How to Hear God



This past fall, Jennifer Walker and I teamed up to do a practical blog series on discerning God’s voice. Click the links to follow the series. We hope it is a blessing!

We began by asking “Are you a woman who hears God?” Are you? Do you want to be? What does it look like?

Then we shared some practical tips on getting to know God’s voice. What does He sound like? How can I hear Him more throughout the day? Lots of great tips here from Jen!

We also talked about a major hindrance to hearing God and hopefully, gave a vision to press on…to soar!

Here we shared how to discern His voice from other voices, emotions, ourselves, etc.

And here we gave a personal illustration of what it all looked like {in one instance of course! God is not limited to one “kind” or flavor of communication! :) }

We wrapped it up with a scriptural reminder on the very best way to hear God! Grace!