2. Parenting steals my confidence the most. When my children make a huge life changing decision and me knowing I have taught them better. I second guess my parenting . Did I do things right where did I fail where did I go wrong ?

  3. My inaecurites, being in the house alone at night. I’m afraid of the dark .
    Sometimes I really doubt God has a calling on my life. Cuz a lot of the dreams I have get squashe’d be pastors of churches i go to. They think I’m insecure and not leader mateerial. I feel like God wantse to be a leader but I don’t know how He wants me to.

  4. I’m struggling with how to be a good parent to teenagers (17, 18 and 19 years old). I didn’t have good examples in my life, and I feel inadequate and unprepared. Also, I’m struggling to find my purpose now that my children are not really depending on me.

  5. Always worrying I will say the wrong thing. That I’m not as smart as everyone else. Also there is this feeling that people are always judging me. Feeling out of step and awkward around strangers.

  6. Yes, I need the confidence Bible study. I am so insecure and it really showed this week when I went to my son’s orientation. I am a SAHM with my only son soon going to college and I need to go back to work. I am so intimidated by professional people! I worked prior to my son being born, managed and directed a department at a local university, but now am trembling in fear! I know my confidence should be in Christ but I feel abandoned and forgotten.

  7. Insecurity with myself and my purpose in life. I really want to help other women who suffer from depression and I have been praying a lot I started a blog and am struggling to get it going. I turn to the bible and pray a lot. I am looking forward to this study!

  8. I am a pretty insecure person all around. I struggle with acceptance. This stems from an abusive childhood. Many things of my childhood that left these issues, I have had trouble getting to the root of. I even struggle with my identity in Christ. I truly want to break these strongholds and be free!

  9. I struggle with feeling incapable for the task God has planned – I’m often overwhelmed then my emotions kick in. At times, I feel very alone, like it’s me against the ugly world. My heart knows Jesus is right beside me but Satan is a nasty dude & really tries to take a hold in my head.
    A study on who I am ( we are ) in Christ and how he HAS equipped us for our purpose would be such a blessing
    Sometimes I question God’s purpose for my life – am I doing in right? Am I on course? Could I have just a little more light please?? My heart wants to be obedient but I’m constantly praying for discernment & confirmation. Sometimes I think He just rolls his eyes & say “ I got this, will you drop it already “ lol
    Thankfully, our God is a loving God & His mercies arw new every day!!

  10. ACoAs tend to struggle with feelings that we are not enough, that we are the reason bad things happen, that we are responsible for others’ happiness/unhappiness, that if we could do more, better, faster, life would be better. But perfectionism is a special brand of demonic persecution, a no-win scenario, as nobody is perfect…except that ONE Guy! 😊 God had healed SO much in me; still i tend to make everything bigger, harder, heavier than it needs to be and subsequently set myself up to fall to the fear of falling down, not measuring up, being found out as a failure.

  11. Feeling like I’m good enough. What steals my confidence the most is fear of judgement or looking stupid in front of crowds of people. The idea that I must do everything perfectly makes me freeze in my tracks. I know God loves me for me, but for some reason my heart is blocked from embracing it.

  12. I did something I knew had to be done years ago. At the time, I was engaged for 10 years and involved with my, now, husband. My gut told me there were unresolved issues with an ex, as husband had not seen their son in years. To make a long story short, I told husband to work things out with the mom and start seeing his son. I guess I should have stated “talk things out only”, as the end result was more painful. We were separated 6 months, when I got tired of the games. I put my foot down and told him to come back to me. He did and said he was done with her, outside of friendship and their son. I believe him, but I’d be a liar if I did not say that how he treated 10 years with me, leaves many questions. My insecurity is not a fear if he will leave or take her back. I guess it is insecurity in lack of respect as I told him that I was loyal to him (but I trust Jesus/God more) and I had nothing to gain by seeing him hurt. I wanted him happy and during the time apart, God kept telling me husband was mine. That was a long hard season of Faith, but I kept it. I know this time period is what steals my joy and confidence the most. Now husband and I have been together 18 years in August and married for 6 years.

  13. AJ, I tend to get tripped up when I start to feel like I just don’t have “enough” (who knows enough of what) of what it takes to be a good Christian. I look around at those around me and can see where I just don’t “measure up” to them. This has been my Waterloo for as long as I can remember. I struggle to remind myself that I am all I need to be and that God uses me just as I am for His purposes. Thanks for this. Blessings on your discernment for those of us who learn much from you but sometimes fail to remember to tell you that.

  14. I struggle with the belief of immnot doing enough, in study,in prayer, in discipleship. Because of this I get depressed disheartened and I pull away.

  15. I wrote in my journal this morning: I have a crippling fear of letting others down. This is a big source of anxiety for me and is an exhausting way to live. It is also a self-seeking way to love others and really isn’t loving at all. I know logically that I want to change my heart to love the way Jesus did: without fear, and regardless of the response. Emotionally, however, that’s not so easy.

  16. I struggle with my faith and trusting God with my pesonsl life I’m blessed in all areas but liove I’m 50 yo Grandmother 9 with 3 children never been married been praying now 2 uyrs I’m ready I had a guy u was with for 2 yr break my heart I’m to old for this I’m ready for my Boaz

  17. When I see some of the choices my kids make (they’re all out of the house now), I feel like I did not do the best job I could have done as a parent. I have a hard time with comparing myself to people with seemingly “perfect” children. I know I need to give myself grace, but it’s hard.

  18. Hi I am insecure in the area of people liking me or finding me boring. This causes me to withdraw. I suppose I find it hard to believe people genuinely like or love me. I think this makes me such a people pleaser. Want to be a God pleaser instead!

  19. I am most often insecure when I make a mistake, esp. at work. Although, I know that everyone makes mistakes (that’s life), I beat myself up over it and feel incredibly embarrassed. I wish I knew how to get over this insecurity in myself and allow myself not to be perfect.

  20. Hello, A.J.,

    I often have the confidence to do something, but I have trouble knowing if it’s my confidence that’s “pushing” me to do the thing, or is its God’s will for me to move forward. You could say that my lack of confidence is in knowing if I’m following the will of God or my own desire.

    Thank you for all you do! I have learned so much from your studies and grown closer to the Lord through them!

  21. I work with women who tend to gossip a ton about other women in the office while at work. This makes me feel super insecure because I have also overheard them speaking badly about me (when I am not aware). I try hard to just ignore it, and to be the voice of reason when they want me to chime in, but when you spend more time with these ladies than you do with your own family, well, lets just face it…. it sure is not an easy task to take on day after day. And actually becomes more exhausting. I am constantly second guessing what I should or should not do around them because I am terrified I am being judged constantly. I would love help/advice on how to handle drama like this at the workplace.

  22. I have trouble when I hear criticism from others. I also have trouble when I am around people who are always negative.

  23. Sometimes I get insecure when my husband makes me feel like I’m not doing enough for my family or when he compares me to other women in his family.

  24. Insecurity?
    Not relying on the Lord in stressful moments.
    Eg. Being overwhelmed by disruptive behavior of young children iny daycare class and being unloving, responding in my own strength (or weak stupidity/anger/frustration) not relying on the Lord.

  25. Parenting insecurity
    When I am different than others in my choices… meaningful ones related to personality and finances

  26. I often think I’m not good enough and I have to be good at everything! Like a superwoman. I am hard on myself and my sons and husband. I don’t want to make mistakes but I inevitably do. I also don’t trust mostly any woman as I have a mom who doesn’t love me and is always comparing & competing with me. I am also insecure about myself when it comes to my marriage. I don’t like my husband getting any attention from women. I guess I’m insecure of who I am.

  27. One of my greatest moments of feeling insecure shows up when I’m trying something new and I start having so many doubts!
    “I’ve never done this before!”
    “I can’t do this!”
    “What if I’m not creative enough?”
    “What if I fail?”
    And to think that I once thought Moses was a bit wimpy because he made excues with his insecurities when God called to him from the firery bush! Silly me!

  28. Women who treat me like I am a stupid and insignificant, just like my step mother did my entire life. I just got home from a family reunion and I am very angry with the way I was treated by my step mother’s kids. She died 4 years ago. We have never been steps until now and it hurts. My self confidence and self assurance were ripped away this weekend. My anxiety is extremely high. You have perfect timing with this study. Thank you.

  29. Well, I will go first, I have to say that relationships are a difficult place for me and it bleeds over into dissing myself publicly. I need to find the balance of humility and confidence, ha, that’s a tricky one! I have studied my identity in Christ over and over but it still happens. So Arabah, I would be interested in what you plan to do here girl!

  30. I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety. My greatest insecurity is that I’m not worthy of being loved. I have had several failed relationships and a failed marriage . My ex husband cheated on me, making me feel worthless and replaceable. I married again to my now husband who has also betrayed me in many ways and although he has a newfound relationship with Jesus, I am still picking up the pieces of my fragile psyche and trying to move on without anyone knowing how utterly broken I am on the inside. My confidence is really shattered. Truthfully I know God sees value in me but he’s also my Heavenly Father who sees value in all of his children. It really isn’t a great comfort to me and it doesn’t make me feel special, per se. I feel like this study would be beneficial to me.

  31. I feel invisible. I feel that my very best efforts just aren’t good enough, that I’m not good enough. The more I give of myself, the less I feel God refilling. I struggle to remember who I am in Him, and all that He is. Everything feels overwhelming so much of the time. Like I’m going to sling off this earth and crumble into a thousand tiny pieces and there’s no safety net.
    I “know” different, but life feels so relentless. I don’t know if this is what you were requesting…

  32. My biggest insecurity is that I’m not enough……don’t cook well enough, entertain well enough, come up with good enough ideas, etc. This does not produce a self-pity, just a road block to contentment. Strange thing about it – I know these are lies from the Enemy. I am an active person who takes part in all the things that I feel insecure about – but never without inherent anxiety and the feeling of always falling short – even when other people compliment me. This is definitely a spiritual issue and an exhausting mindset to hang on to. Why is it so easy to celebrate the way God has made everyone except ourselves????

  33. I struggle with insecurity in so many areas. I have been a believer for many years and get so frustrated with myself that I can’t seem to get a handle on insecurity. I have insecurity with feeling I am not good enough particularly with my work .
    My children are grown ,but I always struggled with my parenting.
    Looking forward to the study! Thanks for all you do !
    I think you are amazing. I really enjoyed the seven bible study methods.

  34. I loose all self confidence when someone (or: husband, teenage child, older sibling) speaks down to me and speaks negatively behind my back. It has always made me crawl into a hole. I’m blessed that my home is a faithful one. Maybe me losing self confidence by these things is a way for me to grow closer with God. Either way, I’ll never give up on Gods word.

  35. I read this quote once and it floored me how much it described me

    Daddyless daughters are fiercely independent and frighteningly insecure.

  36. Approaching people to share my business, speaking in front of groups of people. These are things that can make me afraid.

    Thank you for considering this topic. I have learned from every study I’ve participated in with you

    Melissa Scott.

  37. Even though I have been a Christian for a long time I still feel insecure about God using me as though I have nothing to offer. I be heard Him saying I would go on a mission trip, or have a healing ministry or just praying for people on the prayer line and yet I struggle with feeling invisible and insecure..

  38. The kind of insecurity that trips me up most is the nagging voice that says I shouldn’t be doing this at all. I have 5 children I’m homeschooling and a home to manage and people I minister to, I shouldn’t be putting my time into this. This being a blog with which I (hope to) encourage women and mothers to trust God through the struggles of life. I know I have a lot to say and have received some positive comments, but writing is only half of running a blog. Marketing, getting my posts out there for others to read, makes me want to pull my hair out; it’s what steals my confidence most often.

  39. Insecure about my own abilities, not being good enough, letting God, myself or other people down. Comparison is a trap for me.

  40. I have the feeling of insecurity because I am recently divorced and my x has already moved on to another wife and has a child on the way. I have the feeling of insecurity because I am lonely. i do not have anyone to spend adult time with. i am the sole provider for my children and the only support that they have but i am still lonely. I feel as if i have nothing i honestly have no friends i go to work and care for my children and that is it no me time no private time.

  41. I have struggled with doubting my salvation. I don’t doubt Christ power and ability to save me or his willingness, I doubt myself whether I got it right or not. I know what all the scripture say and I’ve done all that. When I had talked to a pastor about this in the past he told me that he didn’t know if a Christian could doubt their salvation because God puts his spirit in us and we know that we sense it. I defended Myself by saying I felt like Satan did put doubt in our heart to keep us from witnessing. He saw my point of view, but the statement still haunts me and follows me around zapping me of my peace. I struggle with things popping into my mind like did I really understand it, I’m not thankful enough for what Jesus did for me, I don’t feel as bad for my sin as what I think I should, Etc I know it’s not about anything that I’ve done, but about what he’s done for me.

  42. One of my biggest insecurities is believing that others truly like me. If God really chose me. I use the word like because I really don’t know what love is. I do know what it says on the bible about love but I just can’t wrap it around myself.

  43. On a personal level my weight, looks old age, being widowed at 53, going it along. And then on my Christian level, not knowing what to say and when, never having an answer when people ask and the scriptures to back it up off the top of my head. I am a sad disciple and need God’s intervention and lots more studying. Thanks for all you do ha e been loving your studies and praying the scriptures

  44. My dad is my Pastor and our church is an older congregation. Most times I feel like my opinion doesn’t matter. Most of the members act like I’m still 12. I don’t feel led to change churches, so I need to become more confident through Christ.

  45. Hi, my insecurity is speaking things out loud in front of people. Even praying out loud in front of others is daunting

  46. The biggest things that make me the most insecure are when my husband is very upset with something I have done, or when I am asked to talk about something that I fear I am not well versed in. I am insecure about my appearance, my self worth, and my ability to be successful in whatever I choose to undertake. I am also insecure about doing the wrong things and upset if my husband. We have all heard “ happy wife, happy life” but it definitely goes the other way as well, if not more so.

  47. My insecurity is believing that I’m worthless. Even though I know I’m a child of God, Satan reminds me of the words and actions that I heard and experienced the first 25 years of my life that told me the world is better off without me. I know the Truth, but this is my Achilles heel. It even drives me to suicidal thoughts. Admitting this is quite embarrassing because I know God loves me so much He sent His only Son to die for me (WOW!!!), but in the moments of depression’s downward spiral, getting back up it is the most challenging struggle I have ever faced. Thank you for considering putting a study for insecurities together. I cannot be reminded enough of God’s live for me! I want to thrive while I’m here on Earth and I want to lead my kids by example.

  48. The things that trip me up is thinking that I don’t know as much as other people (experience or knowledge), so if I would open my mouth, all I would do is show other people how clueless I really am.
    Hand in hand with that is thoughts of why would people listen to me in the first place? I am nothing special – I don’t do anything special, I don’t go anywhere special.
    That could lead back to: Because there is nothing interesting about my life, I probably don’t know as much as others do.
    All the while I know I am God’s child, and that is special, but that does not mean that I know anything :-)

  49. I’m usually found struggling with ‘I’m not … enough’ or ‘I’m 50 so I’m too old’.

  50. My major problem is growing up and being told I’m not smart and always feeling that I was not good enough. I grew up in a household of being yelled at for everything and feeling I could not do anything right.

  51. The insecurity that trips me up is:
    Feeling like I will never measure up in life. No matter how hard I try to do my work, my parenting, or anything it feels like it is never enough.

  52. Hey, i’m a female engineering student who is struggling to complete my degree, I battle with feeling insecure about my intelligence and beauty, i also struggle with making friends.

  53. Sharing the gospel is one of my insecurities! Anything that involves leaning on my own knowledge of something; I got my degree in psychology and was petrified to try to help others with mental illness…so much that I didn’t start my career in it!

  54. I feel what trips me up the most is the thoughts in my own head that attack me and tell me that I am not worthy or enough. This can literally affect every portion of my life because I feel like it lowers my self-esteem even though I try and counteract it every day with prayer and scripture.

  55. Financial and parental .

    They both go hand in hand as I struggle to keep my faith and hipe that everything will work out. Can’t seem to get a handle on finaces and this sometimes impacts how I parent as a single parent who wants to be able to provide not just needs but some wants without constantly going into debt of not having savings.

  56. Being afraid – my apartment was broken into while I was in bed sleeping. Since then I have bought several things to safeguard my apartment and to alert me if someone does break in.

    Being around too many people, crowds, etc…

  57. Most insecurity is around meeting people in a crowd. I have recently retired from work and want to build a small online business through Essential Oils so I need to gain more confidence in approaching people and not feeling like I am intruding in their lives.

  58. what kind of insecurity trips you up the most? – comparing myself to others, they are smarter, more articulate than me, or just a general feeling inadequacy or intimidation compared to them.

    What tends to steal your confidence most often? When I mess up, failure to change or just plain fear!

  59. Really don’t know where to start. People intimidate me and many times it is very difficult for me to step out and do what God has asked from me – but I have learned that if I will step out and trust in God He will be there with me and use me to do what he has called me to do it brings such joy

  60. The insecurity that trips me up most is: when I really mess up- Am I still a believer in Christ? Does Jesus really still love me.
    ans a bunch of other things to. Too many to list.

    tends to steal your confidence most often— for me ) seeing myself as God sees me- His child- ..and will I ever “get” this!!!

  61. I think my most common insecurity would be knowing whether I acted appropriately in each situation. I have a hard time allowing myself to have fun in social circumstances and it’s hard to participate in formal conversations. I can have deep conversations with friends, but when meetings with people who aren’t close to me, I’m pretty quiet. But on the flip side, I walk away after relaxed, social gatherings examining my every word and action. “Did I sound like I was self absorbed?” “Did I draw too much attention to myself? Or too little?” “Do they like me? Or are they talking about me behind my back?”

  62. I am 64 years old. I am insecure because I see so many things in the Bible that I am not or can not do. I’m a shut in. So I feel I afraid to read the Bible. And when I do I find myself asking for forgiveness for so many things I end up crying and get so upset I just put the Bible down and don’t want to read it at all. I do read some encouraging scripture that are on scripture cards and the like. I also have a lot of trouble memorizing and meditating on scripture because I don’t get a revelation or revealed knowledge.
    I also have problems with continuing to do the right thing.
    Maybe God has giving me up to a reprobate mind???

  63. I often feel like I don’t measure up or have what it takes to be a successful wife, mom, pastor, blogger, homemaker etc. I feel overwhelmed and that everyone else seems to have it all worked out and that I have somehow missed out on a crucial piece of information. Then I land up feeling guilty that my family are getting the short end of the stick… As for blogging, I am feeling very overwhelmed when I compare myself to others and wonder if I will ever get there…..

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