How to Live a Bold Faith

Do you desire to live a bold faith? Use these 2 Scriptures to focus your thoughts on how to live a bold faith as children of God. This post is a guest post from my friend, Lillian.

I admit it. I’m not very bold.  And I don’t often feel very confident.  You can usually find my introverted self in the shadows not being the center of attention.  It’s who I am and where I’m most comfortable.  As I grow in the Lord, I’ve found that I’ve allowed those same mindsets to transfer over to my faith.

Have I become like water, allowing myself to mold to the container I’m in?  Or will I allow myself to splash outside the container that is confining me?

Can I get out of my comfort zone and apply God’s promises of bold faith? Would the Lord give me grace and knowledge to apply his truth? 
I’m convinced He can and will!

The Hebrew Christians had a problem of slinking back into the old way of doing things.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?   Do you, like me, slink back into what’s comfortable?

They had been gloriously saved by the blood of Jesus, but they kept reverting to the thing they were set free from.  That familiar thing was the law.  Christ set them free by His ultimate sacrifice for sin. They were spiritually ushered into God’s grace and freedom, but they still continued to revert to familiarity.  Jesus is so much better than the law!  Do you hold on to what is comfortable when God wants to give you something BETTER?  

Do you desire to live a bold faith? Use these 2 Scriptures to focus your thoughts on how to live a bold faith as a child of God.

One of the ongoing promises in the book of Hebrews to God’s children is BOLDNESS.
Do you believe in the better way that Jesus offers to us?  

Do you desire to live a bold faith? Use these 2 Scriptures to focus your thoughts on how to live a bold faith as children of God.

Bold Access by the Blood of Jesus

Your faith isn’t a result of anything you have done. As much as we’d like to make it about us, it’s not. Our faith is a result of what the Lord has done.  Plain and Simple.  We have access to the throne room of God… to the Lord himself… by the blood of Jesus. He is our access.  His sacrifice on Calvary opened the door to Heaven.


You can speak boldly and freely to God

Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus. Hebrews 10:19

Read that scripture again… slowly…and let it sink into your heart.  God wants you to have boldness in entering His throne room.

The root word for brethren in the Greek is the word “adelphos” and it means having the same ancestry as someone.  Do you realize you have the same Daddy as the Lord Jesus? You are part of His royal family.  You were born again into the family of God.

The word boldness means freedom in speaking, unreservedness in speech, to speak freely, to have free and fearless courage, to do something openly without concealment.  You are His child and God has given YOU permission to speak to Him in a bold way!  All of your needs, your desires and  your heart pain…God hears your prayer.  Speak to Him boldly!

Do you desire to live a bold faith? Use these 2 Scriptures to focus your thoughts on how to live a bold faith as children of God.

You can come boldly into His throne of Grace.  

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. –Hebrews 4:16

I am Broken.  And I am a Failure.  I am in need of grace and mercy. Thank God for His limitless supply.

Remember the ‘Got Milk’ commercials? I’d like to think God is saying to us, “Got grace? Got mercy?” He is always there to fill our spiritual glass to overflowing.  We have needs that God wants to meet!

The root word of come in the Greek is to approach and draw near.  Come to Him boldly.  The word obtain means to take what is one’s own, to claim and procure for one’s own self. There is no need to skulk into the presence of the Lord proverbially  ‘hanging our tail between our legs’. Grace and mercy are yours as a child of God.  You are in His royal family!   Your past wrongs don’t negate grace and mercy.  

Mercy and Grace make us BOLD in Him!!!

Here’s why:
You have been pardoned by the King.
He has pronounced you forgiven and redeemed.
Who can go against the King’s decree of mercy and grace?

Lovely Sister, No one!!!

Boldly Apply God’s Promises!

Boldly apply God’s promises! He is not a liar! We have boldness to enter our Daddy’s throne room!  It’s all yours for the applying!

This hand edited 8 by 10 graphic printable is my gift to you to help remind you to be bold in your faith!

You may:
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Print as many copies as you would like to use
You may not:
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 Enjoy Lovely Friends!  Have a Wonderful Day!!!

You can visit Lillian at Embracing the Lovely here.  Check out her Freebie Faith Printables here.


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  1. Lilian, these graphics are beautiful but even more beautiful is the hope that we are reminded of here. I’m so thankful that being bold isn’t just for a bold few. Each and everyone of us can walk boldly with the Lord.

    AJ, thank you for sharing Lillian with us to offer these words of hope and grace.

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