How to Share the Gospel without Fear

How to Share the Gospel

The Great Commission says to ‘therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’ Matthew 28:19 And yet, this proposition can often seem daunting. Thankfully, there are ways to make this task a little easier. Let’s take a look at some personal evangelism ideas.

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Use Tracts

Tracts are short gospel presentations that can fit easily in your handbag and which are usually very affordable. They give you the opportunity to sow seeds when conversation is not possible or if you are running short on time.

You can leave these with your (generous!) tip at restaurants or give them to cashiers at the market. In addition, you can also place these under windshield wipers in parking lots or in public restrooms. Be sure to read through these pamphlets, ensuring that the theology used is correct, though!  Tracts are one of the most practical ways to share your faith.

Bring It Up in Conversation

Many of us have multiple transactions with people during any given week. We may see the same tellers at the bank from time to time, and we may enjoy coffee with friends. Sometimes, we can tactfully ask questions, such as whether a person attends church or would like to visit our service.

This can be especially relevant during Christmas or the Easter season, and fellowships will often have flyers we can pass along to interested people. At an appropriate time, we can ask friends or acquaintances if they know where they would go if they should die.

Read some of our favorite methods of sharing the gospel, then use our 60-second Testimony Template to be prepared for sharing your faith without fear. #personalevangelism #spiritualgrowth #faithbuilding


Be Ready with a Simple Presentation 

Preparation is important so that we are equipped to spread the good news of the kingdom when the opportunities arise. We can research the Romans road method which utilizes the following verses: Romans 3:23, 3:10, 5:12, 6:23, 5:8, and 10:9-10.

Romans 3:23, 3:10 and 5:12 demonstrate that all have sinned and that this brings death to all mankind. Romans 6:23 presents the remedy as Jesus Christ, and Romans 5:8 shows that Jesus died for our sins. Romans 10:9-10 contains the means of salvation, calling upon the name of the Lord and believing in your heart that God raised Him from the dead.

You need only memorize one verse to utilize this approach: Romans 3:23. Then, next to that scripture in your Bible, you can write the subsequent verse, continuing on until you reach the last one. In this way, you need not have any materials with you other than a Bible, and even a pocket New Testament will do. This will help you in sharing your faith without fear.

Learn how to share the gospel using your personal story. Use our testimony template and these practical personal evangelism ideas. #personalevangelism #spiritualgrowth #faithbuilding


Have a Personal Testimony Template 


Having your own story of salvation ready to share at any given time is essential! It’s the easiest and most natural way to share your faith, and since it’s your own story, people are interested in hearing it! I STRONGLY believe every Jesus-follower needs to know how to simply but powerfully share their personal story, so we’ve created a free template that we hope will equip and bless YOU to share yours.

Use our testimony template to help you plan to share your testimony with others. This is an excellent resource for planning and preparing to share your faith without fear.



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You Need Not Hurry

People eager to share the gospel with others often hurry because they feel they must include everything from the fall of man in the Garden of Eden to Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and this is often not the case. A person’s understanding of gospel truths will often unfold over a period of weeks or even months, as God is doing a work in their hearts.

We must be willing to share a portion of the gospel story if that is what God has called us to and to be diligent to cultivate relationships with others. Very often, our words and actions are the testimonies that speak alongside our saving news to point others to Christ. Remember that people judge whether they want to become a Christian by the entire package they see day in and day out represented by us.

You can be certain that God has called us to be light and salt to a dying world. For this reason, it is imperative that we follow His nudges to witness to other people using the various tools at our disposal and various methods of sharing the gospel. We never know if we are sowing gospel seeds that may be tended by others and made to grow by God into a luxurious plant becoming thirtyfold, sixtyfold or a hundredfold what has been sown.


Depend on Him

If we are honest with ourselves, we are often anxious about sharing the gospel. This is often because we wonder how to fit a great deal of information into a small, easy-to-digest way without overwhelming a person. Worse still, we think we’ve failed if we do not get all the details in during a single meeting.

The truth is that it is not up to us to communicate the gospel by ourselves in our own human abilities. A person is drawn to Jesus Christ by the Father, and the work is His, facilitated through us. It must be done in His strength and by His power. This means that the responsibility does not entirely lie with us. We must be willing to speak with those He puts in our path, knowing He will guide our steps.

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