How Adonai Leads

On Friday’s, we’re talking about the names of God and deepening our understanding with a family activity. Today we continue with Adonai. Jump right in!


Discover God Through His Word:


Today and next week we will talk about the two things needed for relating with Adonai.

The first is an attentive, listening ear. Read these scriptures and see what they all have in common:

John 10:3-4

Isaiah 49:1a

Exodus 15:26

All over scripture we see that Adonai relates to His people through His voice! This is very good news for us. He doesn’t whip us like a slave. He doesn’t beat or prod us, He leads us with His voice and guides us with His eye. What a tender and loving Master our Adonai is!

{Some of us need to re-learn the ways of our Savior and un-learn the ways of the whip.}

Remember when we played “Simon says?” You had to listen very carefully and be attentive in order to play the game well. That’s the way it is with us and God. When we trust Him and know He is a tender Shepherd-Master, we will go through our days listening very carefully for His precious voice.


Discover God Through Your Senses:


Set up an obstacle course outside and blindfold each player one at a time. Guide them through the obstacle course using only your voice.

Talk about what it means to be attentive and to be led by listening. Discuss what it means for God to lead us with His voice. How can we practice heart-listening? 


Join us next week for the other trait we need when relating to Adonai. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for giving me a few minutes to open God’s Word and “listen.” I have found the best way to listen to Him is to read the Word with our lips, slowly and intentionally. Then, and only then, does something begin to happen as Adonai touches our soul and our heart burns within us. Ah! Thank God for the Master’s touch.

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