How Logos can help with Bible study and Sermon prep

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into God’s word but aren’t sure where to even start?

Or perhaps you are a pastor or Bible teacher who wants to streamline your study time without sacrificing depth or quality.

If that’s you, a good Bible study tool like the Logos Bible Study Software can be sooooo helpful!

Enhance your Bible study with this Logos Bible study software. Learn about the Logos 8 Bible study software and the many features that make this a wonderful resource for your Bible study.

(I was given a copy of the newest version of Logos, Logos 9, in exchange for this Logos Bible software review and links below are affiliate links. However, I’ve personally purchased prior versions and used Logos for many years! All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

What is Logos?

Logos is a software program that my husband and I have used for many years for our personal Bible study.

We originally purchased this software nearly 20 years ago to allow my husband to do sermon prep in a fraction of the time… after all, he was a busy seminary student! But of course once I saw how amazing it is, I had to use it, too :)

Logos Bible study software allows you to dive deep into your study of Scripture without intimidation or confusion.

It includes everything you need to discover the depth of God’s Word such as:

  • word study tools to help you understand the original text,
  • multi-media resources to give you cultural, geographical, and historical insight,
  • a built-in system to keep all of your notes organized,
  • and much, much more

I can honestly say I love this system, and today I’m excited to let you in on it!

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What features make Logos 9 special?

Logos 9 is the latest Bible Study software from FaithLife (as of October 2020!) Logos is a powerful software tool that was designed to be your personal Bible study assistant.  On the surface, Logos 9 is an online Bible study system that provides a Bible study library, commentaries, and even a powerful search engine just for the Bible.

However, beneath the surface, you will find so much more. With Logos, you can take your Bible study to a whole new level, regardless of which Bible study method you prefer. You can follow a pre-written reading plan or create your own, easily keeping track of where you are. There are also helpful videos and multi-media presentations to help you understand the Word of God on a whole new level.

With this release, Logos is so much more than Bible software. It’s a robust ministry and sermon prep platform that helps pastors and Bible teachers become more focused and effective in their calling.

Logos 9 includes brand-new tools for aspects of ministry that Logos has never addressed before—like planning a sermon series and even pastoral counseling.

And of course, as always, there are a ton of rich tools and resources to help you study God’s Word in-depth.

The Central Dashboard

First, when logging in, the Logos Bible study software begins with an easy-to-use central dashboard.  This homepage makes it easy to keep all of your work organized and easy to access.  Your videos, reading plans, and frequently used books are all stored on the dashboard.  You can even drag, drop, or delete items to personalize your dashboard, so it works for you.

{If you’re familiar with Trello, that’s what this reminds me of.}

If you are new to Logos, the best place to start is simply by typing your topic, word, or verse into the search bar and hit the green “go” button:


Logos 8 Bible Study Dashboard


This will open the factbook with all kinds of links and info for you to start exploring.


Reading Plans

Change up your Bible reading with one of the many ready-made plans. Or create your own! Logos is a one-stop shop, offering tons of flexibility and something for everyone. Want to read through the gospels in 30 days? Create a plan! Or through the minor prophets in a week? You got it!

You can start a reading plan on a book, books, or even single chapter. Super flexible!


Step-By-Step Bible Study Instructions

One of my favorite ways to study is by doing word studies. Would you like to study word meanings?

Or how about a particular person from the Bible or place?  Logos has you covered.

You just choose the type of study and then Logos will walk you through each step. Easy!

At any point in your study you can choose to incorporate an original language word study, biographical study, or a geographical study into your research. 

Hint: The original languages of the Bible offer amazing depth and richness, and Logos 9 makes it easy!



A Search Engine

Logos’ powerful search engine adds a depth to your study like never before.  Search topics that are important to you and filter by resource or groups of resources (like all commentaries).  Find what you are looking for quickly and easily with this powerful feature, putting knowledge at your fingertips.


Counseling Guide

This added feature is super helpful when you need to give godly advice to someone (or yourself!) Simply go to the counseling guide, type in your topic, and a list of resources will pop up for you to study and explore.


Plus, if you are a counselor or pastor who does counseling, Logos includes counseling assessments for each topic. This list of questions will help you assess where the person is and draw out background information from them to assist you know how to best help them. This is really good stuff!


Bible Library

This is the core product here! Are you intimidated by the thought of working with a Bible atlas, commentary, Bible encyclopedia, or other reference tool? Or are you comfortable with these resources, but you would rather not have to have a stack of books open all around you?

Logos Bible software can solve both problems. If you are new to using Bible references, having them handy at the click of a button makes the process much easier. If you are comfortable with them but prefer not to have to bring them all off the shelf at once, Logos 9 has everything you need at hand!

Within the Logos Bible study software, you have commentaries, word study tools, and the ultimate Bible encyclopedia, just to name a few resources. However, you will also have access to an extensive theology guide! You can easily access trusted writings on any doctrine, concept, or teaching of Scripture. The theology guide will open with a summary of the idea written by experts such as Fred Sanders, Gerald Bray, or John Frame; it will then bring you into a deeper teaching on the subject, including cross references, an explanation of the doctrine, and related doctrines.

The theology guide includes quick links to diverse perspectives on the doctrines and concepts discussed, so you will be able to read varying ideas on each and learn from them. You will also be able to see how the doctrines and concepts develop throughout the story of Scripture, rather than being restricted to a single passage.


Images in Notes

Now, you can add an image inline right into your notes! See something that would make a good illustration? Snap a photo on your phone, or add it from the camera roll into your notes on Logos 9!  Plus, you can access all your personal media from anywhere in your User Vault. I love this feature!

Other great features

Logos Bible study software includes commentaries, a vast array of visual elements, videos, text comparisons, and timelines.  Find everything you need to thoroughly study your Bible in this system.

Logos 8 Screen Shot - An Empty Tomb     Logos 8 Atlas Screen Shot

Logos Search Engine Screenshot 1

Logos Search Engine Screenshot 2

How can Logos 9 help me with my Bible Study?

Enhance your Bible study with this Logos Bible study software. Learn about the Logos 8 Bible study software and the many features that make this a wonderful resource for your Bible study.


If you are a pastor, it’s easy to see how Logos 9 can help! Having a library like this at your fingertips is incredible. However, even if you’re not a pastor or Bible teacher, Logos is still a win! Here are three things I love about Logos as a layperson:

It’s Easy to Use – With the latest update, Logos is designed to be used “out of the box.” To get started, all you need to do is type your topic, word, or passage into the search bar and hit “go.” The factbook will open and you can start clicking on resources- time to dig in! Explore different translations, commentaries, dictionaries, perhaps an atlas or timeline of the events, or do a cultural study. The possibilities are endless!

And throughout the whole process, you can store all of your findings in the notes section, making it quick and easy to revisit any time you would like.  This is intended for you to do Bible study however works best for you.

Logos 9 Keeps You Organized – Not only does this software keep all your study books in one place, it keeps all your notes, sermons, and illustrations in one place too. By placing everything at your fingertips, Logos makes it more likely that you will actually use the resources you have and not lose the precious lessons and notes you’ve worked hard to compile.

Logos 9 Saves You Time – Ever spent time looking for an illustration, book, or notebook you knew contained something you needed to reference? Yeah, me too! With Logos, all that is a thing of the past!  You can even add your own images right into your notes now. Plus, your study books and notes are streamlined because everything is in one place. Logos Bible study software is also available on any device, meaning that you can take it with you wherever you go.  This makes it easy to dig into God’s Word while at an appointment or traveling.  Suddenly wherever you are, your Bible study is there too. I love it!!

Are there any cons to the Logos Bible study software?

In my opinion, there are two considerations when thinking about Logos 9.

The first is price. You’re basically buying a Bible study library, and libraries require an investment of some sort. However, this is an investment in one of the most critical areas of your life, so you can be sure this is one that counts.

Logos DOES offer a wide variety of packages that can be fit to your specific needs and budget, as well as a payment plan option.

For most lay students, I recommend starting with the Starter package, which is designed for personal devotional study. With this package you get over 315 books!

NOTE: Don’t miss the exclusive offers for readers of– see below!

The second consideration is time. If you like the idea of using Logos for your study but aren’t going to take the time to actually use it, it isn’t a good investment. Sounds common sense I know, but Bible study isn’t quick. It takes consistent time. So be honest with yourself and if you can make that commitment, then Logos just might be for you!


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