Thank you!

Woohoo! I’m thrilled you’ve chosen to join us for Grace Goals 2019!

Your files are being delivered to your inbox as we speak and I cannot wait to hear what God does in your life over the coming weeks and months. It’s a joy and honor to link arms with you in following and serving our King.

One of my dear, long-time readers recently told me that she had purchased Grace Goals last year… but never got around to actually using it.

Which made me sad :(

Because my goal isn’t to “sell” a product… it’s to give you an opportunity to allow the Lord to work in your life. So if you don’t USE Grace Goals, I feel the loss as much as you do.

I asked my reader-friend how I could help. What can I do to ensure my readers are using and benefitting from Grace Goals?

Her response was, “Offer an accountability aspect. I get so much out of what I actually do, and accountability helps me implement.”

She made a really great point, so for Grace Goals 2019, I’m committed to making myself available for group coaching, questions, tips, and community building via a 8-week Community and Accountability Group.

If you would like to go through Grace Goals as a group, discuss your goals and progress in a community environment, be inspired, encouraged, and prayed for … and find that accountability we all need… then this group is for you.

The group will run from December 28, 2018 – February 22, 2019 and registration will close on December 26, 2018.

The enrollment fee for this Community and Accountability Add-on is $25 and can be purchased right here.

Add the Community and Accountability Group to your Grace Goals experience here.

I hope this hands-on environment sets your year up for success and is a service and blessing to you.

Much love,


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