How to Create Your Own Bible Study Notebook

Staring at my jumbled pages of Bible study notes and prayer requests, I knew there must be a better way to organize my spiritual life.
Being a journal girl at heart, it is common for me to write out verses I read during my quiet time and take notes about what God is teaching me.  Annnd, I’m a sermon note taker. But recording my findings in random notebooks and on single pages just wasn’t working.   I needed some organization to my notes… and quick!

Enter the solution: my first Bible study notebook! 

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How to Create Your Own Bible Study Notebook (or Binder)

Keep your Bible study organized with a Bible study notebook! Find out how to create a Bible study binder using things you have around the house!

What is a Bible Study notebook?

A Bible study notebook helps organize all of your faith based notes and resources together. Ideally, each aspect of your spiritual life will be organized in a notebook or binder, separated by tabs, and stored together for easy access.

A Bible study binder provides the opportunity to look back and remember God’s faithfulness in your life. Your notebook will become a treasured keepsake over the years and offer a record of God’s provision and guidance.

What supplies do I need for my study notebook / Binder?

Supplies needed:

  • A 3 ring binder notebook
  • Dividers
  • Tabs
  • 3 hole punch
  • Paper
  • 3 hole pencil pouch with pens, colored pencils, highlighters (optional)

How do I assemble my Bible study notebook?

Showing is better than telling, so how about a video from Jennifer on how she assembled her Love the Word Bible Study Binder!

While there are several ways to organize a Bible study notebook, my favorite way is to group by topic. You can also organize by month, or a combo! This simple system allows quick access to a particular topic and section of study.

First, create a tab for each of your selected categories.  You can customize the sections however you’d like but some popular sections include:

  • Prayer
  • Favorite Scriptures
  • Bible study
  • Word studies you want to do
  • Sermon notes
  • Bible journaling or Illustrations
  • Months of the year to track chronologically

Feel free to add additional Bible study binder tabs to fit your own needs and style.  Personalizing your system will help it be “yours”, create routine and ensure you use it often. Here is our example from the Love the Word Bible Study Binder:

Create your own Bible study notebook with these gorgeous printables!

These are a great addition to your Bible study notebook! Hint: Be sure to grab your FREE BIBLE STUDY SHEETS below.

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What do I put in each section?


At the front of the notebook, clip in the pencil pouch and fill it with writing utensils.  It’s  handy to have an assortment of pens, pencils, highlighters and colored pencils available when you study God’s Word.


Use the prayer request section to track prayer requests, rejoice over praises and even write out your own prayers.  It’s a gift to be able to reflect on what God has done and how He changes lives through prayer!


In the favorite Scripture tab, write down verses that speak to you as you are studying. When the hard times come, these verses will anchor your soul and keep you rooted in God’s Truth. What a blessing to have your favorite verses compiled in one place for easy reference!


As you dive into God’s Word through Bible study, use the Bible study section as a place to store all of your notes.  At the end of each month, you can move all your study notes to the appropriate month as a record of all you’ve learned! You may wish to incorporate the following study methods if you are looking for tips on how to study the Bible: 


Each time you attend church or listen to a sermon, take notes and add it to the Sermon Notes section of your notebook.  This will help you retain the message and remember the Good News that was shared.


Use the final section to illustrate a favorite verse, worship song or phrase God has laid on your heart. You don’t have to be an artist or even have solid drawing skills to worship the Lord through artistic creation.  Plus, these doodles make a special keepsake as you recall certain times in your life.

Whether you need to organize your quiet time or just want to have a keepsake memento of your time studying God’s Word, a DIY Bible notebook is a practical resource for Christians of all ages.  Enjoy connecting with God through this special study tool!


Check out some of the pages below from the Love the Word Bible Study Binder, available in our shop:

This Bible Study Binder includes an entire year's worth of write the word plans!


In addition to our FREE BIBLE STUDY SHEETS,  the Bible study notebook printables shown in this post come from our Love the Word Bible Study Binder.

This bundle of ready-made Bible study notebook templates and printables makes it a cinch to learn how to make a Bible Study Binder. Plus, it provides monthly Bible reading plans (so you don’t have to figure out what to read next) and features our PROSPER Bible Study method so you can dive deep.

You can grab your Bible Study Binder here and start creating your own Bible study notebook today!


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  1. I immensely enjoy keeping a journal, but sometimes have trouble doing a lot of writing by hand these days. So, as much as I didn’t want to for a while, I gave in to using my tablet (actually a Kindle Fire) and a bluetooth keyboard, along with Microsoft’s OneNote app. You can create different notebooks, plus sections within these notebooks and pages within each section. I love it! I used to use Evernote, but the 2 device limit led me to switch because I need it on phone as well for reference and on the computer because I print my journaling out and put it into a binder, which is something I am going to do at the end of each week. Surprisingly, the switch has been a plus because of being able to create Sections within Notebooks! I love that feature!

    I love journaling! :)

  2. God bless you for your faithfulness! Thank you for sharing this idea with us. Such a great way to be able to look back on the things that we have studied. It doesn’t matter how many times I read a book in the bible, I get something new out of it each and every time!

  3. I really love this because I love to write, but do have a lot of my writing in different places, recently, though, I started to put my writing together, i am in the book ofJeremiah and have begon to write prayers from reading this book. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi I signed up to your site, and I bought the “Bible Study Method Resource Kit” plus I got the “101 Topical Bible Study Ideas”! I think I deleted the “The Bible Study Sheet”!!! Cause it went to my junk folder, could you send it to me again? Thanks

    1. Hi Freida! Thanks for your order! You can email us at arabahjoy(at)arabahjoy(dot)com and we’ll get you taken care of! {We don’t share order info publicly but are happy to help via email.} :)

  5. Excellent post. I wwas checkіng constantly this weblog
    and I’m impressed! Very helpful info spcially thе ultimate phasе :) I cаre for sᥙch info a lot.

    I used to be looking for tһis certain info for a very lengthy time.
    Thank you and beѕt of lucк.

  6. I enjoyed your explaintation of Verse Mapping. It reminds me of the ARCHing method that has been famous in some circles. I once tried to do that with the whole Book of Romans but was probably too young and inexperienced to do that big a project. Thanks for explaining your steps!

  7. Looks gorgeous but how about a less intimidating plane jane bible binder journal for those of us who only own black and white printers?


    1. Great idea Julia! This can totally be printed in B&W though! Plus, you can pick and choose which pages you’d like if you don’t want to use them all :) Enjoy!

      1. I am so glad I purchased the I Love the Word Bible Study Binder. I also would appreciate pages that used less ink to print – a simpler border, or no border. Even if printing black and white, these are lovely but use a lot of ink. I am so eager to get my binder set up. I’ll be hitting some back to school sales for supplies. Thank you so much!

      2. That’s exciting Joyce! So glad you grabbed the binder and hope it is a fun project and blessing to you! :) Thanks for the feedback on printing! We definitely would recommend using a local printer or library if ink is an issue for you, or if you have an ink subscription you can print unlimited copies for one low price each month! There are many ways to reduce ink expense- we hate for you to not print these beautiful pages in color!

  8. My printer is old and not sure I could put this notebook together like you have shown in the picture with the blue notebook. Do you put these together and mail them out as a notebook or does it have to be a download that we do ourselves. I would love one but not sure how to do that.

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for your question! We don’t have this as a pre-printed product right now but UPS is printing things right now if you’d like to try that. And your local printer may be open as well. We have a tutorial on how to assemble your notebook as well!

  9. Thank you so much for your posts! May our Lord richly bless you!
    I am abashed to say, I have been saved for years. Yet my relationship and walk was lacking. I was very discouraged.
    After reading and stepping out and doing what is suggested in your posts , my walk with Jesus is intimate, not limping.
    Shalom blessings Dear Sister.?✝️

  10. I created a Prayer Binder recently. It has really helped me stay organized with prayers, word study, scripture. It is my favorite time of day when I can just be quiet and listen to God.
    I am also a sermon note taker. It keeps me focused on what my pastor is saying. I have a separate, smaller notebook for that though

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